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Xu Zijing: most listed companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou blockchain

Time : 27/06/2022 Author : f8kv13 Click : + -
        According to the zero one financial news, Xu Zijing found that 215 blockchain concept stocks were most distributed in the five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, including 43 in Beijing, 40 in Shenzhen, 13 in Hangzhou, 10 in Shanghai and 8 in Guangzhou. From the perspective of industry, most enterprises are in the fields of computer, media and electronics. The development of the blockchain business of 215 concept stocks is different. Nearly 30 enterprises publicly declare that they do not actually carry out business. At least 30 enterprises are connected with the blockchain concept through investment, shareholding, participation in or establishment of subsidiaries to carry out blockchain business. We media "Wu Shuo blockchain" said on Weibo that it learned from people close to TSMC that bitmainland's 5nm miner chip is the world's first 5nm test level chip that has been packaged.
        It is reported that the yield rate of TSMC 5nm test chips has reached 80% on average, and will be put into mass production in the first half of 2020. The performance improvement is between 7% and 15% compared with 7Nm. Previously, Jianan had won the first 7Nm test level chip in the world. Previously, "Wu Shuo blockchain" learned from Taiwan's supply chain personnel that bitmainland is not only the customer of TSMC's 5nm chip, but also the 5nm miner chip has been in the process of being streamed. At present, everything is progressing well. Similar to the first generation 7Nm chip, the first generation 5nm test means more. The mining machine of line nm chip may be released after the first quarter and the second quarter of next year.
        Gate. IO Research Institute today released the Research Report on public chain technology challenges and gatechain technology innovation. The report points out that the most critical technological breakthrough point of the public chain is to achieve decentralization. Theoretically, decentralization is limited by the "distributed Impossible Triangle", and can only be realized simultaneously from partition tolerance, availability and consistency. At present, the issues most closely related to decentralization and most forced to be solved mainly include transaction processing capacity (reflected in TPS), rollback, anti attack, incentive and anonymous privacy.
        Bitcoin and Ethereum, as the earliest and most used public chains, have the above problems; The corresponding communities and teams have also innovated and upgraded the challenges they face.
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