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How to explain the role of coding between blockchains?

Time : 21/01/2022 Author : 2owvnj Click : + -
        1. It is coding and can accomplish many things according to the written program. It can give some control over digital collections, such as inquiry, appreciation, commercial use, secondary creation, or the right to open a certain process, the login password to a certain website, and the qualification to become a member of a certain organization. At the same time, the collection can also be endowed with many functions, such as buying, selling, giving, destroying, pledging, or taking off work ability and unique combat power in a certain game. 2. It operates on the blockchain, is recognized by any team member on the blockchain, and is maintained by the operation standards of the blockchain. Suppose there is a blockchain called "China hospital alliance", and the members on the top are all outpatient clinics in all hospitals in China. They turn my medical records and detailed results into digital collections and link them to my ID card. Then, when I see a doctor at any place in the country, I only need to brush my ID card, and the doctor can understand my detailed medical records and historical time inspection results, That way, the doctor's diagnosis will be more accurate, so I don't need to do extra tests.
        In addition, a very important point is that on the blockchain, my materials belong to me only, without authorization, and no one can steal and apply them. People from all walks of life have different views on digital collections. For the digital collections in China today, they belong to the market economic system. Many people do not understand their actual significance. Some people say that the digital collections they bought are the same as the skin in King's pesticide and lol? This is just different. The digital collection is a string of codes with marks on the Ethereum chain. Produced by Polkadot Ecological Research Institute, it must be a boutique Poka week observation. It is a sort of what happened to the whole ecology of Poka in the past week. At the same time, we will share some of our observations on these events in the form of vernacular.
        This document is intended to provide information and opinions and is not intended to endorse any project. Any items mentioned. At present, mobile payment is relatively developed, and blockchain applications are developing rapidly. The virtual currency based on blockchain applications has also entered an unprecedented development trend. More and more investors are looking at the virtual currency sales market. However, the virtual currency sales market is mixed, and the qualification certificates for platform trading are mixed. What digital currency exchange is very. Produced by Polkadot Ecological Research Institute, it must be a boutique (the article is very long, and it is recommended to collect it before reading it). The background blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, non tampering, openness, transparency and traceability. Combined with the smart contract, it can ensure that we can do many things more fairly and justly on the Internet, such as voting.
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