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Aerospace information was selected into the national blockchain innovation and application pilot list

Time : 18/02/2022 Author : my90nw Click : + -
        Recently, the central network information office, together with the Central Propaganda Department, the general office of the State Council (e-government Office) and other 18 departments and units, jointly issued the notice on organizing the application of blockchain innovation and application pilot projects. The "blockchain industrial product traceability platform" project of aerospace information (600271) Co., Ltd. was selected into the list of national blockchain innovation and application pilot characteristic field pilot projects ("blockchain + manufacturing"). The aerospace information blockchain industrial product traceability platform relies on the self-developed blockchain underlying platform. Aiming at the common problems of industrial product traceability, it integrates and innovates the industrial Internet platform technology and the blockchain technology, builds a one-stop quality service blockchain platform for industrial product anti-counterfeiting, traceability, quality control, supervision and management that connects the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial Internet, Provide enterprises and consumers with high availability, high reliability and high safety anti-counterfeiting and traceability services for industrial products.
        Through the construction and implementation of the platform, aerospace information will fully realize resource aggregation, improve the platform expansion capacity, build the platform operation ecology, take the blockchain as the basic technology support, integrate information security, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, create a replicable and promotable anti-counterfeiting and traceability platform for industrial products, and contribute to the promotion of the digital transformation of China's industrial Internet.
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