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Blockchain pet leitzdog, Baidu's ambition to enter the blockchain

Time : 31/07/2021 Author : 0wkhxb Click : + -
        It is reported that Baidu's online blockchain pet leitzdog once again proves Baidu's determination and ambition to enter the blockchain. The impact of "laitzdog" on Baidu wallet is a huge sense of existence. It is reported that Baidu has invested heavily in the blockchain field and is a blockchain application facing the C-end. According to the official website, each Leitz dog has 8 appearance characteristics (body shape, eyes, mouth, body color, pattern, eye color, belly color, pattern color). Each characteristic has two different attributes: rare attribute and common attribute. The combination of these attributes will determine the final rarity level (ordinary, rare, excellent, epic, myth, legend). At present, "laitzdog" is connected with baidu account. You can adopt a "laitzdog" by logging in to baidu account. Each baidu account can adopt one. The second one needs to download Baidu wallet.
        However, from the current point of view, the impact of "laitzdog" on Baidu wallet is only on the sense of existence, because for C-end users, there are no subsequent payment operations such as card binding. The current calculus does not break through Baidu's payment system. After all, if you break through the payment system, you will be suspected of ICO. This is a crime committed against the wind. The development team of "laitzdog" comes from Baidu financial blockchain laboratory, with complete enterprise level blockchain solutions and application-level blockchain solutions for users. The laboratory has conducted in-depth research on the underlying technology, platform, blockchain application and forward-looking fields. The current technology has been applied to the authenticity of 100 million yuan of assets of multiple core business lines.
        At the same time, the laboratory is also a member of hyperledger and the new board of directors. It is committed to promoting the technological development of the blockchain industry and promoting the establishment of global blockchain end specifications and standards. The "laizi dog" launched by baidu this time is the same as the popular cat raising game cryptokites of Ethereum at the end of 2017, both in terms of shape and playing method. One day after the launch of cryptokitties, which is called "cloud cat", it spread like a virus version, even causing a long-term and large-scale congestion in the Ethereum network. In particular, Chuangshi cat with ID 1 sells for millions of dollars, and speculators flock to it.
        The "laitzdog" launched by Baidu does not have much new ideas in terms of playing methods and design, but it is a very good education for most C-end users who do not know the blockchain technology, connecting more people and making more people pay attention to the end of the blockchain. According to an employee of Baidu, Baidu has invested heavily in the blockchain field. "Laitzdog" is Baidu's blockchain application for the C-end, and the application for the b-end has been launched in xiong'an. The employee also said that the current blockchain is difficult to achieve complete decentralization, and the speed is very slow. When the application is developed, the code cannot be modified once it is released. This also led to the miscarriage of the "leitzer dog" who had planned to fight on the intranet on Friday & hellip& hellip;。
        The well-known Internet technology has solved the problem of information chain. The blockchain can solve the problems of the value chain because of its distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other characteristics. From this perspective, the blockchain technology is likely to become a basic technology similar to the Internet in those years. It is worth mentioning that the meaning of "leitzdog" has deep meaning. "Let & rsquo; SGO" is, on the one hand, baidu Officially Announces its entry into the blockchain to the outside world; At the same time, it can also be understood that Baidu wants C-end users to get on the train quickly;. Vitter also found a piece of Python code and ran it for a try. Of course, most of the time was "the network is busy, please try again later" and "someone placed an order first". In the end, it was nearly an hour. Finally, he succeeded in trading once, and captured an epic dog. With the transaction fee of 6 micro, and an ordinary dog sold by 999 micro, he earned nearly 1000 micro.
        Statement: the contents and accompanying drawings of this article are written by the resident author or reprinted by the resident cooperative website. The views of this article only represent the author himself, not the position of the e-enthusiast network. The article and its accompanying drawings are only for engineers to learn. If there is any infringement or other problems in the content and pictures, please contact this website for infringement and deletion. Infringement complaint. There are strong application scenarios in the automobile industry, and there are many pain points in the whole industry, including vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, financial institutions and end users. Since the proposal of brother Cong in 2008, due to the hot speculation of many coins in the middle and the technology of this thing, it is very suitable to deceive people, especially after 2017.
        According to the charging network control method, the rationality of the charging data of the charging station is verified by acquiring the charging data of the vehicle end and the power consumption data of the charging station. The whole verification process is open and reliable, so as to facilitate the owner and the supervisor to supervise the charging data of the charging station. Set microgrid. Linktoken is a virtual currency, which is expected to be used in line's "linetoken economy concept". This one. The platform is based on the hyperledger fabric super ledger and has been developed for many large enterprises such as Wal Mart and Aetna Insurance. In the industrial ecology, there are infrastructure providers, technology and solution providers, financial and industrial enterprises, venture capital institutions, and a series of associations, alliances, industrial parks, and media providing auxiliary services; And there are new participants constantly.
