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The Ministry of ecological environment conducted research on the "blockchain + Carbon Asset certification and financial transaction service platform" of Hebei Construction Investment Group

Time : 08/04/2022 Author : e6gqd9 Click : + -
        Recently, the information center of the Ministry of ecology and environment, the National Center for strategic research and international cooperation on climate change, and the climate Department of the Hebei Provincial Department of ecology and other relevant departments provided "blockchain + Carbon Asset certification and financial transaction services" to Hebei Construction Investment Group The construction of the project was investigated and discussed. Relevant leaders from the group's science and information department, China Construction Investment energy, western power company and China Construction Bank Hebei branch attended the meeting. At the meeting, the project leader of China Construction Investment Finance Carbon Co., Ltd. gave a detailed introduction to the background and significance of the platform construction, and showed the cockpit, functions of various projects, production data plates and trading results of the platform on the spot. Leaders at the meeting fully affirmed the development direction and achievement transformation of the current platform construction, as well as the innovation of applying blockchain technology to the certification of carbon assets and real-time monitoring of data.
        At the same time, suggestions were put forward on data quality, audit and consistency, stability and popularization of key parameters, and guidance on giving play to the characteristics and advantages of the construction investment platform and exploring new fields of development with various departments and industries was put forward for the next step of work. In the next step, China Construction Investment and carbon financing Co., Ltd. will continue to give play to the advantages of the platform, continue to promote the construction of the platform with high quality, and contribute to the realization of the national double carbon goal. [copyright notice] this website is a public welfare website. All the contents published on this website have been signed by the source and author, and are only for the personal study, research or appreciation of visitors. If there is any infringement, please inform the right holder, and this website will immediately delete ().
        Approved by: Ministry of industry and information of the people's Republic of China and State Administration for Industry and Commerce guiding unit: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of ecological environment, National Energy Administration and local environment and energy exchanges.
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