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Report on the application trend of Chinese blockchain technology in supply chain in 2022 (Abstract version) (with download)

Time : 15/11/2021 Author : upb1gz Click : + -
        The environment of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 determines the keynote of the digital upgrading and transformation of China's supply chain ecosystem. A variety of solutions based on blockchain technology can effectively solve the main pain points of the traditional supply chain. The supply chain involves a wide range of industries and has many application scenarios, which means that the application of blockchain in the supply chain is characterized by diversity and broadness, The scalability of the blockchain will be applicable to supply chain solutions in different industries. After the massive data generated by the whole process of the supply chain is uploaded, shared and analyzed, it will bring advantages such as data transparency, business collaboration and integration of industry and finance to the supply chain enterprises, enabling traceability, logistics, logistics reconciliation, cold chain supply chain, supply chain finance, green supply chain and other fields, laying the foundation for the comprehensive digital upgrading and transformation of the supply chain ecosystem, In the future, more resources will be injected into the industrial blockchain field.
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