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What did wechat bank do right to let the blockchain go to thousands of banks, industries and 70000 developers?

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        Perhaps, this is exactly the opposite of your impression & mdash& mdash; The blockchain is getting rid of the difficult labels step by step and going to the fields and the depths of the city. Behind the health code you open, behind the electronic medical records and financial transactions, it also faithfully records the rich products of the motherland, how to cross the mountains and seas and bring them to your table undamaged. From obscure to approachable, the landing of a new technology is always difficult. The State Council has previously stressed the need to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, explore the blockchain + mode, and promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy. Looking back at the development of blockchain, it is only more than ten years.
        Especially in the early stage of development, developers are almost barehanded in building blockchain applications: deploying the underlying platform and writing contracts. During this period, they have to face many technical details and technical problems, and step into various unprecedented pits. Debugging and operation are all difficult. The micro bank blockchain, which started in 2015, has successively opened up the key technologies of the blockchain since 2017. Up to now, it has built a full stack technology system covering the bottom layer, middleware and application components, helping developers to walk from the muddy track to the expressway. In recent years, we have witnessed that open source blockchain technology is indeed & lsquo; Can use & rsquo; And more and more; Easy to use & rsquo;.
        Zhang Kaixiang, chief architect of blockchain of Weizhong bank, sighed. He disclosed that the fiscobcos financial level blockchain underlying platform led by wechat bank has supported the landing of hundreds of blockchain application scenarios in finance, government affairs, medical care, justice, agriculture, entertainment and other industries in the four years since its open source, and more than 200 benchmark applications have been collected. The community built around open source technology has gathered more than 3000 enterprises and institutions and more than 70000 individual developers to participate in the construction of the blockchain industry ecology. Today, Weizhong bank is still working hard to deepen the hard core technology and help the industry digitalization, and is committed to making the blockchain grow into the real economy and the ordinary life of ordinary people.
        As early as may 2020, yuekang code and Macao health code have completed cross-border mutual recognition with the strength of the blockchain. Now, in addition to providing nucleic acid certificates, mainland visitors to Macao can easily pass the Customs by applying for the yuekang code without having to fill in the local health code of Macao again. According to, the average time of the whole process from the first code receiving and transcoding to the generation of customs clearance vouchers is only 100 seconds. If you pass the customs again, the voucher will be obtained within 3 seconds. First, privacy protection& mdash; Macao's personal data protection law stipulates that personal data in Macao cannot be directly sent out of the country through the data server, and only local authorities can verify the personal information and nucleic acid detection information of residents in the mainland and Macao.
        Second, user experience & mdash& mdash; The mainland and Macao need to quickly realize each other's entry / exit without direct transmission and exchange of user data, and the overall transcoding process is automated, so it is not necessary to fill in information repeatedly on multiple platforms. The foundation is fiscobcos, the underlying open-source platform led by the blockchain of Weizhong bank, and the pillar is weiidentity, the distributed digital identity open-source solution of Weizhong bank, which connects the underlying platform and the upper application. Weidentity is a distributed multi center identity protocol conforming to the W3C did specification. It fully realizes the protocol and peripheral support components of the distributed identity system, holds the gate of identity authentication and identity identification, and establishes a link between the physical world and the digital world safely and reliably, making cross-border joint prevention of the epidemic possible.
        SRC = Macao wangao Information Technology Co., Ltd. provides implementation services for Macao health code. The relevant person in charge said that the reason why we chose the open source technology of wechat bank blockchain is that its core module can meet the expansion and isolation of multiple business scenarios, and just matches the cross regional, cross system and cross database operation requirements of cross-border epidemic prevention. At the same time, the full stack technology system of the blockchain of Weizhong bank is also guaranteed in terms of transaction processing performance, security mechanism and operation and maintenance efficiency. Through a series of tools, the development difficulty and cost are reduced. In particular, it is hoped that the system transition can be completed in the process of scenario crossing by taking advantage of the underlying framework of the blockchain.
        The person in charge emphasized. At present, the Guangdong Macao health code cross-border mutual recognition project has served hundreds of millions of people to cross the border between Guangdong and Macao. It has played a key role in supporting the normal flow of people and the recovery of economic and social exchanges in the Greater Bay area, and has achieved good social response. In addition, the project also has the characteristics of systematic openness. In the future, it can be extended from the linkage of Guangdong and Macao groups to more groups, constantly expand the border of cross-border epidemic prevention, and build a dynamic epidemic community. In the actual operation of health code, wechat bank has completed a trust test across the two sides of Haojiang River by using the technical characteristics of blockchain itself. However, in more scenarios, to achieve full chain and closed-loop trust, we still need to add.
