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Blockchain infrastructure service provider "hashquark" completed round a financing, led by Qiming venture capital,Excellent service of blockchain consulting

Time : 25/07/2021 Author : m1h57y Click : + -
        From the end of 2018, hashquark began to lay out and develop the infrastructure business of the blockchain, and create value while protecting the security of the underlying chain of the blockchain through node operation and other methods. Relying on its rich industry resources and professional technical team, hashquark has become one of the world's largest blockchain infrastructure service providers. Hashquark has globally deployed infrastructure and an all-weather stacking ecological network, providing stable, safe and convenient blockchain infrastructure services for tens of millions of users and institutional investors. It now supports more than 30 mainstream underlying chains. According to the ranking of the world's most trusted POS rating agencies, hashquark ranks among the top three in the world in terms of the number of underlying links, product functions, business layout, product security, and comprehensive capabilities.
        At the same time, hashquark pioneered the concept of "stacking + ecological service provider" to provide industrial resources and ecological value other than technology for high-quality POS projects, which has been officially supported by many project foundations. Among them, as one of the in-depth participants in the Web3 ecosystem, hashquark has successfully entered the Polkadot network verifier node list, a key project of the Web3 foundation, and launched polkacube, which focuses on providing better stacking experience for verifiers and nominees of the Polkadot ecosystem, including perfect on-line data display, stacking optimal strategy guidance, wallet and mortgage management. Polkacube has won the grant of the Web3 foundation.
        In addition, hashquark has a professional research team focusing on economic models and underlying technologies, which has continuously produced dozens of influential technical articles and in-depth research reports, making important technical contributions to community ecology such as Ethereum, Polkadot, filecoin and cosmos. At present, hashquark has also reached in-depth cooperation with a number of global leading blockchain teams, including imtoken (the world's famous decentralized blockchain wallet), infinitowallet (the famous blockchain wallet in Vietnam), block72 (the famous blockchain consulting company in South Korea), longhash (incubator partner), slowmist (security partner), etc., and continues to provide high-quality services to the ecological enterprises under hashkeygroup.
        Li Chen, CEO of hashquark, said that starting from the stacking business, hashquark focuses on the construction of blockchain infrastructure and provides high-quality services for the digital financial world. This round of financing will help the company enrich the team strength and expand the global market. This year is the key time point for the large-scale application of blockchain and digital finance. Next, hashquark will release innovative products to serve customers around the underlying chains such as Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, and Platon, and will launch other products one after another with the infrastructure of the digital financial world as the core.
        An insider said that as a representative of top traditional venture capital institutions, Qiming venture capital invested in early stage, hard technology and innovation in terms of investment in artificial intelligence, enterprise services, semiconductor and other industries. With a keen sense of cutting-edge technology, it has accurately invested in many emerging Unicorn enterprises. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the choice to invest in hashquark, an infrastructure service provider in the blockchain industry, means that Qiming venture capital is optimistic about and makes efforts in a new field.
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