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In the coming year, the company will continue to invest in the field of blockchain, and focus on the layout of digital copyright as it promotes the maturity of blockchain products and solutions

Time : 04/11/2021 Author : 8059rx Click : + -
        In the coming year, the company will continue to invest in the blockchain field. With the promotion of the maturity of blockchain products and solutions, it will focus on the layout of related NFT applications such as digital copyright and electronic bills, and the overall blockchain solution based on the full stack cloud. According to the report from tonghuashun financial research center on August 18, an investor raised a question to Xinchen science and technology. Dear secretary, Xinchen science and technology is providing technical support for the construction of the forfaiting system of a large national financial institution. Through the packaging of Forfaiting assets, access to securities dealers, rating agencies, etc., asset evaluation and securitization are formed, and asset securitization transactions are carried out using the blockchain. The follow-up can be continued.
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