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Blockchain dynamics (early reference on July 27, 2022)

Time : 31/03/2022 Author : rd5mwe Click : + -
        Keywords: cryptocurrency lender celsiusnetwork, US Treasury, cryptocurrency exchange coinbase, national cryptocurrency sangocoin of the Central African Republic (car), House Financial Services Committee, Wharton Business School. 1. According to the golden financial report, the official base of the major league baseball, baseball, helmet, mask and gloves Rollins sporting goods company announced today that it has entered the Web3 world for the first time. Rawlings will produce 461 kinds of physical assets NFT, distributed in four rare levels, and each NFT is attached with physical baseball gloves. 2. According to the golden financial report, although the cryptocurrency market began to decline from the first half of 2022 and continued to the second half of 2022, Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg, thinks that bitcoin may actually perform well in the second half of 2022.
        The closing of long commodity positions, the fastest decline in copper prices since 2008, and the recovery of US bond futures from the 50 week average decline since the stock market crash in 1987 all occurred at the time when the Federal Reserve was actively tightening its policy, and cryptocurrencies may hit the bottom at the same time. McGlone added: the 2H view of the continued bull market in bitcoin and bond futures may be attributed to the fact that they have not become colder. 3. On July 27, the Market Research Institute multiscope found in a survey of more than 4000 Dutch residents that nearly 2 million Dutch residents are expected to own cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin.
        According to multiscope, this means that one in seven adults in the Netherlands owns digital currency. Since the last survey in 2018, the number of cryptocurrency holders in the Netherlands has increased by more than 1 million. Nearly three quarters of them are men, who are usually between 18 and 34 years old, have received higher education, and have a total monthly income of 3500 to 5500 euros. Bitcoin is the most cryptocurrency held by Dutch residents. Among the Dutch residents aged 18 and above, 9% own bitcoin, more than 1.2 million people. In addition, ETH, ADA, XRP and dogcoin are also very popular. (NLTimes)。
        4. On July 27, it was reported that stable coin djed, an excess mortgage algorithm based on Cardano blockchain developed by Coti, established a new cooperative relationship with thrift, a real fi start-up. As part of the cooperation, djed will become the official stable currency for all thrift projects, including point-to-point platform, wallet, legal export solution and thrift agreement. (U.Today)。 5. On July 27, Charles hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, responded to the tweet of Max Keiser, a bitcoin maximizer. The latter mentioned that Cory klippsten, CEO of swanbitcoin, called the blockchain a marketing scam in Paul Barron's program, and pointed out: so far, the only valuable use case of blockchain is as part of the system designed for bitcoin.
        Hoskinson expressed his different opinions, He described blockchain as "a recognized technology category that solves various practical problems from voting to supply chain. ( 。 6. According to the golden financial report, the cryptocurrency lender Celsius network has submitted a motion to hire former chief financial officer rodolger as a consultant to help its bankruptcy proceedings. A hearing will be held on August 8 to consider the motion. Bolger worked for the company for just five months and then resigned in June. He replaced Yaron Shalem, who was arrested last November on suspicion of cryptocurrency related fraud, and was later replaced by Chris Ferraro.
        According to the motion submitted to the U.S. bankruptcy court for the Southern District of New York, Bolger gave eight weeks' notice on June 30. According to the motion, Bolger will receive 120000 Canadian dollars (US $93188) per month for at least six weeks. It said that the agreement would provide Celsius with much-needed accounting and financial expertise in an unprecedented period. (theblock)。 7. On July 27, mirror announced the launch of Web3 subscription service. The new feature allows readers to subscribe to any content published by mirror with their wallets and receive email notifications when new content is published.
        For content creators, this function can help build a wallet based community. 8. Golden Finance reported that Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, is under investigation by the US Treasury Department. It is suspected that it allows Iranian users to use the website's services in violation of federal sanctions. The New York Times said that the US Treasury Department may impose a fine on the exchange, but did not put forward a timetable for enforcement action. A spokesman for Kraken showed a statement by Marco santori, Kraken's chief legal officer, saying that the exchange would not comment on "specific discussions with regulators". Santori stated that Kraken has developed strong compliance measures and continues to expand its compliance team to adapt to its business growth.
