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Wheat field briefing - Oriental time and space column popularizes cryptography and blockchain knowledge

Time : 27/05/2022 Author : yje542 Click : + -
        On October 28, a commentary article on the front page of the Securities Times said that the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee recently conducted a collective study on the current situation and trend of the development of blockchain technology, emphasizing that blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. The UAE securities and commodities Administration (SCA) drafted a resolution on blockchain technology, providing a clearer idea for blockchain related projects in Middle East countries. By formulating guidelines, the UAE has provided more guarantees and confidence for those enterprises wishing to enter this field, and also helped to remove many obstacles currently faced by the industry. Roman & middot, chairman of European blockchain center; Baker said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to blockchain technology, and promotes blockchain technology from the political, economic and other aspects. This has a very positive effect on the development of blockchain, which is also where Europe needs to learn from China.
        In addition, China's goal and policy of taking blockchain as a service network plans to apply blockchain technology to public utilities, which is similar to many policies and services of the EU. Shenzhen Taxation Bureau will conduct a pilot project in Qianhai to comprehensively promote electronic invoices and stop the supply of paper-based value-added tax ordinary invoices from January 1, 2020. For enterprises that use blockchain electronic invoices, the Shenzhen tax department will provide unlimited invoices according to the actual business of the enterprise. As of October 27, there were more than 7500 enterprises registered in Shenzhen to use blockchain electronic invoices, with a total of 9.75 million invoices, involving an amount of 6.93 billion yuan, covering catering, retail, transportation, accommodation and other livelihood fields.
        At 20:32 p.m. on October 27, in the program "Oriental time and space" broadcasted by CCTV 13, the program explained the basic knowledge of blockchain and cryptography with technical cases. The column introduces the current application scope of blockchain, such as financial services, supply chain management, public services, intelligent manufacturing, education and employment, culture and entertainment. The column also emphasizes that blockchain solves the problems in digital identity, copyright protection, strict quality control, more convenient transactions, travel consumption, health care and other fields.
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