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2020 University blockchain Technology Innovation Forum successfully held | digital island

Time : 06/09/2021 Author : fegmu6 Click : + -
        The forum was organized by the digital economy research and service institution & mdash& mdash; Digital island, technology innovation and development center of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua X-lab, and blockchain industry think tank & mdash; Chain tower think tank provides full blockchain research support. The conference brought together "100 schools, 100 people and 100 media", which attracted great attention in the education and blockchain industry. Leaders of the science and technology development center of the Ministry of education, experts and professors of universities, leaders of enterprises, and many traditional media and blockchain industry media participated in the forum. At the beginning of the conference, Li Jizhen, vice president of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University, and Liu Jing, founder and CEO of digital island, delivered speeches, announcing the formal start of the conference.
        Vice President Li Jizhen said that in last year's "1024 speech", blockchain was regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies in China. On April 20 this year, blockchain was officially listed as an information infrastructure in the new infrastructure, which means that blockchain has moved from the model stage to the actual stage. Under the tide of developing the digital society, it provides technical support for the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, It will also become an important production tool in the future society. Li Jizhen said that colleges and universities should seize the opportunities of blockchain technology innovation. On the one hand, colleges and universities should promote the construction of education informatization and build a trusted education identity system, learning process management system and education application service system based on blockchain technology.
        On the other hand, we will promote the collaborative innovation of industry, University and research in Colleges and universities, and form a system of "integration of innovation resources, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, incubation of scientific and technological entrepreneurship, cultivation of innovative talents, and open and coordinated development". Wan Meng, director of the Department of industry university research cooperation of the science and technology development center of the Ministry of education, attended the academic discussion of the forum and said that this unprecedented large-scale online teaching experiment has enabled the original "walled" university to break the physical and psychological walls and form a new educational form that can be learned at all times, everywhere and for everyone. Online education integrating "Internet +" and "smart +" technologies has become an important development direction of China's higher education and the world's higher education, and also marks that online education has become the "new normal" of higher education.
        Holding such activities at this time point to show the online teaching mode and experience results of colleges and universities across the country is of great significance to further promote the post epidemic education and teaching reform. Wan Meng also said that in addition to the "new normal", the second new feature of higher education this year is that collaborative innovation of industry, University and research has become the "new ecology" of scientific and technological innovation in Colleges and universities. The notice of the Ministry of education on printing and distributing the action plan for blockchain technology innovation of colleges and universities clearly requires colleges and universities to give play to their advantages in scientific and technological innovation, promote several colleges and universities to become important positions for blockchain technology innovation, and effectively support the development, application and management of blockchain technology in China, which is an important embodiment of this "new ecology" of collaborative innovation of industry, University and research.
        Liu Jing, founder and CEO of digital island, said that blockchain has always been the most concerned new technology in the new generation of information technology, and is being applied and infiltrated into various industries. While building distributed and tamper free databases for finance, intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., it has also developed unique business application models and technologies in various fields. Liu Jing believes that the blockchain industry is now in an important stage of blockchain preparation, and the lack of blockchain related talents is a great pain point for the industry. As the sponsor, the original intention of holding this conference is to promote the breaking of talent barriers between universities and industries, cultivate blockchain professionals, improve college students' Entrepreneurship and innovation, promote the synchronization of industry, University and research, and promote the progress of technology and industry innovation and social productivity.
        He Cheng, a professor of the working group of the national standard "education card application specification", delivered a keynote speech entitled "password digital identity chain and its application in online education". Professor he said that the current "third-party online learning and online management platform" needs to solve a series of problems, and the trusted education identity chain can effectively solve the main problems concerned by the current "online education and online management" and share the pilot application cases with you. Zhong Hong, director of Tsinghua X-lab digital rights economics laboratory and researcher of Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center, delivered a keynote speech entitled "colleges and universities jointly create and promote blockchain technology innovation", which deeply discussed how to establish a college blockchain curriculum system, promote blockchain talent training, and build a blockchain industry science and technology innovation ecology.