        Kraken closely monitors compliance with sanctions laws and, in general, even reports potential problems to regulators. 9. According to the golden financial report, oneof, the music NFT trading platform, is putting biggiesmall on the blockchain and releasing its first cooperation with the late rap legend. This cooperation is the first version of this kind of NFT for the rapper. NFT will also allow holders to visit the brook metaverse, another enterprise of the manor, which will soon be released as a "virtual world of culture, music and entertainment". 11. On July 27, it was reported that bitcontinental held the regional digital mining Summit (WDMS) in Miami, USA.
        During this period, LV Lei of antpool CEO said in his speech that antpool has invested up to US $10 million to support the development and exploration of eco applications of etc main network, so as to promote the overall performance of etc network. In the future, antpool will invest more funds, participate in etc ecological construction and incubate etc ecological excellent projects with industry investors and developers. It is reported that during the meeting, bitland has also announced that it supports etc payment to directly purchase all ant mining machines. 12. According to the golden financial report, coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, expanded its decline to 20% in the late trading, hitting US $53 at the lowest.
        It is reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether coinbase improperly allows users to trade digital assets that should be registered as securities. 13. According to the detailed information on the Sango project website, the national cryptocurrency sangocoin of the Central African Republic (car) is now on sale. The public sale began on Monday, and 200 million sangocoins were purchased for us $0.10. According to the website, the final listing price is $0.45. People who want to buy tokens need mainstream cryptocurrencies of at least $100. These tokens are BTC, ETH, BNB, usdt, usdc, busd and Dai.
        This sale supports the transfer of these tokens on the Ethereum erc-20 and Binan smart chain networks. The project has set a minimum amount of US $500 to participate in this round, but due to complaints from potential buyers, the project was forced to reduce the admission requirements. As of press time, Sango project has sold 5.25% of tokens. This means that the project raised more than $1 million in the first 24 hours of the public offering. The project plans to raise more than $1 billion through one-year token sales. Sangocoin purchased at this public sale stage has a one-year lock-in requirement. Therefore, buyers cannot withdraw or transfer their tokens until the lock-in period ends.
        (theblock)。 14. According to the golden financial report, as the United States continues to consider the correct regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry, the two senators are now seeking to exempt cryptocurrency investors from paying taxes on transactions less than $50. Senators Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania and kyrsten sinema of Arizona have introduced a bill in Congress that will prevent Americans from reporting crypto transactions with incomes below $50. The bill is called the "virtual currency Tax Equity Act", which aims to make it easier for Americans to "use cryptocurrency as a daily payment method by exempting taxes on small personal transactions such as buying a cup of coffee".
        15. According to the golden financial report, after the opposition of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, people and Republicans have disagreed on a clause proposed by the Treasury Department at the last minute. The Financial Services Committee of the house of Representatives has postponed its long-awaited stable currency bill to September. This will delay the discussion of this topic in Congress until after the August recess, which ends on September 5. It is reported that the legislation was negotiated by Maxine Waters, chairman of the committee, and Patrick McHenry, and was initially scheduled to be reviewed on Wednesday, July 27. The aim is to allow banks to issue stable currency and allow non banks to issue under the supervision of the Federal Reserve.
        However, its legislative framework was opposed by independent community bankers and the US Treasury. Yellen called waters on Friday to exchange views on how to manage the stable currency held in the name of consumers. It is reported that the Ministry of finance has proposed that the bill requires wallet custody providers to isolate the assets of customers and ensure that these assets are preserved in the event of bankruptcy. This led to the stifling of the debate on the bill, which legislators claimed was close to completion by last week. The Democrats tried to implement the changes proposed by the Treasury, while the Republicans opposed them. 16. Golden financial report: Wharton Business School, a well-known business school of the University of Pennsylvania, announced the launch of a new course on metacosmic business.
