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What kind of sparks will the "blockchain + government" collide with?

Time : 27/01/2022 Author : mutin6 Click : + -
        The Mawei Xingang community in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province has used the blockchain technology to solve the pain point of government informatization and launched the application of "blockchain + community certification". "This application easily realizes the electronic issuance of certificates required by enterprises and the masses to handle affairs, promotes the transformation from & lsquo; less proof & rsquo; to & lsquo; no proof & rsquo; and allows data to run errands instead of the masses, which improves the efficiency of handling affairs and better serves the masses." Said Ms. Zhu, a Fuzhou citizen. Chen Jing, a "post-90s generation", joined a new company at the end of last year. Her work place was changed from Hangzhou, Zhejiang to Chengdu, Sichuan. How to transfer the accumulated housing accumulation fund to the new account after changing the work place? After consulting, Chen Jing learned that searching the "national housing provident fund" small program on the mobile phone can realize the transfer and connection in different places.
        The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development introduced that the "national housing provident fund" small program was launched in October 2021. By deepening the application of new technologies such as blockchain, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has built a reliable data environment for the operation of the small program to ensure the information and fund security of depositors. Thanks to the blockchain technology, depositors can realize the cross city transfer of housing provident fund accounts and funds through small programs. They do not need to go to the counter to handle the transfer business, which greatly shortens the processing time and further facilitates the cross regional flow of human resources. Multiple types of data are shared on the "chain", online and offline services are coordinated, and the use of blockchain technology improves the efficiency of government departments and the satisfaction of the masses.
        For example, Beijing Haidian District has set up a "blockchain special zone" in haidiantong app, which can directly handle public rental housing subsidies, Haidian District high-tech talent training subsidy approval and other matters & hellip& hellip; With the application of new technologies such as blockchain, many government services have realized "one network, one whole network". In addition, Zhuzhou City of Hunan Province has also innovated the administrative examination and approval service mode, launched the electronic license blockchain application scenario, and effectively improved the level of government data sharing and business collaboration efficiency; Fuzhou launched the "Rongcheng on the chain" plan to explore the use of blockchain technology in four fields, including e-government, financial technology, social governance and people's livelihood security.
        Why does the government sector favor blockchain technology? Insiders believe that the blockchain technology has the characteristics of non tampering, security, confidentiality and traceability, and is highly in line with the needs of government services such as data cross domain sharing and business collaboration. Actively using the blockchain technology can solve the problems of data sharing and business collaboration in the process of government services, and improve the government's management service and coordination ability. Relevant management service platforms based on blockchain have been launched frequently in many places in China: in Jiangsu, the first transaction of idle residential use rights based on blockchain technology was successfully completed. Relying on the provincial information service platform, the transaction information can be directly linked to the "chain" to ensure that the housing source is reliable and the results can be traced; In Zhejiang, the first public certificate storage platform of intellectual property blockchain was officially launched, providing efficient and fast certificate storage services for data assets, original design and other intellectual property; In Yunnan, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Yunnan Province and the Provincial Key Laboratory of blockchain application technology jointly carried out the food traceability of the underlying chain of the blockchain in Yunnan Province Based on the domestic independence. Through the blockchain technology, the product source traceability, one code to the end, logistics tracking, responsibility identification and credit evaluation are promoted, so that the blockchain technology can truly contribute to the people's livelihood.
        Hu Kai, Professor of the school of computer science of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, pointed out that the current blockchain industry applications are mainly divided into four categories: real economy, financial services, social governance and people's livelihood services. The government attaches importance to guiding the application of blockchain in manufacturing, energy, government affairs, education and other fields. The positive drive at the policy level has enabled the blockchain to continue to promote in such industries as judicial evidence collection, transportation and shipping data sharing. In May, the Supreme People's Court issued the opinions of the Supreme People's Court on strengthening the judicial application of blockchain, proposing to build a blockchain alliance that the people's court and all walks of life can share with each other and form a relatively complete application standard system in the field of blockchain justice by 2025.
        In June, the Ministry of transport issued the construction guide of electronic platform for import dry bulk cargo import and export business based on blockchain, which proposed to promote the deep integration of blockchain technology and the transportation industry. Hu Kai believes that today, with the rapid development of the digital economy, digital and data are the key elements of future social development. However, behind the data, there are still many complex issues such as legality, interoperability, privacy, security, traceability, storage and transaction. How to make data flow more safely and orderly? Blockchain technology has broad application space. Blockchain technology is accelerating its breakthrough and application, and playing a role in establishing a trusted and secure digital economic order and promoting high-quality economic and social development.
        The Research Report on blockchain infrastructure (2022) issued by the China Institute of information and communications in July this year proposed that with the continuous expansion of the construction scale of blockchain infrastructure and the continuous enhancement of its operation capacity, blockchain can not only be applied to scenarios such as cryptocurrency, but also be applied in manufacturing, service and other fields. At present, digital collections, data circulation, supply chain finance Typical application scenarios such as product traceability. Insiders pointed out that to promote the high-quality development of blockchain, we can start from the following aspects: first, strengthen the core technology research; Second, organize and carry out innovative application pilot of "blockchain + manufacturing" to vigorously promote industrial application; Third, develop and release the blockchain standard system, and accelerate the development of blockchain application standards for important scenarios such as government services, supply chain management, and product traceability.
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