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What is the difference between blockchain companies and Internet companies?

Time : 19/01/2022 Author : bu3w5n Click : + -
        Blockchain companies have found several interesting phenomena. Let's briefly introduce them below: the same point is that the personnel configuration is basically the same. The front-end and back-end test UI products are the standard configuration of personnel, and the same needs to go through the demand scheduling cycle. 1、 Different mindsets: Internet companies have a long cycle and a relatively calm mood, while blockchain companies are like roller coasters, rising with the bull market in the currency circle and falling with the bear market. When the currency circle rises sharply, they feel that the situation is good,. 4、 The standards of wealth freedom are different. Internet companies are proud of being listed in the market, and the moment when the bell rings represents wealth freedom. Blockchain companies are proud of being listed in the "Institute" above, and coinbase also realizes wealth freedom.
        Even the drinks they drink are different. Internet companies like to drink coffee, fruit tea and so on, and talk about financing in coffee shops. And the blockchain industry leaders first made tea when they came to the company.
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