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Meta universe: a new world that perfectly integrates romantic idealism and materialistic realism

Time : 05/02/2022 Author : 74hzsg Click : + -
        Metauniverse, a term with science fiction and a sense of the future. It first appeared in the foreign science fiction avalanche in 1992. The author described a huge virtual reality world, where people can use digital avatars to interact and simulate the survival mode in the real world. At the same time, Qian Xuesen, a Chinese scientist, also proposed a term full of Chinese Culture & mdash& mdash; "Spiritual realm". Mr. Qian believes that the generation and development of spirit technology will expand the perception of human brain and the experience of man-machine integration, and bring the integration of human and computer into an era of deep integration. Last year, the word "meta universe" became popular all over the world, and people focused their attention on it.
        Foreign capital took the lead in raising the banner of creating the meta universe, and Facebook, a well-known social networking site in the United States, changed its name to meta, followed by numerous others. Meanwhile, various forces in China have also responded positively, announcing in a high-profile manner that they will enter into metauniverse and register the trademark of metauniverse. For example, Baidu has released the first domestic metauniverse product "xirang", which can realize the interaction of 100000 people on the same screen. So, what kind of existence is the metauniverse that attracts capital's preference? What impact will it bring to the real world we live in?. To be exact, the metauniverse is an application scenario, an Innovation scenario generated by demand. It is not only a reflection of the real world, but also can interact with the real world.
        Professor Shenyang from the school of journalism of Tsinghua University defines the metauniverse as follows: "The meta universe is a new Internet application and social form that integrates virtual reality with a variety of new technologies. It provides immersive experience based on augmented reality technology and generates a mirror image of the real world through digital twin technology. It builds an economic system through blockchain technology, closely integrates the virtual world with the real world in the economic system, social system and identity system, and allows each user to produce and edit content.". The above paragraph is a bit long, but it is not difficult to understand. We can simply think that the meta universe is a virtual digital world driven by technology. In this world, we can shuttle freely, and also can produce life and create value.
        However, the metauniverse is not so simple. It is not only a digital virtual world, but also a virtual symbiotic world that is influenced and promoted by the physical world and the information world, that is, a binary parallel world. We can not only copy everything in the real world into the digital virtual space, but also map everything created in the digital virtual space into the real world to realize two-way interaction. Therefore, the meta universe is not far from us. The exploration of the meta universe will also trigger a big explosion of application scenario Innovation in the dual world of virtual and real symbiosis. However, it is not enough to only understand the participation and operation mode of the metauniverse. To fully understand the metauniverse, we need to understand several new technologies supporting it, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, electronic games, network and computing technology, and display technology.
        At present, some scholars have made a conclusion on whether the existence of the meta universe plays a positive role in promoting or a negative role in destroying the real world. At present, it is generally believed that the meta universe will play a breakthrough driving role in technological innovation and product innovation. In addition, it has multiple value attributes. In terms of economic value, the meta universe will first bring about changes in the way of capital distribution. In the future, it will be a mode of sharing capital gains in the meta universe. All the contributors, participants, builders and other stakeholders in the meta universe are combined to achieve large-scale collaboration through smart contracts. Everyone gets equal return through their own payment, and finally shares the value realized by the meta universe.
        Specifically, first of all, in the field of scientific research, the original realistic experiments can be carried out in the digital virtual space to save time, manpower and other costs, and greatly improve efficiency. Of course, this method is also applicable to all other fields. In addition, metauniverse has a huge demand for data, which will further stimulate the construction of big data centers and also drive the great development of related industries. It can be predicted that the blockchain technology and virtual digital currency will be greatly utilized and popularized in the application process of the meta universe. Decentralization and currency digitization will be the trend of the digital future, and digital assets such as NFT will also have explosive demand.
