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2017 "the first year of blockchain technology landing"? Hesun software quickly laid out the blockchain industry

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : h1oak8 Click : + -
        In recent years, with the rise and development of bitcoin, the term "blockchain" of its underlying technology has rapidly become popular worldwide. In particular, since 2017, blockchain has become the hottest field in the Internet finance field, and the government and the industry are making relevant explorations. Although it is still far from large-scale application, the popularity of blockchain seems to have been significantly improved compared with the past. There are more underlying technologies, smart contracts and specific application cases. In the view of industry experts, "if there are more applications in the second half of the year, this year may become the first year of blockchain technology.". At the summer Davos forum, the world economic forum officially released the white paper "realizing the potential of blockchain", pointing out that blockchain is about to create a more subversive and revolutionary Internet era.
        The white paper states that "blockchain technology can give birth to unprecedented opportunities to promote the creation and transaction of social value, and transform the information internet into a new era of value Internet." the fundamental reason is that blockchain can utilize the global peer-to-peer network to ensure the integrity of the value exchanged in billions of devices without the need for trusted third parties. " This is what the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Hesuo Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hesuo software") said. At present, China is one of the countries with active digital virtual currency transactions with blockchain as the underlying technology. As early as may this year, under the guidance of the information technology and software service industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the China blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum officially announced the standard of blockchain and distributed ledger technology reference framework (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"), which is also the first domestic blockchain basic standard under the guidance of the government.
        "Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and inevitably there will be some problems, but we have reason to believe that these problems will be solved. With the release and implementation of the white paper and standards, it also indicates that blockchain technology has entered the real application stage. And in the future, with the progress of blockchain technology, the integration of blockchain and various industries will make major breakthroughs, and will accelerate the reform and structural transformation of various industries." An industry expert said so. With the continuous heating up of the blockchain, some enterprises have stepped into it first. For example, Shanghai Hesu Software Co., Ltd., as a pioneer, has been located in the strategic fortress and has received the unanimous attention of the industry and the warm pursuit of users.
        Founded on April 28, 2017, hesun software is an innovative enterprise dedicated to the R & D and application of blockchain technology. It has a young, dynamic team with strong interest in blockchain technology. Since 2016, the team has started to study the underlying technologies of blockchain, and has a deep understanding of the underlying technologies such as blockchain encryption algorithm, network security, distribution and point-to-point. At the same time, it has also developed its own point-to-point trading system and super ledger, aiming to build a smart contract and decentralized application platform for (enterprise) users and promote the development of blockchain technology. According to experts, the development of blockchain technology can be divided into three stages or fields, namely blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
        Specifically, the so-called blockchain 1.0 is an innovation in the field of digital currency, such as currency transfer, cashing and payment systems. Blockchain 2.0 is more about making innovations in contracts, that is, commercial contracts involve transactions, such as the registration of stocks and securities, futures, loans, clearing and settlement, so-called smart contracts, etc. While blockchain 3.0 is more corresponding to the transformation of human organizational form, including health, science, culture, and blockchain based justice and voting. No matter at the development stage of blockchain, blockchain will subvert our life. In the future, the blockchain will bring a subversive revolution to transportation, infrastructure management, energy, garbage, water resources management, resource extraction and farming, environmental monitoring and emergency rescue services, health care, financial services and insurance, document and other record preservation, building and real estate management, industrial operation (factory Internet of things), home management, retail and sales.
        "In the future, with the expansion and application of blockchain technology in China, we believe that Hexian software will also get more development opportunities and face many challenges. However, we have reason to believe that in the context of the increasingly vigorous development of blockchain technology, Hexian software will be more applied to the Internet, energy, proof of existence, social media, government departments, charity, health, music copyright, consumers and other industries, and will continue to promote digital The development of economy and blockchain technology has contributed positive energy to the exploration of the transformation of commercial applications. " Said the person in charge of the software.
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