        The online course is called "business in the meta universe economy", which introduces students to the business practice of the meta universe and provides participants with first-hand interactive experience in the virtual space. Kevin werbach, the academic director of the course, said that the purpose of the course is to enable business professionals to better understand the opportunities in the emerging metacosmic economy and provide better tools to solve the problems. (TheBlock)。 17. According to the golden financial report, soliduslabs, a crypto market monitoring company, released the global crypto regulatory index, or GCR index. The index mainly provides a snapshot of the current position of digital asset regulations at a time point, and ranks major countries and their regulatory methods aimed at protecting consumers and encouraging innovation.
        Previously, soliduslabs launched and co founded the crypto market integrity Alliance (CMIC), which now includes coinbase, circle, anchorage digital, Gemini, Robinhood and 33 other leading companies to promote market integrity standards. 18. According to the golden financial report, ripple announced the establishment of a partnership with fomopay, a major payment institution in Singapore. Fomopay will improve its cross-border capital flow by using ripple's enterprise technology supporting encryption. Brooks Entwistle, managing director of ripple, said that as the Asia Pacific region is full of opportunities to solve existing payment islands and inefficiencies, we see many forward-looking financial institutions calling for the next development of payment infrastructure, especially payment infrastructure based on encryption and blockchain technology.
        19. According to the golden financial report, Silvergate, a US crypto friendly bank, announced that alariceby had joined its team as chief product development officer. In this role, Alaric will support the digital asset industry by leading the company's product capabilities and expanding our solutions. Before joining Silvergate, Alaric was the vice president of new product development of American Express digital lab, where he found business opportunities and launched new products in many industries. He also served as a blockchain and encryption expert, and co authored patents related to blockchain, security and payment.
        20. According to the golden financial report, only one month after the launch of nubank, Brazil's largest digital bank, in June, the users of its crypto trading platform reached 1 million. The company had hoped to achieve this milestone within one year after launching nucripto in May and opening it to 46.5 million users in June. The platform allows users to buy and sell BTC and eth through crypto trading and hosting services provided by Paxos blockchain infrastructure. In May this year, the company announced that it would allocate about 1% of the cash on its balance sheet to bitcoin to show its confidence in cryptocurrency. 21. According to the golden financial report, a report recently released by Grandview research predicts that the value of NFT market will reach US $200 billion by 2030, partly due to the growing application demand behind it.
        The report calculates that today's NFT market value is slightly higher than US $15 billion, and studies the trend and evolution of the NFT market from 2018 to 2020. The document predicts that from 2022, the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.9% to 2030, and this growth will be concentrated in the digital asset part of the NFT market. Most of these activities are expected to take place on Ethereum and are expected to move towards a more environmentally friendly consensus mechanism later this year. However, NFT activity in other chains is also expected to grow. 22. Golden financial report: researchandmarkets released a report on the global cryptocurrency ATM market (2022-2027), by type, product, competition analysis and the impact of covid-19 and Ansoft analysis.
        According to the report, in 2022, the global cryptocurrency ATM market is estimated to be US $46.45 million, and it is expected to reach US $472.18 million by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 59.01%. 23. On July 27, President nayib bukele of El Salvador announced on twitter on Tuesday that he had submitted two sovereign debt repurchase bills to the local congress in order to obtain the funds needed to repurchase all sovereign debt bonds maturing in 2023 and 2025. Bukele's announcement aims to refute the speculation that El Salvador may default. The International Monetary Fund has repeatedly recommended that El Salvador stop using bitcoin as the legal currency on the grounds of financial risks and liabilities.
        Bukele said on twitter that the Salvadoran government plans to start the purchase operation within six weeks after completing the corresponding paperwork, and the country has enough liquidity to pay its current commitments. It was previously reported that in November last year, bukele announced that it planned to issue $1 billion of "bitcoin bonds", which would use the bitcoin based payment service liquid created by blockstream. However, the Minister of finance of El Salvador recently indicated that the plan had been postponed due to adverse market conditions. 25. It was reported on July 27 that goldsmith Romero, Commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), announced on Tuesday that he would hire Jos
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