        The blockchain can ensure that the data can not be tampered with, eliminated, replaced, and forged after being uploaded, but it can not guarantee the authenticity and credibility of the data before and after being uploaded. Zhang Yi, a researcher of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, stressed that the efficient and reliable interconnection between the blockchain system and the external world is a problem worth studying, which involves the cross integration of blockchain and many technologies. In the newly released white paper on industrial application of fiscobcos, many cases not only take fiscobcos as the technical base, but also focus on the integration and application of blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies. Agriculture and food safety is one of the typical scenarios.
        Lei Feng learned that the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab of Jingui has kept its status by virtue of this technical integration. Previously, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs used anti-counterfeiting crab clasps, and the clasping process was easy to be exploited: some fishermen would collect similar crab species in other waters in advance and put them into Yangcheng Lake. When they were close to sale, they applied for crab clasps, which also produced the so-called bathing crab. Zhejiang Tianyan Weizhen Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianyan Weizhen) has developed a set of traceability cloud platform for the whole process of agricultural industry based on fiscobcos, GIS (Geographic Information System) and AI technology, which is used to trace and ensure the authenticity of information in the production, transportation, sales and other links of related products.
        According to its CTO Yi Fei, every year, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab Association of Suzhou will come forward and the joint production enterprise will estimate the output of hairy crabs according to the breeding area, climate and other factors in that year. The output estimation data will enter the blockchain filing system. After the data is reviewed and approved, the association will issue a production filing license. Wait for each enterprise to enter the actual breeding link. Some detailed behavioral data of the crab growth process will also be uploaded, such as feed selection and feeding period. Data is uploaded in batches and cannot be modified once submitted. When the hairy crab is mature, the association will distribute anti-counterfeiting crab clasps to the production enterprises according to the filed data on the chain, and associate the number of crab clasps with the breeding batch to ensure the quantity is equal.
        SRC = if a single crab clasp cannot be queried in the system, or if the query IP leaves too many traces, it can be proved that this anti-counterfeiting crab clasp is repeatedly used by people, or it is a fake. In this way, the business entity data will form an integrated linkage on the blockchain. If a business entity wants to falsify data, it must change the behavior data of other business entities at the same time, and falsification is almost impossible. Yi Fei said. By 2025, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry will reach the world's advanced level, and the industry will initially take shape. The application of blockchain has penetrated into many fields of economy and society, cultivating a number of well-known products in the fields of product traceability, data circulation, supply chain management, etc., and forming a scene demonstration application.
        Take Tianyan Weizhen as an example, in which the digital tribute card was hung on the West Lake Longjing, the picking, processing, packaging, sales and other links were controlled with the help of fiscobcos, Internet of things, computer vision and other technologies. Yi Fei disclosed that the blockchain will be applied to the cloud storage layer of the whole system. At that time, we hoped to encapsulate the technical complexity of the blockchain on the bottom layer, and then the upper business system can focus on business processes. At the same time, it is also convenient for us to deploy it to different types of business applications. Fiscobcos has high usability, low learning cost and easy deployment. Meanwhile, it has rich accumulation in development language, development environment, multi framework business model and smart contract version, laying a reliable foundation for the system.
        On the foundation, various sophisticated business applications can grow smoothly. For example, the Internet of things equipment is used to collect agricultural data, including the wind, frost, rain and dew experienced by tea, and possible diseases and pests. Based on the data, the corresponding planting suggestions are summarized. Finally, when consumers buy tea with tribute brand, they can see the whole process of traceability by scanning the code. The data of weeding, fertilization, disease and pest control, picking and pruning will also be linked through the blockchain, and the hash value of the chain will also be displayed to consumers. This is equivalent to that the consumer has the ID card of each tea. Not only the hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake and Longjing in the West Lake, but also the castrated chickens in Hainan and beef cattle in Inner Mongolia are closely accompanied by the blockchain& mdash; With the support of open-source technology of Weizhong bank's blockchain, many gourmet food from all over the world rely on blockchain technology to achieve real traceability, and have technical endorsement on government credit and institutional credit.
        Behind these cases of grounding gas, the continuous investment in technology, application and ecology of the micro bank blockchain over the past few years is not ambiguous. Ma Zhitao, vice president and chief information officer of Weizhong bank, recalled at the golden chain alliance 2021 ecological conference that in 2015, the development of domestic financial blockchain was in a blank period and a confused period. At the beginning, they firmly chose the direction of the alliance chain, launched a charge towards compliance, security and system stability, and established the mission of the first development stage as realizing the comprehensive, independent and controllable blockchain technology. Under this mission direction, the full stack technology system of the blockchain of Weizhong bank has realized complete localization support, including seamless adaptation of the domestic Kirin operating system, support of arm architecture in all modules, introduction of distributed storage into the domestic tikv database, and the use of national secret algorithms in computing, network, storage and other links.
