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Xiao Xiang, vice president of Internet Financial Standards Research Institute: blockchain innovation should be legal and compliant

Time : 12/10/2021 Author : j2e497 Click : + -
        People's daily, Beijing, June 23 - today, the 2018 global chain science and technology development conference hosted by people's venture capital and district 31 of people's daily was held in Beijing. Xiao Xiang, head of the strategic research department of China Internet Finance Association and vice president of the Internet Finance Standards Research Institute, made suggestions on the application of blockchain technology in the financial field in his speech at the conference. Xiao Xiang said that it is necessary to appropriately accommodate and regulate the technological innovation of the blockchain that is legal and compliant, has controllable risks and serves the real economy; We should continue to maintain a high pressure on illegal acts and chaos that violate the law of technological development and damage the financial order, and continue to take vigorous measures; We will resolutely curb unhealthy trends and effectively guide the effective cutting of blockchain technology innovation and chaos.
        Xiao Xiang believes that under the current blockchain consensus mechanism, some sensitive information is transparent and visible and lacks privacy; It has not been effectively supervised and cannot guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the data before being linked; At the same time, there is uncertainty in the smart contract of blockchain technology. Once there is a loophole in an independent and complete smart contract, it will cause irreparable losses; The technical architecture is still difficult to meet the availability and business continuity requirements of the financial system, and the information mechanism and data storage mode still need to be recognized by traditional financial institutions. Xiao Xiang also analyzed the application characteristics of blockchain technology in the financial field. From the perspective of resource input, most of the sample institutions attach great importance to it and gradually increase R & D efforts; From the perspective of application scenarios, it mainly focuses on meeting potential needs; Judging from the progress of the project, many application samples are mainly combining their own pain points to transform existing businesses.
        Xiao Xiang believes that the application of blockchain technology has achieved initial results, but there is still a long way to go before it can be widely applied in the financial field and integrated into people's daily life and social governance system.
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