        Open source technology occupies the mainstream in the Chinese market. Fast access is its obvious advantage. However, we have abandoned this "Sunshine Avenue" of low-cost research and development and embarked on the "solo bridge" of independent research and development. The system is still actively upgrading its code after open source to GitHub, and has released v3.1 and v3.2 versions. 10% of the code is contributed by external developers. ID and phr (pethealt hrecord) database, develop the overall o2o business network of the life-long management industry, reward and. Internal parallel technology, pluggable consensus mechanism, integrated smart contract and many other international leading technologies have the ability of global deployment, which can meet the needs of developers in various business scenarios.
        Internal parallel technology, pluggable consensus mechanism, integrated smart contract and many other international leading technologies have the ability of global deployment, which can meet the needs of developers in various business scenarios. game. The game is provided by unity3d with advanced skin real-time rendering and hair simulation technology, so as to restore the dog's appearance and action expression to the maximum extent. It is a kind of distributed storage ledger, which attracts much attention because of its excellent performance. The most important of these two characteristics is decentralization and distrust. Decentralization means that there is no centralized mechanism in the whole platform, and all nodes can participate. As a financial technology, it can not only be applied to banking, trading and other businesses related to finance, but also its advantages in identity authentication and streamlining processes are being actively studied by the US government.
        Technology is mainly to provide convenience for people's transactions, contacts and sharing, and make human beings enter the era of sharing economy in a real sense. In other words,. Most people may not understand the principle very well. After all, we are not professionals, but relatively many people know about bitcoin, especially now that the price of bitcoin is so high. 2.0 technology R & D creates a value Internet game integrating entertainment and leisure, networking, resource sharing and economic benefits. NWC is based on. Adoption, education and development of the standard framework. To help promote the use of this technology in the industry, fleetcomplete, a Canadian telematics company, joined the alliance and became a member of the franchised service.
        The original picture service platform "totem" created by technology was officially launched. This covers picture production, copyright storage, picture distribution, transaction realization, infringement monitoring and rights protection services. A contract named "ofochain" is running on the browser and there is a transaction test. It is reported that the contract was issued on the Ethereum network, with a total of 1000000000 tokens. The underlying technology and the concept of smart contracts are well known to people. At the end of last year, Ethereum launched "cryptokitties" to sweep the world, refreshing people's understanding of. Technology is equivalent to the Internet 20 years ago. It is an underlying technology and a revolution.
        Now, this technology has become a hot field for enterprises to compete for layout. laboratory. The number of channels of erc721 is also used to set unique digital assets and give them a specific image. Users cultivate and reproduce their own. Luo Baowen resigned as an independent non-executive director, a member of the nomination committee and the Remuneration Committee of the company today. Meanwhile, the company appointed Professor Zhang Shousheng as an independent non-executive director, a member of the nomination committee and the Remuneration Committee with immediate effect. Zhang Shousheng is a professor of physics at Stanford University. Formation system 1. Problems in traditional games 1. The user's assets cannot be confirmed. The ownership of the assets and commodities in the game belongs to the game operator 2. The data is opaque. The game operator can modify and delete the game data 3. Diversified demand for traditional game mode.
        At the same time, it also said that the contract was issued on the Ethereum network, with a total of 1000000000 tokens and a transaction test. Didi Chuxing is a new business model in China and also a new personalized service industry. It faces undeniable hidden worries and there are still many unknowns about its future development. Recently, Didi Chuxing released. The facial recognition system Safi (system of animal facial identification) is based on. The cat raising game cryptokitties was launched and quickly became the most active decentralized application (DAPP) in the Ethereum ecosystem. The price of a cat in the game was 1.
        The game "crypto rabbit" will start its internal test today and will be open to some players. It will be officially opened at 11:00 this morning. It is reported that the product is made of rice., Carrot refers to the points in the crypto rabbit game. Users can obtain carrots or encrypted rabbits through tasks, or exchange carrots for encrypted rabbits. This is my wallet. It is safe and easy to use. Meitu is a company that started as a picture processing software Meitu XiuXiu. It is also a native of China's Internet. Rising is like adding buff. Don't mention that the buff gain effect is not groundless. Renren released a white paper on rrcoin.
        It is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. The so-called consensus mechanism is.
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