        In the second stage, the new mission is to adhere to the application of blockchain in industrial digitization and continue to promote the development of the real economy. As mentioned above, hundreds of scenario applications have been launched, and more than 200 benchmark applications have emerged, which has played a decisive role in promoting the development of industrial blockchain. Over the years, the micro bank blockchain has laid a solid foundation, and has begun to explore more points such as high performance, ease of use, scalability and sustainability. Zhang Kaixiang introduced that the newly upgraded fiscobcosv3.0 adopts a new microservice architecture design to achieve modular hierarchical governance and parallel expansion, and better support large-scale commercial scenarios.
        He said frankly that the slow speed of blockchain has become a thing of the past. At the same time, by optimizing the state data structure on the chain, introducing the distributed storage system, and integrating with the privacy computing platform, the chronic problems such as limited data capacity and difficult privacy protection have been overcome in succession. It is observed that fiscobcos has become the preferred bottom layer for blockchain industry applications. In the China blockchain development competition hosted by the China Institute of electronic technology standardization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, fiscobcos has become the blockchain underlying platform with the highest proportion of award-winning projects for three consecutive years. In the just concluded 2021 session, 5 of the 10 award-winning projects are based on fiscobcos R & D.
        On the chassis of the underlying platform of the blockchain, many capability schemes such as human-computer interaction, intelligent assistance, cloud network interconnection are also expanding the boundaries of technology and application. The weidentity mentioned above is one of the carrying capabilities. In addition, wecross cross cross chain solution is dedicated to the interconnection between heterogeneous blockchains to realize the vision of "books in the same text, vehicles on the same track" in the digital era; And truora Oracle expands the boundaries of smart contracts and realizes many interesting and useful on chain and off chain interactions, such as distributed lottery based on verifiable random numbers and cross-border financial business based on exchange rates. This series of solutions was gradually formed in the process of exploration of wechat bank blockchain according to its own understanding of the development of the field and the forward-looking prediction based on community consensus.
        They found that open source projects should be shaped and highly available. They need to pass the core competencies and provide a friendly and smooth interaction experience. Only by allowing developers to use it almost cost-free and barrier free, will they get the attention and recognition of the community, form a gathering effect, and attract more people to build. To this end, they have set up high-speed access channels, one click scripts and visual deployment tools. The webase middleware platform integrates the operation management platform, developer IDE, rapid deployment and operation and maintenance tools, data reports and audit analysis tools in a one-stop manner. A series of operations ensure that developers can painlessly open the road of blockchain. In June this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology mentioned that it is necessary to enhance the basic industrial capacity in terms of standard system, technology platform, quality brand, network security, intellectual property rights, etc., including: promoting the construction of blockchain standardization organization and establishing a blockchain standard system; Strengthen technological research in key fields, build the underlying platform of blockchain, and build the infrastructure of blockchain; Encourage enterprises to strengthen quality management and build a blockchain product and service quality assurance system; Strengthen the building of blockchain infrastructure and service security protection capacity.
        The Ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that China's blockchain technology application and industry have a good development foundation, and a number of representative blockchain applications have emerged in the fields of anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain management, judicial certificate storage, government data sharing, and people's livelihood services. The supporting role of blockchain to China's economic and social development has initially emerged. However, at the same time, China's blockchain is also facing problems such as the urgent need for breakthroughs in core technologies, immature integration applications, imperfect industrial ecology, and obvious shortage of talent reserves. In this regard, Zhang Kaixiang said that there are many paths to explore in frontier technology research, and each path has complicated details to study. There are also a lot of related technologies such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5g communication that can be organically integrated.
        We believe that the future of technology and industrial development depends to a large extent on the openness and growth of the ecology. While immersing ourselves in the research and development of domestic safe and controllable core technologies, we pay close attention to the current and future needs of the community and cooperate with many developers in the community. In addition, it can be predicted that issues such as data security compliance, supervision of scientific and technological ethics, self-reliance of information technology, double carbon goals, and digital economy and virtual world have been put on the agenda. Weizhong bank blockchain has made progress towards this goal. In cooperation with local governments and Beijing Green Pratt & Whitney Network Technology Co., Ltd., there is a digital carbon ledger connecting the government, enterprises and individuals. It is built in combination with the social governance framework of Weizhong bank blockchain and fiscobcos. By converting individual emission reduction behavior into emission reduction, and unifying the chain, it ensures the issuance, distribution, sponsorship Exchange, supervision, audit and other aspects are open and transparent.
        Whenever people go through an era and look back, the road they go through is a process of turning uncertainty into certainty. For tens of thousands of developers in the wechat bank blockchain and fiscobcos open source community
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