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Promising blockchain shopping,The future of blockchain e-commerce will realize multi scenario development and application

Time : 07/12/2021 Author : ux70yk Click : + -
        With the development of blockchain technology and the prosperity and rapid development of the application projects involved, the integration of blockchain technology and the real economy has also been further strengthened. Governments and enterprises of various countries are actively combining and applying blockchain technology in their relevant fields according to the uniqueness of blockchain technology. At the time of transformation from physical retail to e-commerce, the e-commerce industry has become a market with huge development space. After several years of precipitation, the e-commerce industry has entered a stable period, and the popularity of the blockchain has seen new development opportunities for the e-commerce industry, which is to combine new technologies with industry to create a new business structure:. As a new technology new retail e-commerce value service platform, SRM not only has a professional R & D and operation team, but also, based on the in-depth understanding of the Internet and blockchain, realizes the blockchain application of cross-border e-commerce with the innovative operation concept of "blockchain + new retail e-commerce + game community", drives the industrial development of physical commerce with the digital economy, and assigns the new Internet technology value to the physical industry, Realize diversified application and circulation.
        The current e-commerce industry is developing rapidly and has a large user base. However, behind the rapid development of the industry, there are also various problems such as data loss, data forgery, data tampering, and fake and shoddy goods. SRM is a brand-new e-commerce ecological platform created based on the current electric fan ecology, with the addition of big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies, Change and reshape the confidence mechanism of the e-commerce industry. It has solved all kinds of problems in the e-commerce industry perfectly with non tampering, anonymity, real-time tracking, anti-counterfeiting and traceability. The SRM team has long matured the B2C, C2C and other business models of e-commerce, and has established a new e-commerce application platform in the continuous technological innovation. It is committed to realizing new commodity trading methods and investment application values for merchants and users in the decentralized data economy market, linking and radiating to more industries, and realizing multi-dimensional scenario applications.
        Based on the vigorous development trend of the e-commerce industry and the technology of a large global consumer group, SRM will focus on technology updating and scene linking, and will provide better e-commerce consumption and application services to advertisers, merchants, consumers, etc., so as to comprehensively promote the development of the e-commerce industry.
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