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Tan min, Secretary General of BSN development alliance, attended the 11th financial summit of CFS, 2022

Time : 08/04/2022 Author : 1cowyf Click : + -
        On July 29, the 11th CFS financial summit with the theme of "activating high-quality development and surging vitality" was held in Beijing. More than 100 important guests from all walks of life participated in the summit online or offline. Tan min, Secretary General of the blockchain service network development alliance and head of the digital economy technology promotion group of China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute, attended the event and gave a speech themed "blockchain will become the core infrastructure of the digital economy". On behalf of the blockchain service network development alliance, Tan min shared BSN's logical understanding of blockchain technology with the guests present in plain language, and discussed the evolution direction of blockchain technology against the development of the Internet.
        Tan min believes that at present, almost all systems on the Internet are background privatization systems, and user data and account information are controlled by the owners of these systems, which poses certain hidden dangers to the protection of user data privacy and the security of digital assets. BSN believes that in the next 5 to 10 years, a "public information system" of distributed multi-party governance will appear on the Internet above the existing internet background privatization system layer, making data governance more open and transparent. At the same time, BSN is also working with global ecological partners to build this new generation of Internet information and communication layer. It also welcomes more enterprises and institutions to join in the joint construction and common governance.
        During the summit, themed activities including the opening ceremony, high-level forum, CFS tribute ceremony, 2022 Brand Innovation Exhibition, and many special activities on digital transformation, financial innovation, new consumption and intelligent manufacturing were held. In addition, the second sustainable business conference 2022 was held during the summit. The summit joined hands with leading brands of various industries to jointly open a new era of sustainable development. At the meeting, the Organizing Committee of the conference fully affirmed the development of the blockchain service network (BSN) and awarded the "2022 digital transformation driving force Award". In this regard, the blockchain service network development alliance sincerely thanks the Organizing Committee for its determination and action to promote the development of the blockchain industry.
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