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Guangxi blockchain industry development white paper (2022) with download

Time : 16/12/2021 Author : kp7vy9 Click : + -
        Recently, the white paper on the development of Guangxi blockchain industry (2022) (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) was officially released under the guidance of the big data Development Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and compiled by the information center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region big data research institute). According to the white paper, since 2018, the innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Guangxi's blockchain industry have been active, and the number of enterprises has shown a rapid growth trend. From 124 blockchain related enterprises in 2018 to 1054 in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10 percentage points, the leading role of the blockchain industry in the digital economy has been significantly enhanced. From the perspective of enterprise registered capital, most blockchain related enterprises belong to small, medium and micro enterprises (registered capital of 10 million yuan or less), accounting for 85%.
        From the perspective of enterprise registration, the blockchain enterprises are mainly concentrated in Nanning, Guilin and Liuzhou, and the blockchain enterprises in the three cities account for 70.22% of the whole district. According to the white paper, our region will accelerate the sustainable and healthy development of the blockchain industry from four aspects: from both supply and demand, we will enhance the endogenous power of the development of the blockchain industry; Break through the core technical difficulties and build a solid blockchain infrastructure support; Focus on advantageous and characteristic fields, and deepen the demonstration and integration application of blockchain; Guide and leverage more factor resources to continuously optimize the development environment. 1. China & mdash; The ASEAN blockchain public service platform ("Gui chain") was officially launched. At present, the "Guangxi chain" platform has provided blockchain basic resource services to the Department of justice of the autonomous region, the Office Affairs Bureau of the autonomous region, the Guangxi rural investment group and other units, realized the blockchain trusted storage of the Guangxi electronic license service platform, and accumulated more than 14 million online license data.
        2. Positive progress has been made in the integration and application of blockchain technology. Guangxi e-license research and pilot application based on "Guangxi chain" was included in the national blockchain innovation application pilot promoted by 17 ministries and commissions including the central Internet information office. "Blockchain + public resource transaction" has promoted the establishment of social credit system, and gradually created a new mode of public resource transaction supervision of "blockchain service + blockchain electronic evidence + smart supervision". "Blockchain + judicial certificate" realizes the credible supervision of administrative law enforcement and makes the electronic data authentication process more reliable. "Blockchain + agriculture" promotes the reliable traceability of agricultural products and reliable financial support, and effectively improves the collaborative efficiency and market supervision efficiency of Guangxi sugar industry chain.
        3. The trend of blockchain industry agglomeration has initially emerged. New platforms, new models and new formats such as blockchain + government services, blockchain + Internet of things and blockchain + medical care have developed rapidly. At present, Guangxi blockchain science and technology innovation park has attracted a number of blockchain enterprises (teams) such as jinwowo, openstar blockchain Technology Laboratory of the United States, UU blockchain Technology Laboratory of Singapore, blockchain law research base of Guangxi Normal University, and blockchain finance and legal research base of Guangdong University of Finance and economics to settle in, initially building a blockchain industry innovation service ecosystem. 4. The collaborative development of blockchain industry, University, research and application has achieved outstanding results. Guangxi University, Guilin University of Electronic Science and technology and other universities have set up key laboratories from the perspectives of trusted software, cryptography and information security.
        China & mdash; ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd. and China Resources Group and other enterprises jointly build China & mdash; ASEAN blockchain application innovation laboratory. Guangxi Minzu University and Huobi China and other enterprises jointly established China & mdash; ASEAN financial blockchain engineering technology research center. 2016— In 2021, the number of blockchain related patent applications in Guangxi was 107, of which 51 were in 2021, and the level of blockchain innovation continued to improve.
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