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What is a blockchain,What is a blockchain? How did it happen?

Time : 05/06/2022 Author : vskfuy Click : + -
        During this period, it is estimated that you have read a lot of interpretations about the application prospects of blockchain, and may also ponder the market trend of some blockchain concept stocks. Time goes back to exactly 11 years ago. On November 1, 2008, the world was shrouded in the great shadow of the financial crisis. That day, a mysterious geek who claimed to be "Satoshi Nakamoto" sent an email. Nakamoto said in his email that he is studying a new electronic cash system, which is completely point-to-point and does not need any trusted third party. About half a month later, Satoshi Nakamoto announced the source code of the bitcoin system without stopping. On January 3, 2009, an interesting invention was born.
        Nakamoto has generated the first bitcoin block on the server, which is the so-called "bitcoin creation block". Since then, the bitcoin system has officially opened. Suppose you borrow 10000 yuan from a friend and promise to repay it in a month, you may choose to use bank card transfer for repayment. The bank is responsible for reducing 10000 yuan from your deposit account and increasing 10000 yuan from your friend's deposit account. Here, the bank is the institution responsible for bookkeeping. The underlying reason why you choose bank transfer is that you believe it is reliable and will help you transfer 10000 yuan to your friends. Statement: all articles and data on this site are for reference only. No one shall use it for illegal purposes, otherwise he shall bear the responsibility.
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