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China anti counterfeiting Industry Association released ten excellent cases of anti counterfeiting traceability and brand protection

Time : 16/07/2021 Author : xu9pjt Click : + -
        Product anti-counterfeiting is to fight against counterfeiting, infringement and other dishonest acts. At present, counterfeiting and infringement are still prohibited repeatedly. Products with high brand awareness, high market share and high profit rate are often the target of counterfeiting and infringement. Product anti-counterfeiting traceability is an important means to maintain the order of fair competition in the market. It plays an irreplaceable role in protecting enterprise brands and intellectual property rights, safeguarding consumer rights and interests, and building a social credit system. At present, the anti-counterfeiting traceability of products is widely used in more than 30 industries such as agricultural products, food, medical supplies, agricultural materials, baby supplies, cosmetics, leather products, clothing, auto parts, building materials and home furnishings, art, cultural, educational and sports supplies, electronic appliances, daily chemicals, and hundreds of thousands of brands, effectively protecting the interests of brand enterprises and enhancing consumer trust.
        After more than two years of voluntary application by enterprises and expert review, on the eve of the sixth "China brand day", the China anti counterfeiting Industry Association organized an online conference on May 6 to release the "Ten Excellent cases of anti counterfeiting traceability and brand protection":. 1. Sichuan Yibin plas packaging materials Co., Ltd. provides anti-counterfeiting traceability system and "physical + information" anti-counterfeiting signs for the eighth generation Wuliangye. It adopts micro nano optical variable, holographic hot stamping and information anti-counterfeiting technology, with the first, second and third line anti-counterfeiting identification features. It realizes 7-code interconnection on the overall packaging structure, which makes counterfeiters and sellers shy away. Wuliangye is a typical representative of Luzhou flavor Baijiu in China. It is a famous national brand. It has ranked the first among the "most valuable brands" in Chinese Baijiu's liquor manufacturing industry and food industry for many years and has become a shining national business card in the world.
        Because Wuliangye's profit margin is relatively large, illegal elements recycle empty wine bottles at high prices and then fill them with inferior wine. It is difficult for non professionals to distinguish the true from the false. The appearance of fake liquor has seriously affected the reputation of Wuliangye. Many people are afraid of buying fake liquor, even the real liquor. This has caused great trouble to the market sales of Wuliangye. In order to curb the confusion of counterfeiting, the eighth generation Wuliangye adopts the anti-counterfeiting traceability system and the "physical + information" anti-counterfeiting logo of Sichuan Yibin plas packaging materials Co., Ltd., with the first, second and third-line anti-counterfeiting identification features to meet the needs of different groups. It escorts tens of millions of bottles of products worth tens of billions of yuan every year.
        The packaging box is sealed with holographic anti-counterfeiting label. The factory logo on the seal label is crystal clear under the light, and gradually enlarges and shrinks smoothly with the change of angle. The word "genuine" is 360 & deg under the light; Smooth rotation and alternating change at any angle. The sealing label is located on the top of the right side of the product package, and then laser engraving is used to make sure that the packaging box is destroyed upon opening and cannot be recycled. A micro nano optical variable anti-counterfeiting label is pasted at the opening of the bottle cap to ensure that the label is destroyed immediately after opening the cap. The micro nano optical variable on the label is the anti-counterfeiting technology used on the second generation of resident ID cards in China. The color of the factory logo on the label will change with the change of observation angle.
        The holographic anti-counterfeiting film is printed on the bottom of the label. It can rotate at any angle under the light, and the factory logo on the label flickers continuously. At the junction of the bottle cap and the glass bottle, laser engraving of "Wuliangye" characters and 6-digit cross stitch code are used to effectively solve the problem of filling fake wine after the bottle cap and glass bottle are recycled. The numbers (7 in total) on the anti-counterfeiting labels respectively located at the bottle caps, boxes and boxes realize the correlation, mutual verification and light and dark combination of 7 codes. These numbers are included in the anti-counterfeiting traceability system to realize the whole process traceability of product production, logistics, storage and sales. All anti-counterfeiting and traceability data adopt independent encryption algorithms to ensure data security.
