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The future development is written into the western financial center planning, and the blockchain intellectual property financing platform helps Chengdu and Chongqing intellectual property financial services

Time : 17/04/2022 Author : yps543 Click : + -
        On December 24, Chengdu and Chongqing jointly build the western financial center. The plan proposes to support Chengdu to accelerate the construction of an intellectual property financing service platform based on blockchain technology. What kind of platform is this and how will it accelerate its development in the future?. "We are deeply excited that the intellectual property financing service platform based on blockchain technology has been written into the plan." Professor Xia Qi, founder and CEO of Xunji technology, told the reporter that the blockchain intellectual property financing platform was approved by the people's Bank of China in 2018. It is the first intellectual property financing service platform based on blockchain technology developed by Xunji technology in China. The platform uses blockchain technology to broaden the enterprise intellectual property financing channels and reduce the financing costs.
        The platform integrates banking, guarantee, insurance and other relevant financial institutions. The business chain can be roughly divided into four steps: customer acquisition, credit granting, registration and loan granting. Through the time stamp, chain data structure, distributed ledger, collective consensus, company key, intelligent contract and other characteristics conducive to the blockchain Technology, it enhances the credibility of enterprise data and improves the efficiency of financing supply and demand matching, Provide intellectual property pledge financing services for the vast number of technology-based enterprises in Sichuan and even the southwest region, create a comprehensive and one-stop intellectual property financial service system, optimize the business environment, and promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. After entering the financial technology regulatory sandbox, the platform is now in the sandbox closed-loop operation test stage.
        As of November 30, 2021, in the business development of Chengde Meizi, the platform has completed 137 upstream intellectual property financing businesses, with a total amount of about 628 million yuan, 129 service enterprises, 12 financial institutions, 13 upstream financing products, 11 service institutions such as intellectual property evaluation, agency and incubation, and 156 intellectual property achievements. Among them, 35 new uplink financing businesses were added in 2021, with a total amount of about 221 million yuan. This time, the platform was officially written into the plan, which made everyone full of confidence in the future. Xia Qi introduced that the next step will be to improve the front, middle and back-end service functions of the platform, promote the implementation of the "one-stop" service mode, accelerate the construction of the collaborative innovation development pattern of intellectual property financing services, and continue to strengthen the innovation cooperation between Chengdu Chongqing, Chengdu Demei and Sichuan provinces.
        In addition to being full of expectations for its own development, Xia Qi is also very optimistic about the future of the western financial center. She told the reporter that as a financial technology enterprise mainly based on the sovereign blockchain, we see many opportunities in the future to participate in the construction and improvement of the western financial center, constantly improve the financial system through the innovation of blockchain and other technologies and modes, promote the safe and reasonable flow and efficient gathering of financial elements and resources, and enhance the allocation capacity of financial resources in the western region, It is also the beneficiary of the system. Chengdu Chongqing western financial center not only connects the East and west of China, but also will form an inland and international financial channel in the future.
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