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Lakala payment creates blockchain services and cultivates new growth points

Time : 13/09/2021 Author : htinkz Click : + -
        Since last year, NFT and metauniverse have become popular rapidly, causing a global upsurge. According to the latest report of Grandview research Inc., by 2030, the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach $143.54 billion, with a CAGR of 85.9% from 2022 to 2030. According to the data, lakala payment continues to increase in the blockchain field. In March 2022, the lklbaas blockchain enterprise service platform based on independent intellectual property rights and the already commercialized judicial deposit certificate alliance chain products of lakala payment launched the meta universe and digital cultural and creative industry blockchain Alliance & mdash; in conjunction with blue cursor and Taihe music, a leading Chinese music enterprise& mdash; Lakala Kunlun chain.
        It is understood that the lakala Kunlun chain aims to provide basic support for different NFT businesses, integrate basic services such as blockchain, payment, risk control and anti money laundering, serve the subdivided needs of the meta universe and digital cultural and creative fields, and provide supporting full process services such as issuance and confirmation of rights. Lakala payment said that in the future, it will focus on the "lakala Kunlun chain" as the key direction of financial technology and follow the development trend of the blockchain industry. In addition, in the 2021 annual report, lakala payment disclosed the blockchain service in the technology service sector for the first time. According to the annual report, lakala payment has independent intellectual property rights such as the blockchain enterprise service platform lklbaas, the blockchain digital collaboration platform lkldcp, and the privacy computing platform lklprivc.
        Among them, lklbaas blockchain enterprise service platform independently developed by lakala payment provides enterprise level blockchain financial technology service products for the digital transformation needs of enterprises, merchants and financial institutions. In 2021, lakala payment, together with the local notary office and the judicial appraisal office, will build the judicial deposit chain products. At the same time, it will help enterprises establish digital credit by using digital RMB, blockchain and other technologies to realize the integration of industry and finance. It will also jointly develop a compliant digital collection distribution platform with marketing and IP operating enterprises in the field of metauniverse, forming a deeply integrated industrial cooperation platform. Insiders said that payment is an important part of social and economic activities, and it has been integrated into all aspects of our life and business.
        With its unique trust building mechanism, blockchain brings new ideas to the traditional payment theory system. For third-party payment institutions, we should see the blockchain technology and the business scenarios it brings. It can be seen that the blockchain business of lakala payment layout is not at the conceptual stage. Previously, it has been using blockchain technology internally, including payment and credit data uploading, and has completed tens of millions of transactions, with relatively mature technology accumulation. Building blockchain services and exploring business alliance chains and scenario applications in various industries will undoubtedly further open up the growth space of lakala payment business, and it is worth paying close attention to its subsequent development.
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