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Online friends circle can send up to seven messages a week? Netizens shout: add "functions I need"

Time : 27/07/2022 Author : ltgo80 Click : + -
        Today, # wechat circle of friends # has been hot searched. It originated from the fact that wechat will limit the number of releases of the circle of friends. In the future, it may only send seven messages a week. As soon as the topic came out, it has been read hundreds of millions of times. Although there was no official response on wechat as of the time of writing, many microblogs have refuted the rumor that this is only for some content with financial blockchain guidance links, and the ordinary circle of friends is not restricted. "Social cattle" and "social terror" seem to have a lot to say on this topic. How often do you send a circle of friends? Do you still remember your original intention of drying the circle? What do you think of the current circle of friends?. As for the "New Deal" of the circle of friends, it seems that the opinions of the netizens who are hotly debated are also very divided.
        The reporter flipped through the topics, messages and bullet screens on Weibo and found that some netizens exclaimed, "what should I do if it's not a line?" some netizens joked that "I can't send seven messages in a year" and "I haven't sent them in more than two years. Many friends asked me if I have blocked them.". Some people rejoiced in the bullet screen that "we finally don't need to send advertisements to the unit" and "can the seven great aunts send point-to-point praise after sending friends circle be less?", There are also people who wonder whether "sending and deleting" and "what about those who sell clothes and houses?" "Can I sell my seven?" Still others are adamant: "think with your toes and you know it's fake.".
        There is also a topic Weibo with very high message popularity, which uses the cartoon diagram of Jiugong grid to express the various entanglements of wanting to send a circle of friends and being "dissuaded" by yourself: if you want to send a circle of friends after buying a limited edition of fashionable shoes, you are afraid of being called "showy" and "wasteful" by your friends; I took selfies with my boyfriend and husband for fear of being ridiculed by my friends for "showing my love and sharing it quickly"; I'm in a bad mood and want to send a circle of friends, but I'm afraid of being told "are you the only one who is under great pressure to collapse" & hellip& hellip; However, by the time the reporter sent the news, the microblog seemed to have been deleted and could not be found. Although the topic has been hotly debated and wechat officials have not officially responded to it, many netizens have commented that the online news is a rumor, and there is no restriction on the ordinary daily circle of friends. "Seven links a week" means that there can be no more than seven links with financial blockchain guidance. It basically restricts the content of wechat and Internet investment, and is also a measure to protect the circle of friends.
        Send or not send a circle of friends, 1000 netizens have 1001 reasons. Wechat has become a social "necessity" for everyone. The circle of friends where only three or five friends can act wantonly has gradually been seen by more and more people. Colleagues, guests, shopkeepers and waiters who have spent money, and even many people who have only met once or have never met. "Private domain" has gradually become a "semi public domain". Even if a group is set up to block some people, it may spread, To send a circle of friends, you need to think hard not to touch sensitive topics and who needs to be visible. This is part of the reason why many people are reluctant to send a circle of friends frequently.
        There are also people who are interested in developing private domain traffic and expanding their private domain influence, and they will be interested in adding friends and sending dozens or even dozens of friends every day. Miss Huang, who works in a public institution in Nanjing, told the reporter that she was used to seeing the circle of friends as a record of her life footprint and a "diary" of her private domain. Therefore, she would express her feelings about the circle of friends every day. It might be the beautiful scenery she met, the food she cooked, the dynamics of the doll and her occasional feelings. However, due to the nature of her work, On some content that you don't want others to see, you can set "visible only to yourself" and set the circle of friends to be visible for three days. In this way, you can not only protect your privacy, but also turn over your past in your spare time. When you meet a friend you don't like, you can do marketing, send links, and swipe the screen of your circle of friends. You can also actively "don't look at his circle of friends". In fact, these functions of wechat are quite humanized.
        This hot topic on the Internet caused netizens to reveal "1000 reasons" for sending or not sending their circle of friends. At the same time, some netizens also shouted to the wechat side and listed the wechat functions they urgently need, such as: if you want to comment with pictures of the circle of friends, you can choose to add watermarks to the pictures of the circle of friends, you can set don't remind me when a likes B, you can not see the previous circle of friends after new friends are assigned to the screening group One click read & hellip& hellip; Almost every one has attracted many netizens' praise and comments. It can be seen that these functions have become the "just needs" of wechat users. We also hope that wechat "programmers" can iterate over new functions as soon as possible.
        Some people need to be seen by more people, and some people are willing to be forgotten by strangers. The flow restriction and folding of the circle of friends, whether to send or not, what to send and how to send, whether to create a personal image through the circle of friends and open up a social circle, or to give the introverted self a "tree hole" to record their footprints and vent their feelings. As long as they do not affect others and do not violate public order and good morals, it is good for their own circle of friends to make their own decisions. Yangzi Evening News / Ziniu news reporter Xu Xiaofeng.
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