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[perspective on comprehensively promoting high-quality development] looking for the power of blockchain (Part 1)

Time : 20/07/2021 Author : sdgnxr Click : + -
        Speaking of blockchain, it is still strange to many people, but it has become a common practice and is leading a new round of technological and industrial changes. How does blockchain change from a very mysterious technology to a new trend that the entire industry is talking about? What great potential will this trust revolution triggered by blockchain unleash in the global economy? As one of the nine future industries that Shanxi Province focuses on cultivating, how to stimulate the vitality of Shanxi's blockchain technology and industrial development from Internet to chain?. Blockchain, in simple terms, is a decentralized distributed ledger database. It has a role in the fields of medical care, supply chain, safety certification, food and drug traceability, social networking and so on.
        It can be said that the emergence of blockchain has provided perfect technical support and operation concept for the development of future society, and is having a profound impact on global finance and even social structure. Chen Zehua, Professor of big data School of Taiyuan University of technology, introduced: "Traditional transactions usually rely on trusted third-party platforms, such as transfer through banks, shopping through Taobao, and stock trading through stock exchanges. In the meantime, the third-party platform plays a credit role. Blockchain technology is not a new technology, but integrates and innovates traditional cryptography, distributed database, network technology and software technology, achieving a third-party decentralized characteristic Moreover, the information on the network can be traced and cannot be tampered with, reaching a kind of trust that can only be maintained at a high price in the past.
        ”。 With the Internet, why do we need blockchain? What problems can blockchain technology solve? In this regard, Li Hua, technical director of Shanxi cloud times Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the application scenarios of blockchain in future social life will be very wide. For example, the whole life cycle of vehicles, from production to use to inspection, if all are on the chain, the traffic safety will be guaranteed. In addition, from the point of view of medical treatment and education, the registered residence files of students and the electronic medical records of patients can be shared through the uplink. For example, when doctors diagnose and treat patients, the tests done in another hospital can quickly provide services for patients.
        Wang Yang, senior director of the big data Office of Shanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, told the reporter: "the characteristics of blockchain technology determine that it is suitable for scenarios with many participants, long transaction chains, low centralized efficiency, lack of transparency, and lack of trust. In short, the core of blockchain is to further enhance the credibility of our data, so we also call blockchain trust chain or collaboration chain.". In China's "14th five year plan", blockchain is defined as one of the seven key industries of the digital economy. What great potential will this trust revolution triggered by blockchain release in the digital economy?. Chen Zehua explained: "in the 14th five year plan, the digital economy is an independent chapter. In the digital economy era, the blockchain is an infrastructure, like roads, water and electricity. On this road, all kinds of commercial activities can operate.
        Another very important point is that blockchain technology has its own financial attribute, which will create a unique set of digital finance based on blockchain technology for the digital economy and bring great vitality to the digital economy. " Wang Yang believes that from the perspective of digital industrialization, blockchain + Internet of things can realize the trusted synchronization of data on and off the chain, blockchain + cloud computing can further reduce the development and deployment costs of blockchain, and blockchain + privacy computing can realize the availability of trusted data without visibility, thus further consolidating the trusted base of the digital economy. In order to cultivate new growth drivers, play a good role in development and gain new competitive advantages, our province issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the innovation and development of blockchain, and put forward three key tasks: improving the technological innovation capacity of blockchain, carrying out demonstration application of blockchain industry, and building a blockchain industrial ecology.
        We will actively introduce and cultivate a number of blockchain innovation enterprises and unicorn enterprises, promote the rapid growth and expansion of the scale of the blockchain industry, gradually standardize and mature the industrial ecology, and build a digital economy industrial cluster that integrates and innovates blockchain with mobile communication, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. Focusing on the central cities in the province, choose 1 & mdash; 2 key parks, focusing on building a blockchain technology innovation application platform. Cultivate and build a healthy and orderly development ecology of the blockchain industry, and inject new momentum into the economic and social transformation and development. How to find a small incision and a long chain in the large industry to grasp the core end? In this regard, Wang Yang said: "not all business processes need blockchain to enable. We only need blockchain to improve credit enhancement in certain key links, or those links that need to interact with the outside world.
        ”。 Not long ago, the national "East digital West computing" project has been fully launched. What is the significance of strengthening the application layout of our province's blockchain in empowering Shanxi to strive to build a national computing hub node in the central region? Li Hua believes that, "The East digital West computing project is a top-level design for the application of algorithms, so the blockchain technology has both the demand for computing power and the support for algorithms and applications. In the" 14th five year plan "of our province, it is also clearly proposed to respond to the" East digital West computing "policy and to strengthen the new generation of information technology in the Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in Shanxi, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Dawan district Face to face cooperation to comprehensively improve the data service capacity.
        ”Chen Zehua believes that the blockchain is an infrastructure, just like paving the road. When laying the infrastructure, we also need talents, policies, funds, innovation teams, etc. in fact, it is to build an ecosystem. Once this ecosystem is built, we will have more power to fight for the hub in the future. How to stimulate the dynamic vitality of Shanxi's blockchain technology and industrial development? In this regard, Chai Hongfeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and co chairman of the China blockchain think tank, put forward a proposal: "the key is to promote breakthroughs in technology research and development, industrial application pilot demonstration, layout a complete industrial ecosystem, and strengthen the construction of talent echelons around serving strategic competitive industries in Shanxi.
        Establish industrial development alliances and associations to form a comprehensive industrial supporting system integrating policy, investment and financing, industry, application, talents and services. By building the endogenous innovation core of the provincial blockchain, we will accelerate the construction of the industrial ecological zone and strive to build Shanxi into a demonstration zone of blockchain technology, application and industrial development in the central region. " Li Hua believes that while strengthening the construction of blockchain infrastructure, it also needs the development of application scenarios by relevant departments and enterprises. The reason why blockchain networks are called value networks is that every enterprise or individual on the chain can dig out their own value from them. Therefore, it is a common social behavior to go online in the future.
        How to realize the blockchain customization in our province in terms of improving the blockchain technology innovation ability? Chen Zehua's advice: "According to the strategic industrial layout of Shanxi Province and the regional development plan of Shanxi Province, at present, Taiyuan, Datong and Shuozhou are all smart city pilots in the country or Shanxi Province. Along this line, blockchain infrastructure can be laid to facilitate the construction of smart cities. In addition, Shuozhou and Datong have a wide distribution of new energy, and can focus on the energy Internet construction of blockchain in the field of new energy. At the same time, Jinzhong or Jinnan can also conduct blockchain layout according to its geographical location and industrial characteristics to form a blockchain Industrial Park, and drive the development of local industrial parks and technological innovation with core technological innovation capabilities and externally introduced resources.
        ”(Shen Jia).
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