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Thin box was selected as the top 50 blockchain application innovation in Internet Weekly 2021

Time : 23/06/2022 Author : 6wx83l Click : + -
        Recently, Internet weekly published the "2021 blockchain application innovation ranking", and thin box was included in the list as a blockchain innovation application,. Thin box mints is committed to building its own next-generation visual digital identity for users. It is based on the blockchain technology to confirm the digital content, and provides trusted storage technology and collection digital certificate technology services. Through smart phones and electronic screens that can be seen everywhere in life, redefine new consumption patterns and continuously improve the interactive experience of users and digital collections. Internet Weekly mentioned in its article that "in the era of global interconnection, creative ideas and innovative technologies are growing exponentially. This is mainly due to the unprecedented frequency of information dissemination and information interaction, which has rapidly promoted the generation of scientific and technological practice and innovation integration on global life and production".
        Blockchain is an important part of the new generation of information technology. It is a new type of database software integrated with distributed network, encryption technology, smart contract and other technologies. Through data transparency, non tampering and traceability, it is expected to solve the trust and security problems in cyberspace, promote the transformation of the Internet from information transmission to value transmission, and reconstruct the information industry system. In the future, thin box will continue to work on digital identity and Web 3.0 to bring different service experiences to every user.
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