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Check, point, the report shows that global network attacks have surged by 42%, and ransomware has become the number one threat

Time : 05/09/2021 Author : 6impon Click : + -
        In August 2022, the Threat Intelligence Department of checkpoint Software Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading network security solution provider, released its cyber attack trend: mid-2022 report, which revealed that complex cyber attacks have risen to national weapons and pointed out that blackmail software has become the number one threat. The report deeply reveals how network attacks have evolved into a national weapon that matches actual military conflicts, explains that extortion software is increasingly used to seek economic and social benefits in national attacks, and also discusses how cloud supply chain attacks are rapidly growing through new modules in open source communities.
        The latest statistical data on industrial and regional cyber attacks and suggestions and forecasts for the rest of 2022 (including in-depth analysis of incident response to explore the entire life cycle of cyber attacks) comprehensively present the major damage caused by cyber attacks to people's daily and cyber life. Maya Horowitz, vice president of research of checkpoint software technology company, said: "in the first half of 2022, the Ukrainian war dominated the headlines, and we hope that the two sides can finally resolve it peacefully. The impact of this war on cyberspace is extremely huge in scope and scale. This year, the number of cyber attacks launched against organizations in various industries in all countries and regions has increased significantly.
        Unfortunately, this situation will only become more and more serious. In particular, ransomware has become the number one threat facing the organization. However, as long as there are appropriate expertise, strategies and network security solutions, companies can prevent attacks. ". 1. The ransomware ecosystem will become more decentralized - ransomware gangs have become more structured and begun to operate like ordinary enterprises. However, we can learn from the recent conti extortion software Gang (whose scale and destructive power caused widespread concern and ultimately led to its collapse). We believe that compared with large-scale cyber criminal gangs, more small and medium-sized gangs will carry out illegal attacks in the future because they can hide more.
        2. More diversified e-mail infection chain - since Microsoft office software blocks the execution of Internet macro programs by default, more complex malware families will accelerate the development of new infection chains, including the use of different file types and password protection to prevent detection, while complex social engineering attacks will continue to increase. 3. Hacking will continue to escalate - hacker gangs will continue to carry out attacks at the national level, especially when the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. 4. Launch continuous attacks against the decentralized blockchain network, and it is expected that the first attack will be encountered in the meta universe & ndash; In view of major events related to the blockchain platform (such as the vulnerability in the rarable market or the apecoinairdrop vulnerability), we expect that hackers will continue to wantonly destroy and hijack encrypted assets.
        In addition, we believe that the meta universe will be attacked for the first time by exploiting the smart contract vulnerability. The cyber attack trend: mid-2022 report details the cyber threat situation in the first half of 2022. These findings are based on the data collected by checkpoint's threatcloud intelligence network from January to June 2022, focusing on the main strategies used by cyber criminals when attacking enterprises. For a complete report, please click here. Checkpointresearch can provide checkpointsoftware customers and the entire intelligence community with leading cyber Threat Intelligence.
        The checkpoint research team is responsible for collecting and analyzing the global network attack data stored in threatcloud, so as to ensure that all checkpoint products enjoy the latest protection measures while preventing hackers. In addition, the team is composed of more than 100 analysts and researchers, and can cooperate with other security manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and various computer security emergency response teams. Checkpoint Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading network security solution provider for governments and enterprises around the world. The checkpointinfinity solution portfolio has an industry-leading capture rate of malware, ransomware and other threats, which can effectively protect enterprises and public organizations from the fifth generation network attacks.
        Infinity includes three core pillars, which can provide excellent security protection and fifth generation threat protection across enterprise environments: checkpointharmony (for remote users); Checkpointcloudguard (automatic protection of cloud environment); Checkpointquantum (effective protection of network boundaries and data centers) & mdash; All this is controlled by the industry's most comprehensive and intuitive unified security management. Checkpoint protects more than 100000 enterprises of all sizes. Return to Sohu to see more.
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