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NFT's practice and imagination in the field of Tourism

Time : 27/06/2022 Author : 1q73pt Click : + -
        In the face of new things, the best attitude is not to reject them first, and to explore more possibilities in the future with a positive attitude. Although NFT is still a brand-new or even unknown field for most enterprises, it is an emerging technology trend in any case. Especially when facing the "generation Z" consumers, we have to understand it and study it in advance. When beeple, an American digital artist and graphic designer, sold the first NFT based art in March 2021 for an astonishing $69 million, NFT became one of the most popular topics in the global technology industry. What is NFT?. Before the specific introduction, let's start with a historical figure. Emperor Qianlong liked to collect calligraphy and paintings, and he also liked to inscribe or seal on the cultural relics for secondary creation. Sometimes he thought of this painting and took it out and sealed it.
        The calligraphy and painting exhibition in the Palace Museum is full of seals, and nine times out of ten it is the "visit here" of Emperor Qianlong. If the calligraphy and painting are GIF or JPEG pictures, how can the seal of the author and collector be affixed? When a work goes from one collector to another, how can the latter seal it? How can we prove that the collector is the only owner of the works? If the collector wants to auction this work through public channels, how can it be realized happily? Perhaps NFT can help achieve all this. It is equivalent to the seal of ownership, giving digital works the only identification. NFT (non-homogeneous token, non-homogeneous token or non-homogeneous token) is a unique cryptocurrency token that is attached to the blockchain technology and uses smart contracts to record accounts. It is used to represent digital assets (including JPG and video clips) and can be bought and sold.
        For example, it is attached to the token released by Ethereum (an open-source public blockchain platform with smart contract function). NFT has unique and inseparable properties. For example, if digital tickets are tokenized, they are equivalent to numbered RMB, just as there will be no two RMB with the same number in the world, nor will there be two identical NFTs. NFT represents the token of digital asset ownership on the blockchain. In short, it can bind with some commodities in the real world, and issue these digital assets on the blockchain. These digital assets can be game props, digital artwork (such as electronic pictures), electronic tickets, digital tickets, digital membership cards, etc., and they are unique and non reproducible.
        The topics and hype of NFT in various fields have increased exponentially. Many industries have started NFT applications, such as NBA, Nike, Gucci, Coca Cola, McDonald's, Louis Vuitton, Li Ning, Taco Bell & hellip& hellip; In the tourism industry, Baltic airlines and Emirates are scrambling to launch NFT digital collections. Marriott Hotel Group is not willing to lag behind, and has cooperated with several digital artists to launch NFT Digital Art & hellip& hellip;。 Let's not discuss whether there is a "foam" in NFT for the time being. In the face of new things, the best attitude is not to exclude them first and to explore more possibilities in the future with a positive attitude.
        What changes will NFT bring to the future tourism industry, or what applications may it have?. In fact, NFT has been tried and applied commercially in foreign tourism industry. The most common commercial application is NFT "giveaways" or "collectibles". In addition to Marriott's example, rimowa, the world's leading luggage brand, launched a series of NFT digital collections based on rimowa's iconic design, which were auctioned to loyal fans. In April 2021, Baltic Airlines released its first digital collection & mdash& mdash; A postcard like picture depicts an Airbus plane flying over a small town in Latvia.
        The first batch of NFTs released was 100, and each picture was slightly different. These NFTs were released and traded on opensea (one of the main trading platforms of NFT). Subsequently, Qantas also announced the release of their NFT digital art collection series. Qantas will also grant Qantas points to its initial purchasers, which can be used to redeem tickets. NFT holders will also enjoy more benefits provided by Qantas in the future. As NFT is widely used in the tourism industry, it is believed that many brands will have their own digital collections or souvenirs in the future. It is possible that the welcome gifts received by guests when they check in the hotel are not fruits, but NFT souvenirs with regional characteristics. When guests visit a scenic spot, they buy not postcards or special letters, but the unique NFT collection & hellip& hellip; In addition to classic applications such as "gifts" and "digital collectibles", the tourism industry may also integrate NFT into more complex business applications, such as NFT passports, NFT tickets, NFT based member communities, and the next generation frequent flyer program of airlines.
        In the tourism industry, NFT passport is one of the most likely applications, which is based on the inherent ability of NFT to collect and store information. As a digital "contract", NFT contains all relevant information, including the issuer, issuing time, selling time, amount, transfer time, involved account, storage location, etc. All this information is located in a unique token address. On the blockchain, it is permanently recorded and cannot be rewritten. Authorized people can access the corresponding information, which is very useful in the whole travel process. The Republic of San Marino, located in Europe, issued a NFT based vaccine passport in June 2021, which is a digital green pass for covid vaccination.
        Similarly, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is currently testing its travelpass, a mobile solution using blockchain, which can provide tourists' health certificates, entry requirements, travel restrictions and other related information. The travelpass mobile application can be used by participating airline customers, including Air France, British Airways and Emirates. Although the traditional paper tickets gradually withdrew from the historical stage and were replaced by two-dimensional codes or bar codes, such electronic tickets have no collection value. In the past, many people liked to collect tickets after traveling or participating in an important event. Many ticket makers also carefully designed tickets to make them more artistic or unique.