        In real life, our assets are divided into tangible value and intangible value in terms of value form. The tangible value has a physical form, which can be seen and touched, and the specific actual form, such as houses, cars, tables, chairs, benches and other physical objects. The level of tangible value depends on the material characteristics of the goods. For example, the tangible value of gold is very high, while the tangible value of wheat is relatively low. The value of intangible assets has no physical form, and is mainly created by human subjective thinking. The product premium and added value in real life are similar, such as reputation, brand, patent right, etc. The intangible value created in the meta universe has the same value as or even more than the tangible value. For example, the innovative scene created by the intangible value has a broad consumer market and also hides incalculable wealth.
        The core intangible value of the meta universe is its scene value and experience value, that is, it can let users enter a scene that can not be touched at ordinary times and enjoy an unprecedented real experience there. When we talk about value, we must talk about production factors, productivity and production relations. There is also such a set of economic principles and laws in the meta universe. In the intangible value world of the meta universe, the core production factors are data and creativity, the core productivity will be algorithmic power, artificial intelligence, and the core production relations are virtual symbiotic relations of "decentralization". The meta universe is not a fantasy like the past, which is used for capital speculation, but a new world with unlimited business and potential value.
        New tuyeres have appeared, and new tuyeres are becoming bigger and stronger. Standing under the tuyeres, what business opportunities can enterprises and investors seize?. The first step in the development of the meta universe must be the infrastructure layer, because these are the hardware connecting the virtual world. Therefore, the first outbreak may be ar, VR, Mr, XR and other scientific and technological products. The second is the content side in the digital parallel world, that is, the application layer. In the meta universe, there is a huge amount of work in the creation of various scenes and the transformation from the real world to the virtual world. Thirdly, 5g, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other related industrial chains will also be driven.
        Finally, the creation and holding of digital currency and digital assets in the virtual world are also very noteworthy. Which track in the metauniverse has the most investment value and when will it usher in an explosion? For details, please refer to the "meta universe Interpretation Series" of the running financial light education platform. The course will sort out the potential investment opportunities and the value logic behind the meta universe investment. In addition to the huge commercial value of metauniverse itself, it will also have a beneficial impact on traditional industries. For example, the cultural and entertainment industry, exhibition and tourism industry, educational media, etc., and the behavior mode and operation structure of the human commercial and financial industries that have run through thousands of years will also change.
        For individuals, the meta universe era will also change the previous office style and life style, and the social division of labor will be redefined. There are risks in investment. The same meta universe is in the early stage of development, and there are also many hidden dangers. The four hidden worries restricting the development of the meta universe will be the key part of the course discussion of the series of interpretation of the meta universe. Many scholars worry that the seemingly perfect metauniverse may contain serious problems that cannot be ignored. Some people think that the meta universe may cause people to be excessively immersed in the digital virtual world, confuse the concepts of the real world and the virtual world, and even produce the mentality of avoiding the real world and moving to the virtual world.
        In addition, although the meta universe contains a large number of wealth codes and business opportunities, it will inevitably bring about foam and unbridled speculation in the capital market. In the end, it is very likely that the chicken will fly and the egg will fall on the ground. In a comprehensive view, there are four levels of problems in the meta universe, namely, the technical level, people's physical and mental health, social security, and market transformation. However, we can envision several future scenarios for the development of the meta universe. First of all, capital and speculation are blowing foam and also promoting the development of the meta universe industry. Therefore, there will be companies that can really change the world in the future. Second, even if the foam bursts, it will be a necessary stage for the development of things, that is, to eliminate the spectators, speculators and blind people, and leave the real builders and participants.
        Finally, the development of the meta universe is the general trend, the need of the development of human society, and the inevitable result of scientific and technological progress. Ultimately, it will change the economy, change the social division of labor, change our lives, and change the world. Metauniverse is a new and innovative future application scenario. In this virtual digital world, we are likely to realize the perfect integration of personal romantic idealism and materialistic realism. This is not an illusory dream. Some people have embarked on a journey to the meta universe. We should embrace this new thing with an open attitude, and constantly face up to new problems and solve new problems in the process of its development.
        Only in this way can human society continue to advance and develop, and everyone can live a better and happier life.
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