        Consumers can join Wuliangye consumer member club by opening the cover and scanning the code to obtain more member value-added services. The eighth generation of Wuliangye packaging also adopts structural anti-counterfeiting in many places to prevent abnormal opening and recycling of packaging materials by traditional Chinese mortise, core pulling and damage. Enterprises providing brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technology & mdash& mdash; Sichuan Yibin plas packaging materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuliangye, has a complete industrial chain from PET raw materials to products; Production and sales of plastic packaging materials, plastic anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, pet injection transparent anti-counterfeiting packaging boxes, 3D anti-counterfeiting packaging boxes, anti-counterfeiting labels, 3D tourism cultural products, naked eye stereoscopic display terminals and other products.
        Relying on the strong strength of Wuliangye, the company has formed a strong production capacity through close cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises and scientific research institutes, and has developed into a leader in production technology in the industry. Among them, the anti-counterfeiting traceability project of RFID technology applied to liquor products was listed in the National 863 plan. The successful application of RFID anti-counterfeiting Traceability Technology in "Wuliangye" liquor was listed as a food safety traceability demonstration enterprise by the state. The company has cooperated with Sichuan University, Chongqing University, University of petroleum, College of light and chemical engineering, Yibin University and other universities to conduct in-depth research and development on materials, packaging structure, design and anti-counterfeiting technology, and provide high-quality services for Wuliangye, Langjiu, Xijiu, Mengniu, Yili, Haitian and other customers.
        2. The original patented technology of "authentic structure" and "structure three-dimensional code" of Hainan Tianjian anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. is used for anti-counterfeiting of the whole series of "Xifeng wine" products, so that the counterfeit products have no place to hide and the brand protection effect is remarkable. Xifeng Liquor is one of the famous old brand Baijiu in China. With the gradual improvement of the brand effect of Xifeng Liquor, the acts of counterfeiting and counterfeiting in the market are also gradually increasing. In order to curb counterfeiting, the whole series of Xifeng Liquor products adopt the "authentic structure anti-counterfeiting label" and "structure three-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label" provided by Hainan Tianjian anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hainan Tianjian"). According to the feedback of the anti-counterfeiting personnel in the market, after using the anti-counterfeiting products of Hainan Tianjian, the counterfeit Xifeng wine can be easily and quickly identified through the anti-counterfeiting label. There is no place for the counterfeit products to escape, and the brand protection effect is remarkable.
        "Authentic structure" and "structure three-dimensional code" anti-counterfeiting technologies are original patented technologies, with national and international patents. The "structure three-dimensional code" anti-counterfeiting technology has formed a national standard. The anti-counterfeiting technology of "authentic structure" is to randomly rotate the randomly selected characters within 360 degrees, and then carve the random depth on the label carrier of multi-layer structure to form a text combination pattern with multi-layer color and three-dimensional structure, and then convert the characteristic information of the pattern into its one-to-one corresponding code. Consumers can identify the authenticity by touching the concave feeling of the structured text, scanning the code on the mobile phone, wechat and network query. The anti-counterfeiting technology of "structural three-dimensional code" is to take the proprietary multi-layer structural material as the label carrier, carve the unit pattern of two-dimensional code on the paper label of multi-layer structure in the way of random depth, make the units of different parts present different depths and colors at random, form vertical, unique and non reproducible structural features, and realize "one object, one code", The ordinary two-dimensional code that did not have the anti-counterfeiting function has been changed into the "structural three-dimensional code" with the anti-counterfeiting function, and the anti-counterfeiting ability has been greatly improved.
        "Structural three-dimensional code" can be understood as a three-dimensional two-dimensional code with three-dimensional structure, which overcomes the shortcomings of common two-dimensional code that is easy to copy and cannot be anti-counterfeited. The "structure three-dimensional code" label has high anti-counterfeiting strength and is difficult to copy. It has unique advantages in anti-counterfeiting and traceability of important products. It can use AI intelligent identification technology to identify the structural combination characteristics formed by this process. The owner of "authentic structure" and "structure three-dimensional code" anti-counterfeiting technology & mdash& mdash; Hainan Tianjian anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in providing anti-counterfeiting and traceability management, precision marketing and big data services. It is the drafting unit of the national standard of the technical conditions for anti-counterfeiting of structural three-dimensional codes.