        These tickets may bring people wonderful memories and even become the capital to "blow" in front of others, such as paper tickets for certain flights, tickets for World Cup matches, tickets for a meeting in the Great Hall of the people, and tickets for the Louvre. Traditional paper tickets are not conducive to preservation and easy to forge, but NFT tickets can solve these problems. NFT tickets can also be traded in the secondary market in the future, just like stamp trading. In many scenarios, "scalpers" are a headache for ticket sellers. NFT can fully realize the uniqueness of tickets and can not be traded twice. Of course, the ticket seller can also use NFT tickets for two or more transactions through smart contracts, and the seller can obtain corresponding income in each transaction.
        For example, it is stipulated in the NFT ticket smart contract that the ticket seller can obtain 20% of the transaction price every time the ticket is changed hands. In this way, if the ticket is continuously changed hands and the price is constantly raised, the seller can also obtain the income from changing hands in addition to the income from the first sale. NFT tickets can also guarantee authenticity, and guests do not need to doubt whether they are buying real tickets or fake tickets. If the NFT is combined with the performance itself, it will make the tickets more valuable. For example, the organizer can make 10000 NFTs of a singer's new album at the music conference. The purchaser is equivalent to occupying part of the "property rights" of the new album and can enjoy the income from the album.
        At the same time, this NFT is also a ticket to participate in the concert. As the singer's music becomes more and more popular, NFT owners can resell TA's "share". Both the owner, singer and organizer get a certain proportion of income. All this will happen automatically because there are smart contracts. The key point is its membership plan. Travala's membership plan is called "smartprogram". It is a multi-level membership plan. Members at different levels can obtain benefits including discounts, points rewards, digital badges, etc. at the same time, members can also obtain voting rights and have the right to vote on the platform upgrade plan.
        As the highest level "diamond" members, in addition to high-end concierge service and some unique experience awards, they will also receive a unique traveltiger NFT as a member award, which is still in the category of collectibles. These NFT collections can be sold or purchased at opensea (a global NFT line Ethereum price) (the price of Ethereum on May 1, 2022 is about 18000 yuan / piece). In 2021, travala launched "traveltoucans" and began "casting" limited edition toucannft.
        This is actually an NFT membership card. Users can buy this membership card at opensea, and of course they can also sell it. The price of the membership card may become higher and higher, and it will enter a "global community composed of enthusiasts and tourism experts, and re imagine a new era of exploration". Membership includes some privileges, such as free admission to global boutique hotels, participation in "secret" international community gatherings, exclusive services of local guides and tourists, participation in golf tournaments and other sports events, participation in some unique art and music festivals around the world, and of course, the right to vote for community development. It can be seen that "traveltours" is actually an attempt to combine virtual and real products and services through NFT.
        For tourism enterprises, NFT membership cards not only have unique and encrypted content, but also can help tourism enterprises obtain funds in advance through pre-sale. Members can also add value to the NFT membership card at any time. Even through the smart contract of NFT, when the NFT membership card carries out two or more transactions, the issuer, the initial purchaser and the subsequent owners can obtain the corresponding value-added cash at the same time. So far, there are relatively few cases of NFT issued by airlines, and the launched ones still belong to the field of "digital collectibles", in addition to the frequent flyer program. Since American Airlines launched the frequent flyer program in 1981, airlines around the world have basically used the same mileage accumulation for 40 years, plus gold and silver card membership rights.
        In the future, NFT is very likely to promote airlines to make a revolutionary change in the frequent flyer program. There is a startup company, flycoin, which claims to be the "world's first encrypted frequent flyer program" and provides a loyalty program based on flycoin (fly) cryptotokens cast on the Ethereum blockchain. Members can get flycoin rewards by purchasing air tickets from flycoin's partner airlines and flying. They can also redeem free air tickets with flycoin like traditional mileage redemption. Flycoin can trade with cryptocurrency, because the market value of cryptocurrency is constantly changing, and members can benefit from trading.
        Flycoin also plans to launch a flycoin debit card in the fourth quarter of 2022. Members can accumulate flycoin through debit card consumption. We can simply understand that flycoin's loyalty program is to replace the traditional aviation mileage with NFT mileage. This start-up company has recently obtained 33 million US dollars of seed funds and has reached a cooperation with ravn Alaska, a regional airline in Alaska, the United States. More airlines will participate in this plan in the future. Flycoin's model actually inspires traditional airlines to NFT the current frequent flyer program mileage.
        Let the traditional mileage exchange also have the tradable, freely circulating and investable properties of cryptocurrency. These are not the only scenarios for airline frequent flyers to plan to apply NFT. In the future, airlines may also launch NFT super membership, similar to the "traveltours" mentioned above. These super members can enjoy lifetime lounge privileges and unlimited upgrade qualification & hellip& hellip; Airlines can also launch NFT virtual lounge tickets, and members can enter the airline's "metauniverse" virtual lounge to enjoy a unique virtual experience while waiting for the flight.
        Airlines can also cooperate with some big brands to enable members to obtain exclusive joint NFT and obtain NFT products & hellip& hellip;。 The above only discusses some NFT applications that have been implemented or will be implemented in the tourism industry. Although NFT is still a brand-new or even unknown field for most enterprises, it is an emerging technology trend in any case. Especially when facing the "generation Z" consumers, we have to understand and study it in advance. Founded in 2002, it is an industrial development group integrating industry, learning and research. Based on the development of the call center industry, we focus on the research direction of customer management, promote the innovation of service science and practice, and expand the new frontier of the digital economy.
        Provide support services for the development of relevant industries through media publishing, certification and evaluation, industrial research, management consulting, exhibition services, industrial investment, education and training, human resources, legal services and other comprehensive, multi-dimensional and highly integrated basic businesses of the industrial chain. Return to Sohu to see more.
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