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Woye wow, yeah obtained the filing number of blockchain service of the State Network Information Office

Time : 28/08/2021 Author : dpmqik Click : + -
        In order to provide users and partners with more secure and reassuring services, Woye has been actively docking with relevant departments since its establishment and carrying out the filing of relevant qualifications required by the platform. At the same time, a series of other qualifications, including the three-level license, auction license and publication license, are also actively promoting certification. Wowyeah will continue to provide users and partners with legal, stable and valuable digital collection services. We will also continue to integrate the advantages of technological product capabilities and IP cultural resources, respond to the call of relevant national departments, based on the digital virtual economy, go deep into the development of "meta universe" projects, explore the empowerment and possibility of more "digital collections", and create more imaginative values and more fun for users and partners through the integrated operation of digital collections.
        What I can tell you is that wowyeah will be updated in the near future. For details, please continue to follow the official media platform of "wowyeah" to get the latest news.
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