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Orionone, a global supply chain SaaS platform, uses chain only blockchain to promote industrial value chain innovation

Time : 07/11/2021 Author : ho9dbw Click : + -
        At present, the global supply chain pattern that is accelerating reconstruction is gradually changing from highly centralized to diversified and decentralized, and from the network structure to the integration of research, production and consumption; From labor preference to digital drive. These trends have brought great challenges to the data integration, rapid transmission and multi-party cooperation of the supply chain. In order to quickly cope with the change, orionone, a global supply chain solution provider, recently announced that it had reached a technical cooperation with vichain technology. By integrating the chain only blockchain technology into its own global supply chain system - orionone platform, it realizes a seamless user experience across platforms, enabling enterprises without the ability to develop blockchain technology to quickly use blockchain in their business at controllable costs.
        By 2027, supply chain management is expected to become an industry with an annual market share of US $42 billion. As emphasized by the mainstream media, the challenges of this industry are also enormous. However, the supply chain industry is seeking opportunities through new technologies and digital innovation in various challenges. Blockchain technology will help the supply chain industry open a new digital era. Due to the decentralized nature, the blockchain, as a trusted data engine, can fundamentally change the data trust mechanism of each link of the supply chain, thereby changing the collaborative relationship of the industrial ecology. Based on the chain only blockchain technology, orionone platform helps enterprises to orderly manage personnel, goods and resources in the entire supply chain, including transactions and supplier relations, realize the full value chain system tracking of products to the market, break through end-to-end information barriers, improve the efficiency of enterprise digital management, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
        Tommy Stephenson, CEO of orionone, said: when it comes to blockchain and supply chain, we prefer chain only. The technical characteristics of easy deployment, high cost performance and scalability make them incomparable competitive. We are very happy to integrate their blockchain into our products and bring chain only to a wider customer network. Jason Rockwood, general manager of weichain North America market, said: the key point of large-scale commercialization of blockchain technology lies in the application layer that links the infrastructure with specific business problems. This part needs to integrate more business logic and business scenarios. Just like the orionone platform, it simplifies the data collection mechanism and materializes the value of the blockchain; At the same time, it saves time and money for enterprise customers.
        Orionone, a new version of global supply chain SaaS platform featuring chain only blockchain technology, will be officially upgraded and launched on August 15.
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