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Zero one daily: once again, banks are required to remove Internet deposit products; Xiong'an has built two blockchain application platforms

Time : 30/06/2021 Author : w7jlru Click : + -
        Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision Bureau organized the drafting of several measures on promoting the sustainable and high-quality development of Shenzhen equity investment (Draft for comments): support insurance funds, family wealth companies and other social capital to initiate the establishment of master funds. We will promote equity investment management enterprises to become better and stronger through issuing corporate bonds, mergers and acquisitions, management fees and expected dividend asset securitization. We will strive for pilot projects of linkage between investment and loan of banking institutions, and encourage insurance funds to expand the proportion of equity investment in accordance with regulations. We will explore social security funds and annuities to carry out equity investment pilot projects in accordance with relevant state regulations. (Securities Times). It is reported that after Zhejiang Province, another local banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau recently issued an oral notice requiring banks to remove deposit products that are still sold on the Internet platform.
        Some Internet bankers said that banks had to make efforts to attract deposits through their own channels, raise the interest rate of some deposits, and launch new deposit products with more flexible terms such as "interest payment on maturity" in an attempt to attract more deposit users. (Associated Press of Finance). According to the information on the official website of Chongqing regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission, instant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. has signed a guidance agreement with the recommendation agency, and plans to publicly issue shares and be listed. The company went through the guidance registration with Chongqing regulatory bureau on January 6, 2021. Prior to this, on September 11, 2020, immediate consumption obtained the approval of Chongqing banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, which agreed that immediate consumption finance would issue A-shares for the first time, with the issuance scale not exceeding 1.333 billion shares, to supplement the core Tier-1 capital of the company.
        On January 7, the decision on administrative punishment disclosed on the official website of the central bank showed that Jincheng Bank Co., Ltd. violated the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 28 of the regulations on the administration of credit investigation industry, inquired about credit reports without obtaining the written consent of the information subject, violated the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 29 of the Interim Measures for the administration of personal credit information basic data base, and failed to file user changes with the people's Bank of China as required. According to the regulations, a total of 520000 yuan will be fined to the unit, 30000 yuan will be fined to one person in charge who is directly responsible, and 20000 yuan will be fined to one person who is directly responsible. (credit circle). Bank of Beijing announced that the board of directors adopted the report on the rectification plan of Bank of Beijing's existing financial business, adjusted and improved the rectification plan of existing financial business according to regulatory requirements, and guided and promoted the smooth and orderly implementation of the rectification plan of financial business.
        Today, the Tencent global digital ecology conference Suzhou summit was held in Suzhou high tech Zone. The Suzhou municipal government and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Tencent will focus on building a digital industry incubation center, a digital city science and technology innovation center, an artificial intelligence industry application center and a new culture and tourism industry development center in Suzhou. Tencent (Suzhou) digital industrial base will be located in the Dayangshan digital economic zone of Suzhou high tech Zone, gathering a large number of Tencent ecosphere enterprises and striving to create a development highland of digital industry agglomeration. This is also Tencent's first digital industrial base in the Yangtze River Delta region. It is expected to drive related industrial investment of 10 billion yuan and form an annual output value of 20 billion yuan for related ecological economy.
        According to the tianyancha app, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. today disclosed a patent entitled "business processing method, information processing method and node equipment of blockchain network", with the publication number of cn112200681a. Classified as calculation; calculation; Count. The patent abstract shows that the embodiment of the present invention discloses a service processing method, information processing method and node equipment of a blockchain network. According to the embodiment of the present invention, the routing information of a service node is uniformly distributed by a management node to avoid invalid routing and improve service execution efficiency. According to Bloomberg, Tencent invested another US $100 million in Xingsheng preferred, valuing the latter at US $5 billion.
        It is reported that Xingsheng preferred is also discussing further financing matters with other investors such as Kwai. This afternoon, in response to the online rumor that Alibaba's artificial intelligence laboratory was closed, Alibaba responded that ailabs had been integrated into cloud intelligence in the last round of structural changes, and the new official website was being made and will be launched independently. Ali said that the change of the official website is due to the changes in the organizational members, structure and functions of ailabs, which are inconsistent with the information on the previous page. The new Department official website is under preparation, and an independent page will be launched later. (Sina Technology). Although Baidu and Geely both declined to comment, people close to them disclosed to reporters that Geely Li Shufu and Baidu Robin Lee have very good personal relations.
        In addition to business cooperation, the two companies also have capital cooperation. In October last year, baidu also led the a-round financing of ecarx, an automotive intelligent company, which is a strategic investment and independent operation of Geely Holding Group. A person close to the reporter analyzed that Baidu's future car building is a high probability event, but there are different opinions on how to build a car. (Yicai). Xiong'an District of Hebei pilot Free Trade Zone learned that xiong'an District pioneered the deep application of blockchain technology in fund management and built a new mode of construction fund management based on blockchain technology. At present, xiong'an district has built two blockchain scenario application platforms, i.e. land acquisition, relocation and resettlement funds and construction fund management. The platform will link the government, banks, engineering companies, labor companies, land acquisition and relocation people, and create cross chain intercommunication and data collaboration among multiple systems. By means of penetrating payment, the two platforms have allocated more than 20 billion yuan in total.
        (Beijing Daily). In the view of the industry, shared travel will have broad development space. Its future benefits will also be considerable. After the emergence of travel platforms such as didi and Dida, leaders of various automobile enterprises including Shouqi also rushed into the track of sharing travel. (Associated Press of Finance). In view of the riots at the US Capitol on Wednesday, many online commerce and payment services began to suspend the flow of funds to trump's relevant accounts. Among them, Shopify, a multinational e-commerce platform, removed trump related stores from its platform, while PayPal, the world's largest online payment platform, closed an account to raise funds for trump supporters who went to Washington, D.C.
        (Weiyang network). On the evening of January 7 local time, the European Commission's vice president in charge of economic and trade affairs, Dong brofskis, said on social media that the European Union had taken note of the US trade representative office's decision on the same day to postpone unilateral trade measures against France, which were related to the collection of digital services tax by France. Dong brovskis said that the EU is committed to seeking a solution with the United States, but the relevant disputes should be resolved at the WTO level. Recently, American Digital bank simple wrote to users, stating that its parent company BBVA (USA) has decided to shut down the simple platform, and the platform will transfer its account to BBVA (USA) on the premise of ensuring the safety of users' deposits.
        Simple was founded in 2009 and was acquired by BBVA (USA) for us $117 million in 2014. It maintains independent brand operation. In November 2020, PNC announced that it would spend US $11.6 billion to acquire BBVA's US business. (Weiyang network). Recently, mambu, a "bank as a service" (baas) platform, announced that it had obtained 110 million euros of financing provided by TCV. After the completion of this financing, the accumulated financing amount of mambu exceeds 2.5 billion US dollars, and the platform valuation exceeds 1.7 billion euros. Mambu was established in Germany in 2011, mainly to provide fast channels for financial technology and traditional financial institutions to build banks and loan platforms.
        At present, mambu users have covered more than 160 institutions in more than 50 countries / regions, including n26, Santander, oaknorth and other well-known brands. (Weiyang network).
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