        The company has a strong R & D team, established Hainan Tianjian authentic text anti-counterfeiting Engineering Technology Research Institute, and established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with Beijing Printing Institute and other well-known universities; It has undertaken the Ministry of science and technology's small and medium-sized enterprise technological innovation project, the national Torch Program project and the Hainan Provincial Key Science and technology program for many times, and has nearly 200 patents; The marketing service network covers all over the country, and has served nearly 100 well-known enterprises and listed companies, involving liquor, cigarettes, tea, medicine, daily chemicals, clothing, tickets and documents and other fields, and has won unanimous praise. 3. Zhejiang Oracle super Code Technology Co., Ltd. uses the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and tracing technology of "physical anti-counterfeiting + information anti-counterfeiting" to implement brand protection for the products under the bull group, with a total value of over 100 billion yuan, effectively curbing the market counterfeiting.
        The converter, wall switch socket and other products produced by bull Group Co., Ltd. have become the standard configuration of domestic high-quality socket products in the market and are welcomed by consumers because of their excellent materials, copper rust resistance at conductive parts, good flame retardancy, electric shock resistance and long service life. The bull brand has high popularity and good benefits, so it is targeted by counterfeiters. Some workshop type enterprises cut corners on work and materials, and the socket products made of waste plastic and inferior gold workpieces are of low quality and low price. Compared with the regular high-end socket products, the price is dozens of times lower. Bad money drives out good money, compresses the market space of authentic products, reduces the trust of consumers, damages the reputation of authentic brands, and brings great security risks to the lives and properties of users.
        Since 2014, bull group has upgraded its anti-counterfeiting measures and started to adopt the Internet product supervision platform developed by Zhejiang Oracle super Code Technology Co., Ltd. with anti-counterfeiting, anti counterfeiting and marketing expansion functions, and the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting tracing label of "physical anti-counterfeiting information anti-counterfeiting" to provide technical support for the company's anti-counterfeiting department to carry out targeted regional anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting. So far, it has implemented brand protection for more than 3 billion products of bull group, with a total value of more than 100 billion yuan, effectively curbing the market counterfeiting. The comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technical scheme of "physical anti-counterfeiting + information anti-counterfeiting" is adopted for the anti-counterfeiting label of bull socket, including voice point reading anti-counterfeiting, variable broken pen anti-counterfeiting, micro graphics and text, digital anti-counterfeiting, two-dimensional code guiding link manufacturer's wechat official account, etc.
        This is a customized and developed digital management Industrial Internet product supervision platform, which realizes the functions of product anti-counterfeiting, product anti channeling, production line automation and later marketing expansion. Through the Internet product supervision platform, enterprises can monitor the query paths of enterprises' production, sales delivery and consumers, and quickly understand the market conditions throughout the country. The system automatically compares the delivery and receipt records with the consumption query records to form an early warning mechanism and provide technical support for the anti-counterfeiting department to carry out targeted regional rights protection and anti-counterfeiting. Consumers and market regulators can identify the authenticity of labels through physical anti-counterfeiting identification; It can scan the QR code on the label, directly connect with the manufacturer through the official official account, enter the product supervision platform, conduct digital anti-counterfeiting identification, and obtain product information.
        Bull socket is a supporting enterprise for anti-counterfeiting traceability and brand protection & mdash& mdash; Zhejiang Oracle super Code Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with blockchain as the underlying technology and "product digital ID card" as the carrier, specializing in providing full scene digital solutions for "one object, one code" anti-counterfeiting traceability marketing. It is the drafting unit of the national anti-counterfeiting traceability standard. The "Mantianxing" aiot big data cloud platform, which has passed the national record, takes blockchain as the underlying technology, has won more than 200 honors and patent certificates, and has complete independent intellectual property rights. The company has a professional technical R & D team in the fields of intelligent IOT, big data cloud construction, blockchain technology, enterprise data platform, product information traceability, etc. the R & D system has passed CMMI5 certification, and the proportion of R & D expenses invested each year accounts for more than 20% of sales revenue.
