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From chain letter to fireworks, in-depth discussion on the wave of blockchain Entrepreneurship

Time : 06/08/2022 Author : hcoedx Click : + -
        With the rapid development of information, the opportunities of the times obviously no longer belong to most people. The "hot cake" of blockchain has become the key investment and development target of many technology companies and start-ups. The types of projects are also diversified. Although new blockchain projects are emerging in the market, most of them can not withstand the test of the market. Qubu was originally known as the "IWC blockchain + sports big data" app. Users can get rewards every day when they walk. With the slogan of "driving full movement", the platform users in the glorious period also reached hundreds of millions. Blockchain is also a comprehensive app integrating social networking + e-commerce + Games + short video + blockchain launched based on blockchain technology. The team of blockchain intends to create a new blockchain social model. In addition, the domestic government has taken a high attention to blockchain technology, and blockchain has developed rapidly in such an environment.
        The first interesting step, then the chain letter, and now the fireworks are coming again. This project, which has been paid attention to by people in the currency circle in recent years, claims to help large and medium-sized enterprises in the form of alliance chain, so as to realize the integration of blockchain and physical industry. The term "chain reform" has been discussed very hotly in the circle this year. So what is chain change? To put it simply, it means that enterprises realize the real asset token through the blockchain, including the target assets and business application scenarios in the real economy that need to be changed in the chain, so as to realize the market operation and market value management after the digital assets are listed on the chain. With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology, many enterprises also hope to make a breakthrough by using blockchain technology.
        HuaHuo focuses on blockchain financial applications, builds rich scenes such as shopping malls, education, communities and media, and strives to create a new digital economic experience for global users. Based on ripple's rtxp protocol, an independent online storage system is built. It seems that HuaHuo has made enough efforts in asset transaction security. In October, the HuaHuo platform was officially launched. The security performance was upgraded and the auxiliary system was deeply optimized, including online cold wallet. Users can also transfer assets offline, which greatly guarantees the performance and asset security. In general, although there are many opportunities for innovation based on blockchain technology, there are also many challenges. These challenges can be summarized as follows:.
        If blockchain technology is to be applied, it must first have a blockchain ecosystem. In other words, it must first have a blockchain platform, such as the most popular bitcoin and Ethereum platforms. It is not easy to build a platform. In addition to a large amount of human and financial resources and strong industrial resource integration capabilities, it is often unrealistic for small and medium-sized enterprises to build a platform, This is also a huge obstacle for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the blockchain field. The adoption of blockchain technology will reconstruct the traditional industry model to a certain extent, which is also a huge challenge, because the reconstruction of the industry model will not only mean the redistribution of benefits, but also lead to the transformation of the positions of a large number of employees.
        At present, there is a relatively difficult problem in the implementation and application of blockchain technology, that is, how to realize the enterprise value increment by adopting blockchain technology, how big the value increment is, whether the industry problems can be fundamentally solved, etc. if the blockchain technology can bring obvious value increment, the implementation and Application of blockchain technology will be significantly accelerated. How to optimize the economic model in the blockchain industry is a big problem faced by many people who want to start a business in the currency circle. Nowadays, the development of global blockchain is irresistible. To take blockchain as an entrepreneurial direction, the key is to find the right technology. If you have any ideas about blockchain entrepreneurship, please call us (same as wechat) to turn your ideas into reality and help you realize your entrepreneurial dream as soon as possible.
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