        Chen Wenjun, director of the digital economy research center of Zhangjiang Research Institute of Fudan University, delivered a keynote speech titled "digital technology selection of financial infrastructure – analysis of Shanghai Gold Exchange Project". Taking the Shanghai gold exchange project as an example, he described the problem of technology selection of financial infrastructure in the specific operation process. Yang Dong, executive director of regulatory technology and Financial Technology Laboratory of Renmin University of China, distinguished professor of "Yangtze scholars" of the Ministry of education, member of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, and executive director of blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University of China, delivered a keynote speech entitled "development and opportunities of blockchain and digital currency in the post epidemic era". In combination with the current epidemic situation, Jointly discuss the current situation, practice and future of blockchain technology.
        Hu Jiye, Professor of the Department of capital finance of the Business School of China University of political science and law, member of the Discipline Construction Committee of China University of political science and law, leader of the "western economics" discipline of the doctoral program of theoretical economics, vice chairman of the academic degree committee, and director of the blockchain financial rule of law research center of China University of political science and law, delivered a keynote speech on "accelerating the legislation and amendment of China's digital economy and digital financial regulation", saying that in the governance of blockchain and digital currency, We should give play to the significant advantages of China's national system and national governance system in many aspects, strengthen the guidance and standardization of blockchain technology, and implement the rule of law in the management of blockchain. Dai wanyang, professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University, chief scientist of dipus Digital Economy Research Institute, chairman and CEO of sirforum, director of big data blockchain and intelligent information special committee, and invited expert of trusted blockchain special committee, delivered a keynote speech entitled "blockchain Internet and new infrastructure and quantum computing", which comprehensively described the conceptual connotation, evolution and development of blockchain and quantum blockchain The specific application and existing risk factors in various fields of society focus on the important position and role of blockchain technology in the new era from the perspective of big data and industry.
        Ma Zhaofeng, director of the Joint Laboratory of blockchain and security technology of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, delivered the keynote speech "trusted blockchain baas platform solutions and successful cases". Director Ma Zhaofeng pointed out that the blockchain provides a fair, transparent and equal trust support in terms of technology and mechanism at the bottom. In any scenario where trust is needed, blockchain technology has great potential. In essence, blockchain is a distributed high-level trust infrastructure. Blockchain can provide "distributed collaborative trust, fair and transparent supervision". Blockchain can bring great changes to the progress of human civilization and the development of social governance. The blockchain baas platform provides a fast, effective, safe and reliable blockchain basic support platform.
        Then, Liu Jing, the founder and CEO of digital island, released the 2020 National University blockchain innovation and development report. As the foundation of industry, University and research, the research institute can provide rich strategic direction and technical extension for blockchain applications, and is also the standard configuration of industry development. The report focuses on the blockchain related courses and training courses offered by various colleges and universities across the country, and analyzes the relevant progress of domestic and foreign universities, The purpose is to provide reference for the industry, government and enterprises to further understand the blockchain talents, and universities to provide reference for the blockchain education innovation achievements. At the end of the conference, Liu Jing, founder and CEO of digital island, Zhang Dawei, associate professor of School of computer and information technology of Beijing Jiaotong University, Lao Weixin, Professor of Information Engineering Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong and visiting professor of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Beijing University, Liu Feng, special researcher of Shanghai University of international business and economics, and Yang Dong, executive director of regulatory technology and Financial Technology Laboratory of Renmin University of China, Dai wanyang, a professor and doctoral advisor of Nanjing University, and six guests held a round table dialogue on the topics of blockchain technology application bottlenecks and prospects and blockchain talent training and curriculum exploration.
        Digital island is a digital economy research and industrial service institution, which is committed to promoting the development of China's digital economy and becoming a trusted partner in the digital transformation of enterprises. Digital island provides comprehensive services such as media information, think tank consulting, talent training, industrial activities, capital docking, technology support, etc., covering artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, financial technology and other digital economy frontier fields.
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