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Japanese trade giants will implement blockchain technology to track the distribution of POC raw materials

Time : 16/04/2022 Author : z0b8et Click : + -
        The largest Japanese trading company has officially announced the proof of concept (POC started to develop a blockchain traceability system). According to the press release, it was released on February 1. Itochu Corporation is an integrated trading company and one of the five largest companies in Japan. It is developing a blockchain traceability system that allows buyers and sellers to record the date, time, place and other transaction details on the blockchain through smartphone applications. POC will use Pt from Indonesia. Aneka Bumi pratama's natural rubber supply chain, a company that processes and produces rubber powder, is wholly owned by Itochu Corporation.
        The press release stressed that the start of the new POC will help "achieve the 17 sustainable development goals listed in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development adopted by the United Nations." It also added that:. "The purpose of developing the blockchain traceability system is to ensure that our investment companies and traders can stably purchase and supply raw materials, so as to improve the traceability of their distribution.". Blockchain technology is widely used to track the use of different materials. Last October, Rwanda, the world's leading tantalum producer of consumer electronic products, announced that it would cooperate with blockchain start-ups to track the mining of conflict metals, cointegraph wrote on October 17.
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