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The capital outflow of 28 "super large orders" exceeded 100 million yuan, half of which were blockchain concept stocks

Time : 14/11/2021 Author : bip2qv Click : + -
        The A-share continued to shake up, and the three major indexes all closed down slightly. The Shanghai index fell 0.50% to 2939.32. The industry sector is generally green, and the sectors such as diversified finance, mineral products and telecom operations are among the top losers. In terms of concept stocks, the blockchain sector experienced a hot trend on Monday and a cooling trend on Tuesday, with both the limit and the limit; The digital currency sector remained strong and closed higher against the market. The net outflow of extra large single funds in the two cities was 10.55 billion yuan, the net inflow of more than 800 extra large single stocks, and the net outflow of nearly 1800 extra large single stocks. The industry is almost completely annihilated. Today, there is only one major single capital inflow in the electronics industry, and all the other 27 industries have net capital outflow.
        The net capital inflow of the electronic industry was 114 million yuan, and the industry index rose 0.3% against the market, ranking the first in the industry. The strength of domestic chips is the main reason why the performance of the electronic industry is against the market today, and the leading Zhaoyi innovation once stood at the limit. On the news, the second phase of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund was recently established. According to the research of Ping An Securities Industry, the self-sufficiency rate of China's semiconductor industry is less than 15%. According to the goal of "made in China 2025", the self-sufficiency rate is planned to reach 40% by 2020. The second phase of "big fund" was established, and the registered capital soared. In the next few years, the domestic integrated circuit industry will further develop rapidly. A few industries, such as leisure services, non banking finance, comprehensive, steel and so on, have a large single capital outflow of less than 100 million yuan, and the other 22 industries have a capital outflow of more than 100 million yuan.
        The largest amount of extraordinarily large single outflow is still the computer industry, with an outflow of 2.237 billion yuan today, which is significantly lower than the net outflow of more than 6 billion yuan yesterday. The industry index fell by 1.6%, and 36 stocks fell by more than 5%. Most of the largest declines were related to the blockchain. The media industry had a net outflow of 910 million yuan. Seven stocks in the industry fell by more than 9%, and almost all of them were related to the blockchain. The outflow of mechanical equipment exceeded 700 million yuan, the outflow of banks, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery exceeded 600 million yuan, and the outflow of communications, medicine and biology exceeded 500 million yuan. The blockchain concept stock has the largest inflow of new large orders, with a net inflow of 555 million yuan and a turnover of more than 2 billion yuan, which is the largest since 2015.
        In the new morning trading of, the trading limit was once opened, but it was soon pushed up again by a large number of orders. The company announced yesterday that it currently holds 2.81% of the equity of quchain technology, but it has no significant impact on the operating performance. In addition to, the other two blockchain leaders, Xinhu Zhongbao and easy to see shares, have a large single inflow of more than 100 million yuan. It is easy to see that the trading limit of shares was opened in the intraday trading, and the transaction created a historical volume. Although Xinhu Zhongbao was blocked by a huge amount of orders, the transaction volume was obviously large. The net inflow of Haohai Shengke, a new share of the science and innovation board listed today, was 296 million yuan, and the share price closed up 46% on the first day of listing. Similarly, the large amount of capital of Sano medical, a new share of science and innovation board, which was listed today, flowed into 256 million yuan, and the share price soared more than twice on the first day.
        The inflow amount of the three electronic stocks of Lingyi Zhizao, Zhaoyi innovation and goer shares all exceeded 200 million yuan, and the three stocks all rose sharply against the market today Annie shares, etc. Among them, the blockchain concept stock with the highest outflow amount is Hang Seng electronics, with a net outflow of large single funds of 387 million yuan, an outflow of 200 million yuan from high beam software, an outflow of 180 million yuan from Oriental Wealth and 160 million yuan from sanlishi. Shengyi technology led the outflow of large single funds, with a net outflow of 506 million yuan. The company disclosed the third quarterly report last night, achieving a net profit attributable to the parent of 1.04 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.7%. However, due to the huge increase in the previous period, the company's share price fell by the limit today after the disclosure of the results.
        According to the list of after hours, the net sales of Shanghai Stock connect exceeded 50 million yuan, and the net sales of institutions reached 160 million yuan. The shares of probiotics, the leader of the chicken raising concept, fell by more than 5% today, and the large-scale fund outflow was 480 million yuan. Ping An Bank and China Merchants Bank respectively had a net outflow of more than 200 million yuan.
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