        At present, it has provided one-stop services such as "blockchain anti-counterfeiting and traceability, quality supply chain, quality traceability and certification, Anti-infringement and counterfeiting, one object and one code marketing, and intelligent packaging" for more than 15 billion commodities of more than 400 county governments, some of the world's top 500 enterprises, and more than 20000 domestic well-known brand enterprises. 4. Beijing Zhaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. serves JUNLEBAO dairy with information traceability management system and double-layer structure anti-counterfeiting label, which enables consumers to query quickly and distinguish the true from the false. It realizes the source and the destination, and boosts consumer confidence. Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd. is a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand in China, such as infant milk powder, yoghurt, low-temperature lactobacillus beverage and pure milk. However, it has seriously affected the image and development of the enterprise due to counterfeit and shoddy products in the market and fleeing goods by dealers.
        JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd. adopts the "anti-counterfeiting traceability system" of Beijing Zhaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. and uses a double-layer anti-counterfeiting label, which is quick to query and easy to identify the true and false. It realizes that the source of products can be queried and the destination can be traced, curbs counterfeiting and controls the fleeing of goods, and boosts consumer confidence. The "anti-counterfeiting traceability system" of Beijing Zhaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. integrates all links such as raw milk storage, raw material purchase, production process, quality inspection and control, packaging and coding, warehouse management and distribution flow into the system for standardized management, and retains original data in the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, which can not be tampered with, realizing orderly link and efficient integration of information between various links; Monitor key nodes, effectively strengthen warehouse in / out management, record and bind sales document information, and realize anti fleeing management; Consumers can easily query product information, and can scan the code to participate in point marketing activities; The system collects, sorts and analyzes the data generated in each link to provide scientific basis for management decisions.
        JUNLEBAO anti-counterfeiting traceability label is made of double-layer materials. Both the surface two-dimensional code and the bottom two-dimensional code are dynamic unique codes, which are encrypted, one-to-one corresponding and interrelated, and solve the problem that ordinary two-dimensional codes are easy to copy and cannot be anti-counterfeited. The second-line anti-counterfeiting identification feature on the label is combined with the secret mark, which is difficult to copy. The label has the property of anti transfer and anti reuse, and cannot be transferred and reused when it is pasted on the product. Technical support enterprises for anti-counterfeiting traceability and brand protection & mdash& mdash; Beijing Zhaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (panpass, stock code 430073) is a national high-tech enterprise with information service as its core business.
        The enterprise has accumulated 24 years of professional technical precipitation and rich project implementation experience in the anti-counterfeiting industry, integrated the Internet of things, mobile Internet, big data and blockchain technology, and provided leading digital transformation solutions for products based on the digital identity management of one product and one code, and provided information services for the whole life cycle management of products such as digital coding, digital channels, digital marketing and data mining, Realize product information traceability and brand protection. 5. The "holographic anti-counterfeiting + variable two-dimensional code" traceability label of Wuhan Huagong Image Technology Development Co., Ltd. is used for the "Baisha (Hongyun dangtou)" brand cigarettes of Hunan Zhongyan Tobacco Co., Ltd., giving each package of cigarettes a unique and identifiable product identity code; The traceability label contains zero order diffraction light variation anti-counterfeiting technology, which has obvious anti-counterfeiting identification characteristics and is easy to identify; The imitation is difficult, the imitation cost is high, and the anti-counterfeiting performance is good.
        "Baisha" brand is a well-known brand of Hunan China tobacco. Its market influence and market share rank first among the 36 famous and excellent cigarette brands in China. It has maintained the first sales volume of single brand in China for four consecutive years. At present, the appearance of counterfeit cigarettes in the market is usually very similar to that of authentic products, which is very easy to deceive consumers. There are a large number of such counterfeit cigarettes, which are the main form of counterfeit cigarettes. Baisha (Hongyun leader) adopts Wuhan Huagong Image Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huagong image")
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