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Blockchain is entering a new cycle

Time : 16/06/2022 Author : bldy1g Click : + -
        Metauniverse is changing people's cognition of the Post Internet era in an unprecedented way. What people once thought impossible to realize is now being realized step by step in the world of metauniverse. Whether it is the deep and extensive combination of virtual and real, or the comprehensive promotion of the digital wave, the beautiful life in the Post Internet era is slowly beginning. It can be predicted that when this trend continues, we will still see the emergence of more new species similar to the meta universe, which will still give us a lasting shock. All this comes from one reason: the construction of the underlying base based on blockchain technology is completed.
        The blockchain is no longer the existence that is closely connected with coin issuance or ICO, but has become an existence that is truly applied to different scenarios and industries, and truly brings deep changes to these scenarios and industries from the inside. In many cases, the author has always believed that when we focus on the meta universe, we can not only focus on the meta universe itself, but need to pay more attention to the things behind the meta universe & mdash& mdash; Blockchain. To a certain extent, only when we are truly aware of the function and role of the blockchain in boosting the development of the meta universe, and only when we are truly aware of the profound changes that have taken place in the blockchain itself, can we truly grasp such a profound and thorough change that will take place at present and in the future.
        In essence, the blockchain at that time was not only the blockchain technology itself, but also represented the blockchain application and was the ultimate application. Nevertheless, they can not really represent the blockchain itself, but only represent a concept and gimmick, and also put the development of the blockchain into a dilemma. However, in essence, blockchain is just a technology. Since it is a technology, blockchain is universal. It can be applied to different scenarios and different industries. On the contrary, its development is unhealthy. When the application scenario of blockchain is limited and single, the most important point reflected by it is that it is immature.
        Because only when the blockchain is not mature, players will only limit all application scenarios to a few scenarios, only to the functions and effects of harvesting traffic and winning capital attention. Only when blockchain truly returns to the essence of technology and abandons all illusions and short-term profits can it achieve sustainable development. Obviously, this is the true portrayal of the current blockchain industry. Whether it is the continuous emergence of metauniverse, NFT and other blockchain applications, or the blockchain starts to move step by step behind the scenes, we can clearly feel that the blockchain is returning to the essence of technology. When the blockchain begins to return to the essence of technology, we will see that it is no longer an existence that goes to the front, but an existence that hides in the application itself.
        With this as the beginning, a new era with blockchain as the original base can truly come. Since the blockchain was first recognized by people, its value and significance are not only to win the attention and sympathy of capital, but also to create a world different from the Internet. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to jump out of the strange circle of prolonging the life of the Internet and truly enter into the development mode of shaping a brand-new era of our own. When the meta universe began to appear, the blockchain really entered such a development mode. In such a brand-new development model, the Internet is no longer dominant, but has become subordinate.
        Both the Internet itself and the digital technology derived from the Internet have become rich blockchain technologies and strengthened the existence of blockchain applications. At this time, the Internet has realized the de platform and de center in the real sense. In the past, it was thought that this could not be achieved. Because the Internet has profoundly and comprehensively affected and changed our lives, if we realize the de platform and de centralization in a real sense, then the lifestyle that people have formed will also undergo a profound and thorough change. When the blockchain began to go deeper and the metauniverse began to appear, people began to realize that the deplatform and decentralization of the Internet could be realized.
        Similarly, after the transformation of the Internet into a platform and a center, people's lives have not been affected. On the contrary, they have gained a much more magnificent lifestyle and experience than the Internet era. All this comes from the most fundamental reason, the continuous maturity and improvement of the blockchain. From this perspective, the blockchain has also entered a new cycle. When the blockchain begins to enter a new cycle, the roles and positions between it and the Internet will be interchanged, and a new transformation led by the blockchain will come;. When the blockchain enters a new cycle, it will no longer show itself as an independent face, but more in the form of scenarios and applications. A new era dominated by landing and applications will come;.
        When the blockchain enters a new cycle, the blockchain will find a new development mode of its own, instead of just copying the development logic of the Internet. When the wave of the meta universe comes, we need to see more subtle changes in the blockchain than just the meta universe itself. At this time, blockchain will not be just a new technology like big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other new technologies, but will become a dominant technology;. At this time, the era we are experiencing is not just a chaotic and disordered era, but a new era dominated by blockchain.
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