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Guangzhou blockchain application development - the next profit seeking game

Time : 17/01/2022 Author : lvkmeu Click : + -
        In the past year, NFT raided the art market. This "breaking circle" of technology and art has set off a collective joy of digital artists, continuously updating the sky high price of transaction details, and also created a round of capital adventure games, making NFT art a popular business concept. With the characteristics of uniqueness, traceability, indispensability, forgery and decentralization, NFT (non unitary currency) is naturally and appropriately closely related to digital art, and then a new art school & mdash& mdash; Encryption art. NFT literally means non unitary currency. The traditional cryptocurrency is a functional token. There is no difference between any two cryptocurrencies. They can be exchanged with each other, and they can often be split into smaller enterprises, such as bitcoin.
        However, NFT is the only one that cannot be replaced by other NFTs and can not be divided into smaller enterprises. For example, a work NFT represents the work itself and cannot be replaced by other NFTs. NFT, as a digital currency, gets rid of entity restrictions, can be associated with all content, monetize content, and generate a string of hash values after being chained. The NFT artwork purchased by customers is not a picture that can be mass-produced or downloaded at will, but a serial hash value number & mdash& mdash; Ownership credentials of the picture. According to Christie's data, artists and collectors can select the same original work to form a limited number of copies, like the serial number in many library tickets, which records the total number of the works and the order of a certain work.
        Unlike library tickets, the formation and transaction details of each artwork of crypto art are stored on the blockchain, that is, everyone has the right to query the quantity and ownership of a certain work to ensure the authenticity of the purchased work. Similarly, since the artworks can be recorded on the blockchain, the relevant information of the artworks can be viewed, such as the metadata, ownership history and blockchain address of the works. And every transfer of a piece of art and the wallet blockchain address that once owned the work will be recorded, so the "right to use" of the art will be recorded in detail and cannot be forged. And the reason why it cannot be forged is due to the decentralization of the blockchain, that is, there is no central server to store all the data. Instead, every individual participating in the blockchain records and transmits the overall information.
        Copyright awareness has always been a pain point, but NFT has its unique advantages in copyright law. According to the blockchain, not only is the purchase and sale of works of art more convenient and convenient, but also the evaluation cost is greatly reduced, making the transaction of works of art more secure. On the other hand, NFT also gives art a lot of possibilities. After the emergence of NFT, programmable digital art has also been concerned, and even new exploration has been made in the ownership of handicrafts and cultural products. Not only artists, but also stars, major enterprises, organizations and brands have started to end up for NFT. After the market was ignited at the beginning of the year, NBA, Gucci, twitter, visa and other institutions and enterprises gradually collected and released NFT products. From star cards to virtual clothing, even a few characters can set off a boom in the NFT market.
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