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The birth of the first blockchain electronic invoice of Guangdong e-commerce: from tmall mall

Time : 29/05/2022 Author : km60jn Click : + -
        On January 27, a merchant of tmall mall issued the first blockchain electronic invoice of tmall Mall for the consumer Miss Li. This means that the application scope of the electronic invoice of the "tax chain" blockchain in Guangdong Province has been extended to the e-commerce field for the first time. It is reported that last June, the country's first electronic invoice blockchain platform "tax chain" was successfully launched in Guangzhou, realizing the blockchain storage and circulation of the country's first electronic invoice. The "tax chain" blockchain electronic invoice platform is provided with technical support by ant blockchain, Alibaba cloud and Fangxin technology to ensure the generation, storage and trusted circulation of the ticket on the blockchain and establish a weak centralized electronic invoice platform. It is worth mentioning that at the end of January, an electric vehicle driver of the "transformation + charging station" in Lianhua Mountain, Shenzhen, issued the first electronic invoice of the country's charging electricity fee blockchain in just one minute.
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