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Blockchain + Games: not only trading, but also fun

Time : 10/07/2022 Author : j7nouc Click : + -
        Starting with the crypto cat game and Tencent's "catch demons together", the blockchain game has gone through many twists and turns in a short period of one and a half years. It is only on the day when it really begins to return to the game's main line that a game called "cryptokitties" is launched, detonating the blockchain game industry for the first time. The game successfully broke the completely digital barrier in the blockchain world. Once it appeared, it presented a rapid diffusion of radiation, reaped a large number of users, and became a phenomenal DAPP at that time. In addition to the game content of breeding, pairing and maintenance, its trading content is the driving force behind its explosion. Specific data shows that in the first month of the game's launch, more than 1.5 million users in the circle were harvested, contributing 30% of the transaction volume on Ethereum, which once caused congestion in the entire Ethereum network.
        In addition to a large number of players swarming into the field, speculators also came one after another. Most of them, in the name of blockchain, actually promote illegal financing, challenge the bottom line of supervision and disrupt the order of the financial market. At the same time, the Pandora's magic box of the chain game has also been uncovered: illegal acts such as fund trays, Ponzi schemes, hackers and money circling have been staged in the industry, and the normal market order no longer exists. As a result, blockchain games ushered in a new situation of "zoo", and various kinds of blockchain pet games such as cryptodog, cryptopig, horse and rabbit emerged in endlessly. During the hot period in February last year, there were many kinds of pets for pre-sale almost every day. It is not impossible to build a zoo.
        The industry is flourishing, and the good and the bad are mixed. Behind the sugar coating of the game, gambling, capital plate and guessing games have appeared one after another. The most typical game is fomo3d, which was born neither to solve the industry pain point nor to meet the market demand. Its positioning is an open, transparent and decentralized fund game, which is essentially a naked Ponzi scheme. During the same period, many games under the guise of blockchain emerged. Among them, there are pluswinner, which is a pure MLM model, the copycat versions of airdropme, fomonow and fomolighting of fomo3d, pixelmaster, a pixel graffiti game, and gambling and guessing games based on EOS and other public chains.
        Although it has the name of a game, it may not live up to its name. "Judging whether a blockchain game is a real game is actually very simple. Peel off all things related to interests, and then try whether the game is playable. You can get the answer.". Niu Fengxuan, CEO of dapreview, believes that blockchain games are a false proposition. Blockchain is just a technology and tool for games. The innovation of Games lies in playability. Most blockchain games obviously do not have a clear direction and fail to give play to the real value of the game. Therefore, after the "fresh period", the enthusiasm of the market was directly returned to its original shape, and the users in the circle continued to lose. Various blockchain game companies were exploring the edge of closing the server, feeling the pressure of survival.
        Most users only come for the transaction value. Once the game loses the transaction value, the player will leave without hesitation. Unlike most speculators who end up without a hitch, the big companies have been doing business step by step, and some believers and adherents of blockchain games have also begun to radiate heat. In April 2018, Tencent released the white paper "catch demons together", which was officially launched on April 11, 2019. It is Tencent's first blockchain game application. Connected the game and the real scene. 20000 steps a day is the biggest gain of playing this game. Second, after capturing the elves, you can maintain and upgrade them to fight against the players. After level 22, the blockchain cat raising system will be opened.
        This is similar to the original crypto cat play method. Players can reproduce, trade (spot coupon circulation) and chain up. If they chain up, they need to buy a Tianshu pen. The design based on the blockchain technology allows each cat to have its own content. On September 5, 2018, Netease game announced that it would embed the blockchain technology in the game against the cold water and add a new prop named "Fuxi Tongbao" for all users. On the official information website of Fuxi Tongbao, not only the corresponding transaction data and block information are published in real time, but also the number of daily transactions has exceeded 600000, which is quite considerable. In addition to "cold against the water", Fuxi Tongbao has also been connected to the national level fantasy game "ghost of new qiannu", the real hard core action mobile game "meteor butterfly sword" and the strategic level online game "Tianyu".
        In July 2019, a mysterious project team launched the No. 1 scholar of NOS, which for the first time added elements of Chinese traditional culture as the main background and design logic of the game. It hopes to gather the strength of people through blockchain technology to achieve the glory of the revival of Chinese traditional culture, and let blockchain technology, Chinese culture and games achieve the integration of history. With the background of Chinese traditional culture, NOS top scholar tells about the process of inheritance and continuation of ancient culture, and a series of game playing methods such as "robbing the book boy", "imperial examination", "selecting officials for the imperial examination", etc. in addition to the blockchain nature, just from the game interface, NOS also has some characteristics of traditional games. The highly restored historical scenes and high fidelity picture quality are refreshing, and the functional playing methods are closely integrated and linked, Teach and enjoy.
        Taking the life of ancient scholars as a game method also meets the psychological needs of Chinese players. With the entry of big manufacturers, the blockchain game industry has opened a new mode. After experiencing a rise and fall in the wrong direction, the industry has a new development direction. While paying attention to the nature of transactions, the industry has its inherent requirements for the playability and interest of the game itself. For a good game, the addition of blockchain is the icing on the cake. However, if the game itself is not playable, even if the blockchain is introduced, it will only be superfluous. Big companies such as Tencent and NetEase have also begun to pay attention to connecting tokens in games to more scenes. In the game, the game token is endowed with more value. The NOS No. 1 scholar has also made careful construction of his own economic system in the game. A variety of income models coexist and link with each other to promote the appreciation of token, so that players can enjoy the promotion of value and the growth of wealth in addition to the game, and realize the confirmation of the rights of players' digital assets and the value circulation of players' digital assets on the premise of legality and compliance.
        The biggest advantage of blockchain empowering the game industry is to realize the confirmation of the rights of users' game assets, and link the behavior information of users such as lottery and ranking in the game, so as to ensure the interests of players to a greater extent.
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