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In this so-called wechat app in the blockchain world, I can receive bitcoin red packets

Time : 24/11/2021 Author : lwo8qs Click : + -
        If a Xiaobai wants to understand the blockchain, the first thing he needs to do is to register a digital wallet and hide his secret key according to the introductory strategy circulated on the Internet. Then, we registered overseas cryptocurrency exchanges, purchased digital cryptocurrencies with RMB or US dollars in over-the-counter transactions, and began to grow into green leeks in the ups and downs. In the environment of blockchain mobile phones and various exotic coins flying all over the world, iFanr (wechat: iFanr) downloaded an app called "mixin" and its full name is "mixinmessager". We found that this may be a blockchain application that allows Xiaobai to quickly perceive.
        It has the social function of adding friends and pulling groups, the payment function of online sending and receiving bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the ecology that allows developers to quickly develop small programs on it. However, it still has some places that we can not understand. Mixin has been put on the shelves in the application stores of hammer, Xiaomi and Baidu. However, mixin is not on the domestic app store, and the "secret letter" on the domestic app store is fake. The UI interface of mixin is relatively simple. It is mainly divided into three parts. Click the corresponding icon in the upper left corner and the upper right corner of the page to quickly switch the interface.
        After registering mixin with mobile phone number, we will see our account information in the "contact" interface, including account name, mixin ID and mobile phone number. In addition, there are two QR codes, one for collecting money in the app and the other for scanning and adding friends. In addition to scanning the code, you can also search for mixin ID and mobile phone number. This portal is actually a place to add various extension programs. These extension programs are called "robots" in mixin, and these "robots" are called small programs in wechat. After adding a contact and having a conversation, we will find the dialog box in the chat interface.
        The added "robot" can also be found on this page after it is used. However, in WhatsApp's chat background picture, the elements are animals, food and daily necessities, while in mixin's chat background picture, there are logo elements of multiple digital cryptocurrencies. Mixin reportedly uses the signal encryption protocol. Chat with friends in mixin. We can send text, voice, Emoji, pictures and files, and transfer money. However, the transfer is not in RMB, but in cryptocurrency. Just like using wechat transfer, select "transfer" in the dialog box, enter the transfer amount, add notes, and then enter the six digit payment password. You can transfer money from the digital wallet to the other party without handling fees.
        When mixin transfers money, the recipient cannot refuse to receive it, and will transfer the cryptocurrency to the other party's digital wallet by default. This is different from the way wechat returns after 24 hours without collection. Currently, mixin supports eight currencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). You can see your own cryptocurrency assets on the "wallet" page in the app. Mixin's operation team told avanr (wechat: iFanr) that they would continue to increase currencies. Compared with other digital wallets, after registration and login, you also need to copy the private key or mnemonic words and save them offline. Mixin's digital wallet only has a mobile phone number and a six digit password.
        Although mixin has basic social functions, from now on, its essence is a multi currency digital wallet, which is only simplified as much as possible. In the introduction of Google play, it also emphasizes that it is a communication software capable of end-to-end transmission of cryptocurrency. Mixin was launched in December last year. At the beginning of the year, it experienced multi-layer recommendation and reward promotion, auction type crowdfunding and other marketing. Mint Liangyou, the operation director of mixin, told aifaner that at present, there are 3.4 million registered users of the app, but many of them are registered for the purpose of collecting wool during the promotion, about 10000.
        In contrast, mixin has a development team of 20 people and nearly 200 developers in the community. These developers develop robots on mixin (which can also be understood as small programs in wechat). The functions they can realize include cryptocurrency exchange, information subscription platform, games, shopping, etc. This robot ecology does not have a unified management, audit and evaluation mechanism, nor does it provide a unified interface for robots. For example, there are robots with information subscription function, there are "sister pictures" that push you sister pictures every day, and "Hacker News" that provides news push function. However, the most famous robot in mixin should be a community called mixin Chinese group, which is managed by mixin's core development team.
        You need to pay a certain amount of Xin coins to join the group. Xin coins are tokens in mixin. This robot has broken the upper limit of 256 people in the chat group in the application, and it is also the embryonic form of a paid group. Although mixin is known as "wechat in the blockchain industry", during the time I registered to use mixin, I found that the groups related to this app, whether it is the communication group pulled by the mixin team or the communication group of mixin community developers, are basically active on wechat. Among these relatively active wechat groups, the most talked about is the price rise and fall of relevant tokens, but the discussion and use of APP functions are very rare.
        In the group, there are many people who hold a large number of digital currencies and expect to become rich overnight. There are also many currency circle leeks who chase the rise and kill the fall. There are also developers who hold coins and then use their spare time to develop robots. Some people in the industry believe that mixin network is expected to become a decentralized and autonomous app store, but at present, it is too early, and mixin is still a relatively radical product. People who do not own cryptocurrency will not use mixin to chat with friends, because they can not find friends who have also registered mixin. However, if you are not familiar with cryptocurrency and someone wants to transfer money to you, you can use this application to receive it before being confused by the public and private keys.
        People who hold more cryptocurrencies are besieged by the news that the exchange is hacked every day, causing asset losses. It is estimated that assets will also be put in cold wallets, high-strength passwords will be used for login accounts, private keys will be copied on paper, or stored in a hard disk that is never connected to the Internet. At present, the art and technology of cutting leeks in various blockchain projects are incomprehensible without certain skills. However, a developer in charge of blockchain in Alibaba once told Aifan that the charm of blockchain as a distributed accounting is to build trust. They also believe that in the future, this technology is likely to become our daily life like mobile payment, connecting the token economy and the real economy, and achieving a balance between decentralization to solve trust problems and achieve efficient cooperation.
        And the giants such as bat have long been deployed in the blockchain field. Zeng Ming, chairman of the academic committee of Alibaba, wrote the article "the spring of blockchain has not arrived" in February this year. There is a paragraph that can be used to describe various blockchain projects:. In the early stage of any major change, what people can understand is certainly not subversive and valuable enough. But what is really valuable in the early stage is certainly beyond the comprehension of most people. However, most of the projects that cannot be understood are ultimately failed experiments. Of course, this is also correct nonsense. What I want to say is that in 1990, Tim & middot; Tim Berners & middot; Lee created the World Wide Web project and developed relevant technical standards, some of which are still in use today.
        In 1991, the official version of Linus was released as linux0.02. At that time, neither Amazon nor Yahoo had been established, and jobs had not returned to apple. At that time, I and many readers were not born.
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