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Famous financial writer Li Angan: blockchain and digital assets may be legalized in the future

Time : 30/07/2022 Author : b1z5qf Click : + -
        Recently, Li Anjian said that through this once-in-a-century epidemic, I can see that many offline + online companies are cautious and hesitant in resuming work. He said: "the idea of distributed good governance of blockchain can make the social operation mechanism very flexible. Most blockchain companies are not affected by this epidemic. They have adopted distributed collaboration and work methods." In addition, he believes that blockchain can play a powerful role in financial online education and other scenarios. Recently, Li Anjian, a well-known financial writer, said in his circle of friends: "at present, the value of the blockchain has begun to highlight, and the government has begun to attach importance to the blockchain, especially the blockchain asset digital currency. As an asset with investment properties and high liquidity, it has also attracted many users to participate in its investment.
        At present, the investment risk based on digital currency is also increasing, and it is believed that there will be opportunities to be legalized in the future. He believes: legalization still depends on the market scale and user base, as well as the social benefits of the infrastructure built by the blockchain. At present, this process may take a long time. ". According to dailyhodl, Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, said in an interview that the number of people interacting with the blockchain economy will double in the next few years. Mankind is destined to build a "more global, fairer, freer and more efficient" financial system. The 50 million people currently dealing with the blockchain economy will grow to 1 billion in the next decade.
        On February 22, Forbes published an article on the 21st saying that the overseas version of Tiktok tiktok, a short video sharing application, is becoming a platform for young people to understand bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The cash mobile application of mobile payment company square is promoting bitcoin and cryptocurrency to millions of people outside the encryption field on the tiktok platform. It is reported that square launched a marketing campaign on tiktok in December last year and paid some online celebrities on tiktok to promote their cash applications. According to Yahoo Finance, J Christopher Giancarlo said in an interview on Thursday that the Federal Reserve needs to issue a digital currency to catch up with the Chinese government.
        The central bank's digital currency can take many forms, but in principle, the physical currency will be replaced by the digital unit connected by the blockchain in the mobile wallet. When directly using digital currency for transactions, merchants must access the central bank's blockchain. Giancarlo added that with the popularity of online shopping, the United States should provide some electronic payment options instead of debit cards or credit cards. According to cryptoslate, Gary Tan, co-founder and managing partner of venture capital company initialized capital, said when talking about Shopify joining Libra association that he was very optimistic about Libra and believed that it would help promote the "practical use case" of encryption.
        He further explained that he was very interested in the idea of Libra, which would become an "effective way" to introduce new users into the encryption ecosystem. Previously, it was reported that Shopify, a digital payment platform, had joined Libra Association, becoming the 21st member.
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