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What is a blockchain? This article tells you what the blockchain is?

Time : 19/04/2022 Author : a2mqyl Click : + -
        It appears frequently on the Internet. It makes people feel very powerful to see this word, but they often don't know exactly what it means. This word is called "blockchain". Recently, "blockchain" has been publicly named. It appears frequently on the Internet. It makes people feel very powerful to see this word, but they often don't know exactly what it means. This word is called "blockchain". Recently, "blockchain" "It was publicly named again. From an academic point of view, blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. If you have an account book at home, you can keep accounts. In the past, it was your parents who gave you the salary and let you record it in the account book.
        In the middle, if you are greedy and want to buy some delicious food, the records on the ledger may be less than ten yuan. This is just an example. Xiaobian believes that when we were young, everyone might want to spend some money from their parents' pockets. If the whole family mobilization method is used for bookkeeping, the problems mentioned above will not exist, because you are bookkeeping, your father is also bookkeeping, and your mother is also bookkeeping. They can see the general ledger. You can't change it, and neither your father nor mother can change it. In this way, you can't help your father who wants to buy cigarettes and you who want to eat too much. It can not only record every transaction, but also program to record almost all things of value to human beings: birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, ownership deeds, degree certificates, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, votes, food sources and any other things that can be expressed in code.
        Each block is like a hard disk. All the above information is saved and then encrypted by cryptography technology. The stored information cannot be tampered with. The blockchain system will check all data generated during the period every 10 minutes (such as transaction records and records when the block was edited or created), and store these data in a new block. This block will be connected with the previous block to form a chain. Each block must contain the relevant information of the previous block before it can take effect. 1. Abnormal security: unlike centralized databases owned by companies or government agencies, the blockchain is not controlled by any person or entity, and data is completely copied (distributed) on multiple computers.
        Unlike centralized databases, attackers do not have a single entry point, and the security of data is more guaranteed. 2. Non tamperability: once entering the blockchain, any information cannot be changed, and even the administrator cannot modify this information. Once a thing appears, it can never be changed. This kind of attribute is of great significance to the changeable and rapidly changing online world that mankind is in. 4. No third party: because of the decentralization of the blockchain, it can help point-to-point transactions. Therefore, no matter whether you are trading or exchanging funds, you do not need the approval of a third party. The blockchain itself is a platform. Many people will encounter the dilemma of "proving that my mother is my mother" when opening various certificates. With the blockchain, there is no need to worry.
        It turns out that our birth certificate, house property certificate, marriage certificate and so on need a central node before we can recognize them. Once transnational, contracts and certificates may become invalid due to the lack of a global central node. The immutability of blockchain technology has fundamentally changed this situation. Our birth certificate, house property certificate and marriage certificate can be notarized on the blockchain, becoming something trusted by the world. Of course, it can easily prove that "my mother is my mother". In short, it is to use the blockchain to establish a general record repository with time stamps, so as to achieve the purpose of extracting data information from different databases. For example, when you go to see a doctor, you don't have to go to another hospital for repeated inspection, and you don't have to worry about reimbursement of medical insurance, which can save time and expenses.
        For example, we often use Ctrip, meituan and other apps to find and place orders for hotels and other services, and each platform receives commissions from them. The application of blockchain is to eliminate intermediaries and create a safe and decentralized way for service providers and customers to achieve the purpose of direct connection and transaction. Blockchain can make payment and transaction more efficient and convenient. The blockchain platform allows users to create smart contracts that become active when certain conditions are met, which means that automatic payment can be released when both parties agree to meet their conditions. If you buy an apple, under the blockchain technology, you can know the whole process from the production of fruit farmers to the circulation.
        Among them, there are government supervision information, professional inspection data, and enterprise quality inspection data. The smart supply chain will make the food we eat and the goods we use safer and make us more confident. Art creators put their works on the blockchain. If someone uses his works, he can immediately know. The corresponding royalties will also be automatically paid to the creators. Blockchain technology not only protects copyright, but also helps creators better and more directly sell their works to consumers without the assistance of distribution companies.
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