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SGS started low-carbon strategic cooperation with China's first independently controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system research and development unit

Time : 25/10/2021 Author : t6oryd Click : + -
        Climate warming is a common problem facing the world today. Countries have continuously introduced policies and regulations to deal with climate change. Not long ago, the European Union formally adopted the proposal on carbon border adjustment mechanism (hereinafter referred to as "EU carbon tariff"), which will affect some of China's export products at that time; China has also put forward the "3060" double carbon target, and has successively issued several documents. It is urgent for enterprises to do a good job in green and low-carbon transformation. Recently, SGS signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the leading R & D unit of Chang'an chain, Beijing microchip blockchain and edge computing research institute (hereinafter referred to as "microchip Research Institute"). Based on the cooperation network of Chang'an chain, the two sides will take the lead in opening cooperation in the field of carbon footprint accounting and certification, improve the efficiency of organization certification, and help enterprises in the fields of steel, building materials, plastics and automobiles to do a good job in low-carbon management and expand the global market.
        Chang'an chain is the first independently controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system in China. It is committed to efficiently and accurately solving the needs of differentiated blockchain implementation for users and building a new digital infrastructure with high performance, high reliability and high security. As the leading R & D unit of Chang'an chain, microchip Research Institute is a new R & D institution established under the guidance of Beijing Municipal Party committee and municipal government and supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and Haidian District. At the same time, the microchip Research Institute is also one of the new R & D institutions that Beijing is focusing on. It aims at cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing chips, new sensors, blockchain and artificial intelligence, innovates and optimizes systems and mechanisms, integrates advantageous resources in relevant fields, and gathers global outstanding scientific and technological talents and their scientific research teams, With the goal of building a world-class R & D platform for core technologies of edge computing and blockchain, we will carry out scientific and technological task tackling and industrial demonstration application, and strive to build a strategic scientific and technological force that is rigorous and realistic, pioneering and innovative, collaborative and leading development.
        As a globally recognized benchmark of quality and integrity, SGS has accumulated rich international experience and deep penetration in the field of carbon management for many years. This time, the micro chip research institute cooperated with SGS to help Chinese enterprises clearly quantify their carbon emission status, track the carbon performance of business partners in the upstream and downstream of the value chain in a scientific, efficient, accurate and convenient management mode, evaluate the carbon footprint of products, Improving the overall green competitiveness of enterprises plays an important role in the determination of the follow-up emission reduction direction, the formulation of emission reduction strategies and the assessment of emission reduction effects. More importantly, with the advantage of credible certificates, the carbon emission data of Chinese enterprises and commodities will be widely recognized internationally, demonstrating to the world China's determination to fully realize low-carbon emission reduction.
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