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Is chain travel really profitable? Objectively analyze its profit making logic and existing risks

Time : 15/11/2021 Author : ed7klr Click : + -
        Last year, chain travel swept the world, and the market was hot. There were many cases of account theft, late entry into the market, and the project party running away. Did you earn a fortune in the chain game market or paid the tuition to the market? I want to give you an objective account of the whole project. Some contents on the market are mainly the description of the white paper of the project itself, and the introduction of the general return cycle and the internal rules of the game. The main logic shared today is a small summary of the chain games that have appeared in the past, mainly talking about the current mode of playtoearn, which is also the difference between chain games and traditional games.
        The focus of this article is to summarize and share the mode of previous chain games from a complete player who participated in the market of last year's chain games, stepped on some pits and made some money, and tell you what the core essence of the past chain Games was (playtoearn, the third generation mining). 2020 and 2021 are the two years of explosive growth of the blockchain industry. Thanks to the external epidemic environment, whether it is the Fed's massive release of water or the fact that many people in developing countries are trapped by the epidemic and can not go out to work to get paid, gamefi, that is, blockchain games, are booming.
        According to the data of dapprad, as of January 6, 2022, the number of active wallets participating in the chain game reached 9.6 million, an increase of 540 times compared with the beginning of 2021. From July 2021 to February 2022, the daily trading volume of the chain travel sector continued to exceed US $15 billion. As of December 30, 2021, the chain travel market has attracted more than 10 billion US dollars of investment, and the amount in 2020 is 72 million US dollars. In August 2021, axiinfinity's intraday revenue exceeded the glory of the king, with a 7-day revenue of nearly $40 million and a cumulative trading volume of more than $1 billion, setting a new record.
        As of November 7, 2021, the market value of axieinfinity's governance tokens reached US $9.7 billion, and the market value reached the top 30 of cryptocurrencies. The price of AXS tokens reached 200 times from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. The reason why axiinfinity is so popular is not only due to the macro factors in the pandemic environment, but also based on its unique innovation mechanism & mdash& mdash;& mdash; playtoearn。 Playtoearn, also known as earn while playing, is a brand-new mode compared with traditional games. The traditional mode generally adopts the free mode of freetoplay.
        For example, whether it is a single player masterpiece on steam, the currently popular king's glory, the League of heroes, or the spirit Baoke dream, which has been popular all over the world for ten years, game developers gain revenue by selling game content. This kind of game makes people willingly pay for recharge through its own fun and social content, or deliberately creates a level to make people krypton gold before continuing the game. Of course, there is also another alternative in the traditional game roblox, which is a game similar to my world, and its user group is mainly children. First of all, parents can buy a certain amount of "robux", which is the virtual currency in the game, so that their children can consume it instead of buying and selling game props with cash.
        Secondly, roblox does not make all the content by itself, but establishes a platform on which other developers and designers can make their own games and props and sell them to users in exchange for "robux" income. According to the data, 27% of the game costs go to all game developers, 25% to the app store, 12% to invest and support the platform, and 27% to the game itself. At first, Raca was only one of the many native dog meme tokens in the BSC chain. Later, he found out the current wave of chain travel, transformed the game, and found the mother of musk, the world's richest man & mdash& mdash; Mayer & middot; Musk, together with the Raca team, did marketing and created Mayer & middot; NFT & mdash& mdash; Genesis master box NFT (hereinafter referred to as "master box").
        And then in October, he made a meta animal game, which won a lot of support through a series of operations such as continuous marketing empowerment and airdrop of cyberpickup. Then he announced that he would build a "USM Mars metauniverse" and even develop his own public chain, and the valuation soared all the way. From July, Mayer & middot; Musk's mother box came out in November. In just a few months, it created the myth of Raca 1000 times. Crypto spaceship is a strategy combination fleet mining game. It was launched on September 12, 21, and Ido issued coins. Soon after, it broke and fell to US $0.5. With the support of loyal users of the game and the precise game mechanism design, it combined with the popularity of chain games at that time.
