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Bitdns, Karen: the blockchain has passed the white paper stage. Bitdns launches practical products

Time : 16/11/2021 Author : h7tkp0 Click : + -
        With the vigorous development of the "new infrastructure" advocated by the state, the new business formats generated by the integration of the new generation of information technologies such as blockchain, Internet of things, and big data are constantly showing a systematic, integrated and collaborative development trend, and jointly building a development model in the digital era. With the continuous innovation of new technologies and the popularization and development of technical concepts, there are many products in the industry. On January 16, 2021, the blockchain project bitdns launched the first DAPP & mdash; The beta version of the domain name system has caused extensive discussions in the blockchain industry and also gained the support of a large number of skeptics of blockchain technology.
        "So far, we have received feedback from many app users, and have conducted reasonable screening and sorting. At present, it has been submitted to the technical department for improvement and upgrading." Bitdnsceokaren. In today's Internet world, technology giants are in power. They use their own platforms and centralized servers to frantically collect user data, collate, analyze and process user data, and then form data products. They make profits in a product and commercial way, which seriously infringes on the data sovereignty and privacy information of users. The trust mechanism brought by the encryption and traceability of blockchain technology has changed the connection mode, changed the traditional production relationship, provided effective technical means for trusted data interaction between different participants and different industries, effectively ensured the data security of users, and realized the transformation from information internet to value Internet.
        Similar to the traditional information internet, the value Internet based on blockchain technology also needs relevant infrastructure. As the key for enterprises and websites to open the Internet portal, domain name naturally becomes the top priority for the popularization and development of the value Internet. Karen said: domain name and domain name resolution are the key to the interaction between users and commercial entities. If you want to visit a website, you can not do without domain name resolution. Similarly, to access decentralized websites and applications, the bitdns domain name system is indispensable. The future is a decentralized business society, so the value here is self-evident. It is reported that the current bitdnsapp has the function of "domain name trading". Users can search their favorite domain names at will. After successful purchase, they can hold the domain names for life. Users who hold the domain names can enjoy various services of subsequent development of the app at will.
        With the continuous research and development of the technical team, bitdnsapp will gradually launch bitmail encrypted mailbox, bitappstore application store, bitdns cloud game system, bitdns cloud live broadcast system, bitdns cloud desktop system, bitallsns diversified social network services and other application services. In the future, bitdnsapp will become a platform integrating multiple applications. Users can enjoy one-stop multi-dimensional services of "one app, multiple functions". Similar to the current wechat applet, the user enters through the interface of the domain name system account, and then can use all the functions and services in the app.
        In view of various drawbacks of the current Internet, bitdns proposed dweb4.0, the core of which is a decentralized cloud computing platform. Karen said: in a sense, dweb4.0 can be regarded as a highly integrated upgrade of Web3.0 and dweb. Web3.0 emphasizes more on data protection in a pure sense, while dweb emphasizes physical decentralization, but lacks scenario based landing applications. While dweb4.0 realizes data protection, it also increases the degree of decentralization. In fact, dweb4.0 is a more pure technical world view that can be applied on the ground.
        As the core hub, bitdns connects many mainstream value blockchains at the bottom, and the distributed domain name resolution system at the middle. The upper layer is compatible with the traditional Internet in a decentralized manner, and supports dweb4.0 distributed websites and apps as its upper layer applications. Various applications on bitdnsap will be developed based on dweb4.0. With the help of the bitdns domain name resolution system, users can enter dweb4.0 application scenarios with one click. For a long time, the bitdns team has been committed to promoting the reform and development of the Internet by continuously innovating core technologies, upgrading technology products in real time, and building new Internet concepts to provide more convenient services for users.
        With the launch of new products, bitdns will gather the development potential of the blockchain, deepen the layout of the landing application of new products, build the core foundation of the value Internet, and build a prosperous blockchain industry ecology.
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