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Global chain global blockchain essence three minute dinner, April 22

Time : 25/08/2021 Author : qcrx1j Click : + -
        Blockstream, the lightning network development team, announced that it has successfully entered into a "trustless" peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin forward contract with cryptogarage. (source: bitcoinist). The brave browser will release important updates on April 23, including the bat reward function for users viewing advertisements. (source: GitHub). Israeli citizens are accused of stealing dash worth more than 7.2 million US dollars, accounting for about 1% of the circulation supply of dash. (source: the Merkle). The Henan blockchain Technology Research Association, jointly established by 56 units including Henan Academy of Sciences and Zhongyuan Institute of technology, held the unveiling ceremony.
        In the future, the Research Association will aim at the domestic and international scientific and technological frontier, focus on the development of blockchain technology, carry out blockchain technology research, cultivate blockchain technology industry, and build blockchain Industrial Park. (source: Science and technology daily). In order to better serve the construction of the Greater Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and promote the development of enterprises in the bay area, the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau, in addition to creating the "international exchange and tax link" system, has also actively explored tax informatization, blockchain electronic invoice, electronic tax receipt and other aspects. (source: Economic Observation Network). A few days ago, a reporter from China business daily noticed that some sales platforms use the concept of blockchain to promote sales. The sales platform promotes its liquor and tea products with the gimmick of buying Baijiu and tea to get digital assets based on the blockchain technology, and the value-added of digital assets.
        (source: China business daily). Suning financial blockchain blacklist sharing system has collected 11 million blacklist data. It is reported that Suning financial blockchain blacklist sharing system can realize the safe sharing and storage of anti fraud blacklists among financial institutions. It is the first domestic financial blockchain blacklist sharing system. (source: China Financial observation network). Report: the blockchain transfer is 388 times faster than the traditional financial system, and the cost is 127 times lower. (source: bravenewcoin). European electronic signature provider signrequest integrates the blockchain solution of LTO network. (source: zycrypto).
        Spokesman of the national development and Reform Commission: the revision of the elimination category in the Guiding Catalogue for industrial restructuring mainly follows three standards. First, according to the actual situation of industrial development, the relevant safety, environmental protection, energy consumption, quality and other standards should be appropriately improved; Second, the process, technology, equipment and products that have been eliminated in actual production and life are deleted from this category; Third, stricter elimination standards can be formulated and implemented for key regions. (source: Official Website of the national development and Reform Commission). Shandong launched the pilot work of "smart correction" construction, and will comprehensively transform the traditional community correction work by using blockchain and other technologies. (source: Dazhong daily). The pilot work of the national cross-border business blockchain service platform was officially launched. As the first batch of pilot banks of the platform, Industrial Bank successfully landed the export receivables financing business through the platform.
        (source: People's daily). Dongwu securities 2018 annual report: the company has made substantial achievements in the research of blockchain and other technology applications in many fields. (source: Dongwu securities). Yuanliu Hongyuan released the summary of the letter of intent for initial public offering. According to the document, during the reporting period, the operating income and gross profit of the blockchain hardware industry in the agency business of the company accounted for a high proportion. (source: yuan liuhongyuan). More than 220 banks have joined JPMorgan's inter-bank information network iin. (source: FinancialTimes). Beijing Qilin International Cultural Media Co., Ltd. is a new video media organization founded in 2015 by Ms. Wu Qing, a well-known investigative reporter.
        Qilin focuses on the leading figures and enterprises in the global new economic field, the United States, Israel and other scientific and technological innovation Highlands, focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality and high-end video content, and building an all media platform with video as the core. Wu Qing, chairman of Qilin media, is the chief producer and host of the large-scale transnational series "Silicon Valley tycoon" and "global chain - blockchain Truth Investigation". Former investigative reporter of CCTV "focus interview" and "news investigation", host of science and technology and financial programs, and winner of many well-known international and national awards. Part time master tutor of Ocean University of China, honorary winner of 2017 "China's top ten brand women".
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