        In November, the game reached more than US $800. In two months, it increased nearly 1600 times +. Created the myth of the shortest time and the highest increase in the history of BSC chain travel. Later, a large number of game governance tokens (hereinafter referred to as tokens) were lifted, which led to huge profits of early investors, which directly led to the rapid death spiral of tokens. After the collapse, the previous price could not be returned. The players who entered late behind woke up from a dream and wanted to play the game to win gold, but they realized later that they were the "gold". For example, the coin hero issued on November 15 was cut in half on December 7, and the project party was blown away, with a circle of nearly $28 million.
        Another example is the imitation game of wolf sheep, which was searched by people after the project party ran away. Forced by the situation, the former profit pool of the game was temporarily restored. Another example is armzlegends. When casting NFT, the game NFT was originally generated randomly. Because the programmers (called scientists in the circle) caught the bug, they can bypass the fairness mechanism of the game and cast the highest level game NFT. The highest game NFT increases some physical strength and can play gold many times. The timing of entry is also very important. From August to early October, it was at a relatively early stage. At that time, there were few articles related to the keyword "chain travel" in wechat search. At that time, because the market was good and there were more activities, the number of people participating in chain travel was also small.
        With the wealth effect gradually coming out of the circle, and on October 28, Facebook changed its name to meta, more and more people outside the circle are stepping on the wind of "meta universe" and thinking of taking a share in the chain tour. Fomo (fearofmissingout) is in high spirits. And the foam will eventually break. When the foam is broken, it will be "chicken feathers on the ground", and the players who enter behind will become "players who take over the game". Or if we are not decisive enough to withdraw, it is easy to return the previous profit to the market, which is tantamount to drawing water with a bamboo basket. Finally, after a round in the ghost gate of chain travel, the pocket became more empty and gained a lot of "experience" of losing money.
        Because the assets of blockchain games are stored on the chain, if you are not familiar with the chain, or even the wallet on the chain, you will more or less encounter some cognitive pitfalls and step on some traps, such as transferring the wrong address, wallet authorization problems, authorized phishing websites, etc., resulting in asset theft, or asset loss due to ignorance of the use of the wallet. Because the understanding of the game is not deep enough, the current market trend is not understood enough, the monitoring of market sentiment, the grasp of the game life cycle is not enough, or the game strategy is not optimal, it is easy to affect the follow-up income of participating in the game. Is it a virtuous circle or a vicious circle? Did you make a fortune in the chain travel market or paid the tuition to the market? A bitter tear.
        Here, I don't mean to participate in the development and release of a chain game, but to become the promoter of the project team. At present, there are a large number of traditional game players who want to transform blockchain games and reissue the previous traditional games through the new blockchain network. Of course, many overseas game project parties need the global market. Even if we do not go abroad, we can become the Global Promotion Ambassador of online chain games, the community administrator and even the regional marketing director. Builders who participate in the early operation of the project can not only obtain the early pass amount of the game, but also get the development trend of the game in time, and even receive the salary from the game project party. If the game in charge is very powerful and the insiders get the information, they will have great early advantages. They can layout the game in advance and see the direction of the game.
        Chain games need to be released and run on the blockchain. At present, the advantages of the public chain of chain games are equivalent to the aggregation platform. Similar to the traditional game platforms such as steam, a popular game can bring the governance token of the whole public chain. Playing the game not only needs to consume the public chain token as the gas service fee, but also may need the public chain token as the game asset transaction medium. For example, in the public chain wax where the farmers' world is located, due to the explosion of the farmers' World Games, and the prop assets in the game are all traded on the asset trading platform of the wax public chain with wax tokens, the public chain token will rise in response to the extreme demand.
        It doesn't matter if the farmers' world doesn't work. The public chain of games only needs to carry more high-quality new games, and the public chain token will have great space. The game can be said to be a super application, empowering the public chain value. (expand your thinking. It is not just a public chain for games. As long as many popular games are produced, it can also greatly empower the value of the public chain.). Investing in the public chain of games because the value of the public chain is huge, the impact of a single game on the ecological value will be limited, but it will become a game distribution platform, similar to Netease, Shanda and blizzard. Such a game distribution platform enables all the Games incubated by the platform ecology or uses its own platform token for trading. In fact, such a platform is easier to find value because the quality of the game will be immediately reflected in the performance of the platform token.
