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Digital collection NFT, the cornerstone of the digital economy digital copyright meta universe trusted blockchain cluster star ecology

Time : 29/04/2022 Author : otg1ib Click : + -
        ② Advanced trusted blockchain cross chain technology - NRT (Nanjing digital copyright trusted blockchain Technology) protocol, which is fully independently developed, supports cross chain calls and trusted interactions of heterogeneous systems around data and computing. ③ Digital asset modeling and trusted exchange, support flexible digital modeling of the multi-dimensional structure of physical asset data, NFT casting of digital collections # NFT digital collections #, realize trusted exchange on the chain, and support asset digitization in various fields such as copyright digital collections and intellectual property certificates. ④ The completely independent digital copyright technology is a service-oriented b-service that supports multi-party cooperation. The trusted interaction on and off the chain effectively supports the effective integration of various traditional systems.
        Through a variety of privacy calculation methods, the data ownership and privacy of all parties are protected, and the original data is not out of the door during multi-party cooperation, so as to realize the value circulation of data that is available and invisible. ⑥ Big data storage: the built-in storage layer supports cloud storage and distributed storage. The combination of data warehouse and chain data supports efficient full life cycle query of data on the chain. Under the background of vigorously implementing the digital strategy of the cultural industry, we will strive to stimulate innovation vitality in the digital economy, cultural industry, service trade, etc. As a representative copyright trading center platform in China, the digital copyright trading platform hopes to jointly create an innovative cultural industry service trade platform and a Chinese culture foreign cooperation exhibition and exchange platform to jointly help the high-quality development of the national copyright industry economy.
        Digital copyright trading platform - not only provides the public with a more economic, open and reliable copyright protection trading platform, but also becomes an open platform for blockchain technology innovation and application technology. We are committed to building a new trust infrastructure in the digital economy era. "Up chain" will become the standard configuration of every enterprise in the digital economy era. Jointly build a copyright ecosystem based on the blockchain, improve the efficiency of copyright ecological cooperation and digital financial services, and further promote the construction of digital copyright meta universe industry.
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