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Blockchain Forum,2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo blockchain Summit Forum opened this month

Time : 23/12/2021 Author : rhzclo Click : + -
        CCTV Chongqing news on August 20 (reporter Zhao Congcong) the reporter learned from Yuzhong District of Chongqing that on August 27, the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo blockchain Summit Forum will be officially opened. It is reported that the theme of this forum is "linking new industries and building a new ecology", focusing on the positioning of an international, green, intelligent and human cultural urban area, highlighting the agglomeration advantages of "Chongqing blockchain industrial innovation base". Qiao Hong, deputy director of Yuzhong District People's Government of Chongqing, introduced that the forum will take "summit + Exhibition" as the carrier. The summit will invite relevant leaders, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, famous entrepreneurs and other heavyweight guests to feel the pulse of China's blockchain technology innovation and industrial development; The "exhibition" invited more than 240 domestic and foreign enterprises to Chongqing blockchain industry innovation base and Yuzhong District Headquarters Economic Park to investigate the development of the blockchain industry and deeply experience the blockchain application scenarios, closely combining the theoretical forum with the field investigation.
        Qiao Hong said that blockchain technology is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. It has the characteristics of openness, security and uniqueness. As an underlying technology, the most important thing is application. For a long time, Yuzhong District has been sticking to the application end of blockchain technology, focusing on cracking the combination, convenience and income generation points of blockchain technology and market demand, such as "blockchain + urban management", "blockchain + evidence chain", "blockchain + agricultural product traceability", "blockchain + elderly care", "blockchain + food and drug supervision" and "blockchain + 5g", and building application cases with national demonstration value.
        The blockchain industry is an important engine of the big data intelligent industry. In November 2017, Chongqing blockchain industry innovation base was established. At present, the base has achieved initial results. The carrier area of phase I is more than 30000 square meters. 40 enterprises such as Inspur Group and jinwowo have been settled and signed, and more than 30 enterprises are under discussion, initially forming a blockchain industrial cluster. We will strive to cultivate and develop more than 150 blockchain technology and application enterprises within 3 to 5 years, achieve an output value of 50 billion yuan, and build a western highland of intelligent industry. In addition, the industrial atmosphere is increasingly strong, and a series of large-scale activities such as the first smart Expo blockchain sub forum and the China blockchain technology ecological conference have been successfully held. According to the 2018 China urban blockchain development level evaluation report, the comprehensive competitiveness of Chongqing blockchain industrial innovation base currently ranks fifth in the country and enters the first echelon.
        It is reported that during this forum, China blockchain alliance and other authoritative organizations in the industry will release professional reports such as "2019 China excellent blockchain solutions and application cases" and "2019 China blockchain business environment development report" to systematically analyze and judge the development environment and application scenarios of the industry.
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