        Similar targets include Gala, yooshi, JOJO and so on. After all, we all know the ironclad Tencent and flowing water games. Regardless of the quality and life cycle of a single game, as long as the platform has the ability to incubate and produce blockbuster games, the value of the platform token should be highlighted. The game guild is a powerful game promoter and a builder of the game ecology. It can help the game open the market and attract more players to enter the game. It brings huge game traffic. At the same time, the guild can link more big game players, allocate the game assets that the big players have no time to play to the corresponding ordinary players, and let them practice and play gold on behalf of them to become human intermediaries.
        Not only that, it can also match game prop asset transactions off the chain, earn commissions, and save taxes and handling fees on the chain transactions. In addition, the guild can provide game script services to ordinary players, saving players' participation costs. A very large game guild can even affect the progress of the game. Because it has a large number of players, the guild plays a very important role in the early exploration of potential games, making mediocre games become popular games. For example, the Southeast Asian Game Association YGG helped axie promote and open the market in Southeast Asia. With the continuous development and popularity of axie, the early associations also made a lot of money.
        In addition, it has become the Dao (decentralized autonomous organization) of the association, and has also issued tokens, listed for financing. With the help of capital, it has also invested in start-up games and given flow support. Help the game grow quickly and open up. Project innovation: a new chain game project with heat and popularity. When the game prop blind box NFT and game trading token are first sold, participating in subscription innovation is the most appropriate means of making money. Based on people's expectations of the game and their participation in specific games in the later stage, everyone has the demand to buy game props and blind boxes. Therefore, it is basically safe to make a profit without losing money to participate in the sales of new games. When the game token Ido (first issued on the exchange), it is also a quick way to make profits by participating in the rush purchase of game tokens in time.
        Game gold: after investigating and analyzing the basic aspects of the game, we think that the quality of the game is good, and we are optimistic about the future development of the game. We can also buy game props and tokens to participate in the gold. With the continuous value discovery of the game. The price of tokens will also rise, and the game props will rise with the rise of the token price. In addition, tokens harvested from gold mining can also be sold for profit. As long as the game is developing and maintaining a certain degree of continuity. At the right time to exit, players can get very good profits. Chain travel is the next major trend in the development of blockchain. At present, the blockchain market is full of a large number of good and bad game releases, including many evil project parties who come to circle money and run away after raising a start-up fund.
        In addition, even if the project side does not do evil, ordinary games are easy to decline due to low popularity, and a large-scale game with high-quality content may be easy to go in and lose money due to lack of understanding of the economic model or the difference in entry timing. The right way to make money is to find a high-quality chain game project, fully understand it and participate in it at the right time and in the right way. The most important thing is to confirm that what you want to participate in is a potential money making project. The following points need to be paid attention to:. If the founding team of the game has blockchain industry experience and rich game industry experience, or has obtained investment from top institutions such as binancelabs and a16z, it can basically be judged that this is a very potential hot game.
        At least the game will not run away and cheat, the production quality of the game can be basically guaranteed, the game will also get more attention, and the game will last longer, so it is easier to form a profit making effect. For example, when star shark invested by binancelabs was just launched, the NFT of the game shark skyrocketed 30 times. At present, the game is playing and earning, and has been maintained for 3 months. Players who participate in the early stage will get more than double the income after completing the recovery of the input cost. If the game project is followed by more members on twitter, telegram, discord and Youtube or actively promoted by big V, it shows that the game community is active and has a strong user base, then the early start of such a game will be very smooth and the money will be very strong at the beginning.
        This kind of game production does not need to be very high-quality, and team anonymity does not matter. Games driven by market heat or community can often run out of big dark horses and alpha profits. Because the blockchain spirit is anonymous and fair start from scratch, projects driven by early communities will be more cohesive and fission based. On the contrary, in those institutional platforms, capital is invested from seed round to round a and round B games. This regular army game is faced with a large number of cheap token chips that need to be released for profit. At this time, capital is our opponent, and their profits in the game come from the losses of ordinary players. The community game project is more like a kind of movement. The story of ordinary people's wealth counterattack often happens here.
        Such games include: wolf sheep game, wrist breaking, encrypted spaceship and so on. The most important point of the chain game is the economic model of the game. A good economic model design can make the game explode quickly and generate a profit effect, and can determine the life cycle of the game. Game's t
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