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The national blockchain platform capital project authenticity audit business was launched in Beijing

Time : 06/09/2021 Author : nrfm82 Click : + -
        On June, the pilot application scenario for the authenticity audit of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the State Administration of foreign exchange on the capital project income payment facilitation was officially launched in Beijing. Under the guidance of the Beijing foreign exchange management department, a branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Beijing successfully used the cross-border financial blockchain service platform to handle for a science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The capital account income payment facilitation business means that on the premise of ensuring the authenticity and compliance of the use of funds, eligible enterprises are allowed to use capital funds, foreign debt, overseas listing and other capital account income for domestic payment without providing the bank with authenticity proof materials one by one in advance. In order to better promote the implementation of capital account income payment facilitation business, the State Administration of foreign exchange has built a authenticity review application scenario on the cross-border financial blockchain service platform.
        Through the establishment of business information interaction verification mechanism among banks, enterprises and regulatory departments, the efficiency and effect of post audit of capital account income payment facilitation will be improved. The application scenario of authenticity audit of capital project income payment verifies the tax invoice information through the direct connection of data interface to realize the batch authenticity audit of invoices. Each transaction can speed up the post audit of the bank by 1-2 working days on average, help the bank get rid of the tedious operation of manual verification through the tax website one by one, solve the problem that the bank cannot verify the excessive use of invoices, and effectively improve the level of bank business risk prevention, We will further promote the healthy development of capital account income facilitation reform. Next, Beijing foreign exchange management department will continue to promote the pilot work of various application scenarios of cross-border financial blockchain service platform, strengthen the scientific and technological empowerment of financial services, further improve the level of investment and financing facilitation, and serve the high-quality development of Beijing's economy.
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