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Golden observation | what is the upcoming national blockchain platform BSN

Time : 22/06/2022 Author : 576o1g Click : + -
        Recently, people are shocked by the news of the central bank's DC / EP landing test. But in fact, behind the DC / EP news, there is an ambitious blockchain project in China that is ready to be re installed and put into operation. The national blockchain platform "blockchain based service network" BSN led by the National Information Center, a national authority, will be put into commercial use worldwide. According to BSN official, BSN will be a cross cloud service, cross portal and cross underlying framework for deploying and running various blockchain applications. It will become the only global infrastructure network that is independently innovated by China and controlled by China.
        One of the biggest obstacles to the implementation of blockchain technology is that it is expensive and difficult to establish a platform, and there are many blockchain platforms. In the future, the same data island problem as the traditional Internet may also occur. The ultimate goal of BSN is to become a blockchain Internet and a unified and fragmented blockchain market. In other words, BSN will integrate cloud services, blockchain infrastructure and baas service providers to standardize blockchain development, so that developers can develop, deploy, operate, interoperate and supervise blockchain applications at low cost. Let's first take a look at the sponsors of BSN: National Information Center, China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. government enterprise customer branch, China UnionPay Co., Ltd., China Mobile Financial Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Hongzao Technology Co., Ltd.
        The National Information Center, China Mobile and UnionPay are all heavyweight units or state-owned enterprises. According to the BSN white paper, the design and construction concept of BSN is completely based on the Internet: the Internet is formed by connecting all data centers with TCP / IP protocol, and the service network is composed of connecting all data centers with a set of blockchain operating environment protocols. Like the Internet, the service network is also a global infrastructure network that spans cloud services, portals and underlying frameworks. There are three types of direct participants in BSN: first, the cloud service provider accesses its cloud service resources (CPU, storage and bandwidth) to the service network and sells them on the service network by installing free public urban node software of the service network; Second, the blockchain bottom framework provider (especially the alliance chain) adapts the framework according to the service network bottom framework adaptation standard, and can deploy it to the service network for developers to choose; Third, portal providers can quickly and cost effectively establish the baas (blockchainasaservice) platform through the service network within the existing cloud service portal or developer portal, and provide their own customers with blockchain application development, deployment and operation services based on the service network.
        With the strong support of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, BSN has established nearly 100 public urban nodes in China. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, there will be about 200 public urban nodes. According to the latest BSN white paper, basic white paper of blockchain service network, another important play of BSN is to provide support for public chains such as Ethereum and EOS. Although BSN indicates that each portal needs to screen and manage the underlying framework, physical location of public city nodes, and publishable applications according to the laws, regulations and policies of the country where it is located, for example, public chain nodes are not allowed to be deployed and operated in the portals and public city nodes of China's service network.
        However, BSN's latest response also indicated that BSN is a global blockchain infrastructure jointly developed and constructed by many Chinese enterprises under the leadership of the National Information Center. Under this orientation, we should carry out research and support on pure technology with an open mind and an open mind. "Only in this way can BSN be built into a big country and a heavy weapon, and truly make global contributions to the improvement of human productivity and social progress like the Internet.". It is expected that by the end of July 2020, BSN will support the one click deployment of EOS light nodes in overseas portals and overseas city nodes, and will gradually support public chain nodes such as Ethereum.
        At present, the blockchain service network successfully held its first developer competition on February 29, 2020. Currently, the second developer competition is being held, and the deadline is June 30. The theme of the first development competition is "traditional information system chain transformation scheme". The theme of the second ongoing developer competition is "writing smart contracts with multiple underlying frameworks". We can see BSN from the works of the first developer competition. It can be seen that enterprises and even individuals in medical, banking, notarization, finance, pension, e-commerce and other fields can use blockchain to develop products. Li Lin, founder of Huobi, once said that one of the biggest competitive advantages of BSN network is that its price and cost are very low, so it can reach more users. He explained: "deploying distributed ledger technology applications on major cloud services such as Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud will cost developers tens of thousands of dollars every year.
        BSN can significantly reduce the cost for developers to deploy distributed ledger technology applications for as little as $300 per year. ". According to BSN official, BSN will standardize the integration of cloud services, blockchain infrastructure and baas service providers, which greatly facilitates developers to develop blockchain products.
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